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This guide is dense with research but is a joy to see. It's amazing exactly how all of the electronics in our own lives are the item of a field that will be still very young!, Inside the first chapters, Gleick talks longer about the particular historical origins from the logics. The ancient men and women discovered their language in common sitiì uations from the existence.
In the 1700-1800 it starts the commercial Trend with a particular kind of tecnology, that step-by-step gets always more important.
The first computer systems, those had an exit extremely slowly, are early substituded by the modern computer systems.
This fact follows by a analysis very strong, particullarly by the works of Shannon, von Neumann, Wiener.
Gleick moves themself in this back-ground inside an intelligent way: he talks with competence regarding the matematical theory and the particular phylosophical aspects.
It is necessary for the particular analysis also the relation in between logics and biology, what which is named "complexity theory"., Harry Truman once said - 'The only fresh thing in the world is the old history do not know'. In several points during Adam Gleick's magnum opus the particular same thought captures thoughts. Am I reading concerning telegraph? Or is this particular about twitter? The major essayists were/are complaining that human thoughts are having constrained by the economy of the message. Will be it true that skyscrapers were not as a lot enabled by progress inside other faculties as a lot by ease of exchanging message (telephone)? Gleick starts by showing how communicating through drums -- as is at some parts of Cameras -- could mathematically have more 'subtlety of meaning' -- and puns -- than many verbal dialects. He reaches a se desenvolvendo in Claude Shannon's Information Theory that is the particular single thread from the quest in the book. In the mean time we learn about Nyata Lovelace's three step thinking process, Charles Babbage's 'grandeur', Qubits (and why this is like QTips), 'inclusionists' in WikiPedia, precisely what is so special about the amount 9814072356 and that the particular universe has so far done 10^120 "ops" to be able to create roughly 10 ^90 bits of data. This particular is one book in case we hide in a single moment capsule, humans who discover it after 10, 1000 years may get puzzled whether it describes the particular history or.. them., Considering that this was a necessary reading for my English class at University, I had formed generalized expectations. I believed it was just another boring book about language. I could not be a lot more wrong. Gleick gives a great deal historical background on every technical subject he presents that reading becomes a joy, when you learn concerning the history of computer as well as other modern technologies revolved around information., From the particular moment men and women invented composing, information technology has been with us. Encrypting or comprehending language according to whether all of us wish to be clear or mystical is the challenge. Mr. Gleick traces all the cycles in information creation, accumulating, transmitting and becoming. Great studying., An excellent starting point inside understanding (in a generally non mathmatical way) the value of information theory inside modern life of today and science.
Highly recommended., Outstanding book. Well-written and the particular story pace is perfect. The only thing that I miss is an improved description of the options for several of the information offered. In this regard, a book like "Dark Hero of the particular Information Age: Looking for Norbert Wiener, the father of Cybernetics" is more complete. This is certainly specifically important inside the events described about Claude Shannon and his / her time with Vannevar Bush. Wiener also played a crucial role in the assumptive developments of that moment. "The information:... ", though filled with references, it does not point to them precisely in the text. Likewise, the characters chosen regarding the primary roles are rather US-centered. Participation of scientist that weren't in the particular US during the time are relegated to a second aircraft (e. g. Konrad Zuse).

Nevertheless a fantastic book regarding those trying to understand the good information theory., The Information is surely an exciting read. It is extremely entertaining and thought provoking. It's the story of Information's history.

The book begins with the creation of the byte at Bell Labs, and then a story about talking drums is told. After that we move about to the storyplot of Mors code, after which on to be able to Table Alphabeticall.

The reports continue as the walk through the history of information which lands all of us in today's flood of information and our modern-day library of Babel.

Probably the most interesting chapters to me was Entropy and their Demons.

Although the book will be 527 pages long, the particular last 100 pages are usually references and an index.

The lot of work proceeded to go into the making of this book. It is very nicely written and very entertaining. I would recommend giving it a go.

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