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This is an important book. It is important, not so much due to the unquestionable skill and passion with which Cory Doctorow lays away his arguments, and because the subject he addresses, the freedom and visibility of the Internet, are of vital interest to everyone who uses the Net. According to Internet Live Stats that means approximately 3 billion people and increasing by the second. To put it another way, in 95 about 1% of the population of planet Earth were connected online, today, less than 20 years later, it's a tad over 40%.

Doctorow is exploring why this boom in Internet access and use has proved to be such a blessing to everyone, but goes on to describe why the copyright laws as they are currently enacted in all leading business nations around the world are utterly lacking in fitness and applicability to the true digital world and, moreover, why they lead to any or all manner of harassing corporate behavior.

He is at his compelling best when he cites specific corporate abuses and describes the financial motivations right behind the behavior. But if this was only a guide about the dark side of the Internet it would be selling the viewer short. Instead, having carefully laid out the problems with DRM (Digital Legal rights Management), Spyware, Digital Hair, unwarranted surveillance, and other abuses, Doctorow then suggests practical and workable solutions that take account of the interest of all parties involves.

This book is part of a large and important debate. It makes very informing arguments against just accepting the direction in which the entertainment conglomerates and national governments would like to push the digital world and suggests an alternative vision which is fairer and more only for the 3 billion of us who happen not to be major audio labels, film production companies or spy agencies., Book mentions copyright over and over. What is odd is that with all the current mentions of copyright laws there is not any real overview of how copyright works and what the history from it is. I already have that knowledge so the book worked OK for me but if you is surely an author or artist and also you don't have scholarly/legal background on copyright We don't think the argument is going to be as useful. I think a 4-5 page background/context on copyright could have made a huge difference. Now that a reader knows this you might want to consider doing some background copyright laws reading before you read this guide.

There is also commentary by Doctorow about things like SOPA which means that more if you have followed the SOPA argument. Doctorow did define SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) but there seems to be an assumption that you know about the SOPA argument. Many people do especially if you are the kind of person that might read this book but if you are an author which was holed up working on a book you might not have the background. When you read Doctorow's book once you might want to make note of conditions; research their context, and then you can reread what Doctorow wrote and it may be more meaningful with additional context.

The guide is broken into three laws that Doctorow has devised:

First law: Virtually any time someone puts a lock on something that belongs to you, and won't give you a key, they're not doing it for your benefit.

Second law: Fame won't make your rich, But you can't get paid without it

Third law: Information won't want to be free people do

I found someone who synthesized Doctorow's three laws from talks he had given and the way that person wrote them made a little more sense. If you read the chapters related to the rule you get these points however, you still have to draw out them. When they are written this way We think they are clearer.

(Synthesis of rules used from Doctorow talks)
First law: Virtually any time someone puts a lock on something that belongs to you, and won't give you a key, they're not doing it for your benefit.

Second law: It's hard to monetize fame but it's impossible to profit from obscurity i. e. popularity won't guarantee fortune, but no one has ever gotten rich by being unknown.

Third law: rendering it easy to censor and secret agent on everyone to protect copyright is a bad idea and bad practice i. at the. information doesn't want to be free, people do., Doctorow has always been a powerful voice in the information age, and generally techniques many subjects from a fresh and nuanced point of view. For those interested, this book delves into the subject of copyrights, digital rights management, and piracy from the perspective of someone who creates press for money. Overall We feel like Doctorow has a lot of great things to say about the subject, but the way information is introduced tends to be somewhat chaotic and challenging to follow. He often uses examples to illustrate his points, nonetheless they conclusion up feeling like they are similar to tangents (albeit interesting ones).

Overall a decent read, but it feels like lots of shorter essays that were squished together in places., Great introduction to the advantages and pitfalls of creative works available through the internet. The guide is clearly presented in succinct easy to read chapters. The language used to describe both legal and technical computer technology issues is straightforward for a well educated lay person to understand. Doctorow presents a number of the ethical dilemmas which come along with the new distribution channels. We think both sides of the arguments are introduced well, but the author is never shy about making his view clear. Those opinions are mainly well reasoned and interesting. It certainly opened my eyes to some probably coercive business practices. We stay in wonderful times with such a diversity of music, books, visual press offered to the choosy consumer. I really hope books like " Information Doesn't Want To be able to Be Free" help to promote new ways of thinking about artistic business to keep those options open to all of us.

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