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"We get the media we deserve, " declares NPR's Brooke Gladstone in the girl excellent The Influencing Machine, an insightful graphic evidente that sits comfortably alongside Neil Postman's  Enjoyable Ourselves to Death: Open public Discourse in the Era of Show Business   and Jaron Lanier's  You Are Not necessarily a Gadget: A Manifesto (Vintage) , both of whom make cameo performances.

Gladstone, aided by Josh Neufeld's seamless visuals, makes a compelling case that the ills that plague media today -- size and social -- are nothing new, that "we've been here before: the incivility, the inanities, the obsessions, the broken business models. In fact, it's been far worse and the Republic survives. inch

What follows is a broad, contextual overview of a brief history of media, recounted with a healthy sense of humor, and a refreshing undertone of positive outlook. eg: Near the conclusion of the book, in two pages, she covers Ray Kurzweil and the Singularity, Lanier's skepticism, Earth of the Apes and Maslow's Hierarchy of Requirements... also it all makes sense!

"Graphic non-fiction" is a tricky format to off and not to our taste, but Neufeld does a great job complementing Gladstone without letting the medium overshadow her message, and any student of press, formally or arm-chair, should browse the Influencing Machine without hesitation.

Kudos to W. W. Norton for taking a chance on such an revolutionary book, though it's rather disappointing that the publisher of Honest Rose's excellent  The ability of Immersion: How the Electronic digital Generation Is Remaking Showmanship, Madison Avenue, and the Way We Tell Reports   has absolutely no online existence for it. A missed opportunity, but the one that should be easily (and quickly) rectified., Would you question about the media? do you hate the new york times for being too liberal? Would you hate sibel news for being right wing propaganda?
Since a moderate, Would you hate your coworkers lunchtime discussions, arguing those two positions?
then this book is absolutely a must read for you, and for them.

Step again from the heat of the moment, and have some well presented, deep thoughts on the entire way we create our press.

This book is a intelligent, understanding and seriously expressive look at all types of media.

This is a well written book, a fun and easy read for those of all ages and all moves of life, and I guarantee, will teach you something revealing
about the media. I'd give it to 15 12 months olds, and I'd give it to college or university teachers. this is a rare treat to have a book whoms ideas are so well presented, yet so deep, that everyone would profit from reading it.

I actually feel like after reading this book I have a deeper tolerance for the "other side", and for those who hold different opinions than my own. And, most importantly, where I thought I was in the center, I see that Im only a point on a properly legitimate series of spectrums.

read this book, explore what bias really means, and learn to awaken to ones own hidden beliefs.

This specific book puts whole groupe of complex ideas into understandable stories, two to three webpages at a time.

The brilliance of this book is that it provides a rock solid view of our media, and as a reflection- of most of us.

You will have wonderful jumps back in time, to the background of media, how its shaped human culture, and how its shaping us- and how we condition it.
Likely to be presented with a real check out both edges of the debate, and then, suddenly, the lights come on about the mechanics of the debate itself, and what then is very the conflict.

I actually learned more about conservative media, liberal media, Flexibility of media vs federal government suppression of media.

I actually learned all the ways Bias shows up in the media, and in myself.

I learned how media checks the federal government, and how media facilitates the government. I also learned how our federal government surpress the media, how other governments surpress the media.

I love the part that covers in the 1900's america developed the telephone as a mass means of communication. this is a "one to one" type of media.
The ussr on the other hand? They developed the loudspeaker instead. a "one way, one to many" communication.

she shows us a story from our past- the New York Times submitting the pentagon papers. The the age old debate "its treason to distribute secret government workings, and can kill operatives in the field and give our enemies an edge over us" versus "whistleblowers must be protected, because they are a check on government abuses"

I actually was too young to see that one play out- Nixon orchestrating treason charges against nyc times, in an attempt to stem the leaks about his lies. It is treason to spill state secrets. It is often just how too, that treason happening by government authorities comes to light.

Regarding course, that debate lives today with the Julian Assange issue- "Arrest that traitor! " vs "protect the whistleblower".

Its not that one view is right or wrong always. Its just that, that argument has swung again and forth many, many times. and sometimes guarding the federal government wins- and deservingly so- and sometimes its just the freedom of information that suffers, and protects the guilty.

One of my favorite parts of the book was the 5 page tale of Social Drift- the idea that what is true, what is in debate, and what is completely taboo from debate in media, is constantly shifting. By looking at news from the 1900's, and pointing away what was "taboo" which today is now obviously discussed, helped me to see what we today consider taboo, and don't consider.

We stay in a time of great change. Technology is changing the media game for good. I strongly urge all walks of life to buy this book. its a reasonable, balanced, and overall positive view on the world we are now living in, and its rich and different world views., A wise person once said to me, "Tell me what you yearn for and I'll tell you who you are. " Though I actually do not feel that it's Ms. Gladstone's intent to add to our national burglar alarm, she does hold the mirror up to the public, so that we can see more obviously what we yearn for and who we are. Looking at the Media as a mirror, in these times, is important. Brooke Gladstone invites us to understand that, "The fault, dear [Public], is not in our stars, But in ourselves. " ( Julius Caesar ).

The Influencing Machine: Brooke Gladstone on the Media   is an invitation for us to make positive change. Since just how can we change what we loath, for the better, if we can not see that so much of what we see and hear in the Media is a reflection of ourselves, and so, we have the power to change that which belongs to us. As long as we continue to think it's "them" and expect "them" to alter, we are powerless.

Ms. Gladstone makes a truly important and an awakening statement with her deep insights about us with "our" media; about how precisely what we engage with in our Media displays who we are, and how our yearning for what we engage with informs us a great offer about who we are; about the how and what we live for. It forces the question: "Where must I be at, to be thinking, this, engaging with this? inch

In 1967, Marshall McLuhan opened our awareness to how " the medium is the massage . " Today, Brooke Gladstone extends McLuhan's and our vision further, by showing us how "the medium is the reflection. "

This is one of the most important, and fun (a rare combination) says and messages that I actually have come across in a very long time. Fresh thought. Thank you, Brooke Gladstone for your wonderful insights in:   The Influencing Machine: Brooke Gladstone on the Media .

I love this book!

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