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Most of us have met people in a professional setting or in our personal lives who are highly respected and influential. They are known for being successful and are adept at networking. Folks are wanting to talk to them and get their advice or want to be part of the inner group of friends. Most people do not think about how precisely that person got into that position, but this book breaks it down for you.

Jonathan Green explains the psychology right behind becoming a respected leader and influencer within your industry. Just like with anything at all in life, in order to be great at something, you have to put your understanding into practice. To get the best of this book, you can't get just read it. You have to complete the exercises and start implementing the information into your daily life. If you put in the work, the benefits to your professional and private life are worth it., This is the second book that I have read by Jonathan Green & both have been exceptional!

Jonathan has a conversational writing style that makes you feel as if you are talking to a good friend, He teaches his concept with stories and practical examples. This book covers the subject areas of Management, Creating Shared Values, Persusation (not Manipulation), Creating a Positive Workplace Culture, Positive Team Dynamics, Communication, Fostering Loyalty, and Developing as a leader.

It is a short read & you might be enticed to blow through it quickly, but don't! He or she provides Reflection Questions for each topic so as to learn how to apply the subject areas to your life. If you do this, then this book will change your life!

This book should be a part of every MBA program!, I would really prefer to give you some background, We have read several books on persuasion some the big ones like Robert Chialdini's influence and also taking NLP courses and We have not learned the things that Jonathan Green indicates me in this book. What I've discovered are reasons for having myself that I may notice recognized that I not have check out this book. While I'm still working through this book I've been learning a great deal about personally, this book is for those who want to be on a journey of self-discovery and learn how to influence and persuade. And also be an improved person. Get this book., It's easy to think of influence and persuasion as natural abilities, but Jonathan Green lays out the advantages of why these are skills like any other that can be discovered through practice and diligence. This book is filled with helpful tips and exercises for developing one's capabilities of persuasion. His observations on the significance of preparation in matters of persuasion are especially enlightening, and Jonathan explains exactly how to go about preparing for important meetings and negotiations to get the results you want. There are valuable insights about how to expand your influence at the office, but many tips apply equally to negotiating relationships with your partner, children, parents, friends, business partners... in short, any readers who would like to have more successful interactions with any of the people in their lives stand to profit from this powerful book., This is the 4th book by Jonathan Green I’ve read. He has a great down-to-earth writing style that makes you feel like he’s sitting across from you having a conversation. Influence and Persuasion will help you increase your leadership skills and promote loyalty with your team by being in tune with everyone around you.

Each chapter focuses on a different area to perfect and ends with actionable steps to take. Take the time to answer the Reflection Concerns rather than skimming through and you’ll become a more effective leader., As a life coach who is an innovator and open to learning to growing, I really enjoyed what this book has to teach about management. Building rapport with your clients and people generally speaking will enhance your ability to lead others and you will grow as a result. I recommend taking the time to reflect on the questions that Jonathan poses throughout the book., This can be a great book about learning to be powerfulk and persuasive. I like that it has an online quiz that you take at the beginning to measure your persuasiveness. This book is filled with great questions to help spur you into action. I definitely feel like I have all the tools I need to get started on gaining this area after reading this book., We found Jonathan Green's type of writing very conversational and simple to follow. Jonathan makes you think about your own definitions for management and influence, that i found useful. Previously I kind of assumed That i knew of what these concepts meant, so having to define these myself opened my sight to the broader which means of those concepts. A book that makes me think and reconsider my views and perception of things is a good book. I look forward to reading more books from Jonathan.

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