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About three and a half celebrities.

I got this book today as part of the Kindle First program and I've managed to read the complete thing. The fact that I maintained to read it in a single day shows precisely how well this guide held my attention.

Infinitude, infiniteness Blackstone, aka " Finn" is the 17 year old daughter of Rich Blackstone, CEO of Blackstone Industries and the most wealthy, most influential man in the world. And yet Finn has not met her father and knows absolutely nothing of him other than what she hears in news reports.

Nevertheless she turns 17, Finn starts to ask herself more questions about her previous. For the first of sixteen years of her life, she's never had dreams. Yet starting the night of her 17th birthday, Finn starts having vivid ambitions where she recalls memorable events from her years as a child. Except that as she relives these events, details of her past that she didn't remember start revealing themselves. Like why did her nanny alert of her father's bad intentions towards her? Plus how was it possible for her broken arm to heal itself in two days? Is whatever Finn remembers of her past really accurate, and/or her dreams revealing the reality? Just who, exactly, luxury ??

With the help of her best friend Little bit, Finn goes on a quest to get some responses. They hack their way into Blackstone Technologies, and try to hunt down her father. Will they achieve finding him? Will Finn ever learn the truth about her previous?

I couldn't believe it but this book had me riveted from the opening pages. And the suspense retains building up as the history progresses. Finn is a likeable character and simple to relate to.

However, I was very disappointed by the ending. I wasn't surprised by the ending, because the I had a pretty good hunch what was going on. Yet without giving the finishing away, all I'll say is that I was disappointed by it. It did not like how Finn's personality ended. And i also didn't like that the book comes to an end on a cliff hanger, leaving a lot of loose strings and unanswered questions. This book is obviously part of a triology, so I'm certain all of the loose ends will be tied up within the next two textbooks. But realize that if you need " closure", you'll have to commit to reading the complete triology and paying six buckaroos or so for each and every of the subsequent books.

The science hype and technology aspects were handled well. The author's explanation for how the technology worked made sense from the scientific standpoint and wasn't overly complicated. On the other hand, his descriptions of the technology, surroundings, etc were known to be somewhat long and I found me personally skimming over page long descriptions, eager to get back to the story.

The incessant, immature arguing that existed amidst Finn's classmates was also somewhat exasperating. The repetitive " You shut up! " " No, you close up! " that proceeded to go back and forth between the boys got earliest pens very fast and held up the progression of the story.

There is also some moderate violence and mild language in this book. No sex scenes.

General, I did think this was a good guide. It was unique, suspenseful, and held my attention. If it wasn't for the unlikeable ending and all the loose strings, We easily would have given this book four and half stars. But We do think others will enjoy it., Length: 246 webpages.

This debut novel is a fast-paced page turner that is very nearly a five star sci-fi gem. Since I hate reviews that are, fundamentally, a condensed version of the story, as We loathe spoilers, I'll communicate in more general phrases so you can make your own purchase decision, yet still benefit from the history as it unfolds.

Picture a world in which Apple (or Microsoft or Amazon or Google) has become so wildly successful that every element of your daily life is perfect and has been provided by that one tech company.

The trouble with such a setting is to make a believable conflict, but this author passes this task fairly well. We could suspend my shock.

I also was amazed that this book was so fast-paced even though it had long chapters. The trend lately, in fiction, is to keep short paragraphs with high cliff hangers at the finish of each chapter. The writer goes against that trend with panache.

Where the story is weak, however, is in character development. As a reader trading my time into a story, I want to love the heroine and despise, even if respectfully, the villain. I additionally want to experience shock, horror, remorse or fear once i come across a corpse. One other issue, as noted by another reporter. Infinity Lost ends on a cliffhanger, forcing viewers to look for seal by purchasing the following payment.

Therefore, although I did find this an engaging, intriguing read that I could zip through in a single sitting, I could rate it only four celebrities.

Good enough to encourage me to read the next installment, but this could have been a great story with only a little more effort.

Again, this is a great first novel worth my investment in reading time. Gimme more...., 2. 5 celebrities, maybe. My experience reading was " okay... yawn... I might quit.. OH WAIT... never mind... boring boring... oh wait... never mind... meh... meh... can it be over? Oh well maybe I'll... nah"

For the most part it was obviously a snooze, struggling from a confused story. It did pick up at parts and catch my Attention but it was always short lived. ONe word summary: unsatisfied. Every thing about this book is unsatisfying... even as you read it you feel unsatisfied by the events taking place, as if you're not getting the full experience of the event or some line or comment or detail was lost, however, not in the " omitted for suspense" kind of way.

By the finish I was just finishing it in order to complete it and realized there was no way We would continue with the series., I truly liked this Kindle first guide, and have already before ordered the next one. I don't often find books i just cannot put down, but this one kept my interest the whole way through. I feel this is an excellent, clean read that anyone could enjoy. The scientific advancements described in the book sound really amazing, hopefully someday some of the ideas will be reality. It all may sound outrageously far fetched right now, but I'm sure a hundred years ago the idea of the web would have blown people's minds! I see others have complained about this book ending on the cliffhanger, but I positively seek books that results in me wanting more. I would imagine author would want to leave you feeling that way, so that you want to continue on with their series. When you are a Food cravings Games fan, I'm certain you can relate! I am very much looking forwards to more from this author! I do desire that others giving a low raiting because they didn't like the cliffhanger won't prevent potential viewers from choosing this excellent book.

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