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This particular LN really goes into great detail about MMO's, will not a great career building the world and explaining all of all those gamer terms, which is sometime others of the same style usually do not. Thus if you like mmo's, you'll surely similar to this! Plus wish you were able to play the game since well haha. Also may want to count the number of times the MC states., I would recommend attempting out this book.
It's not trapped inside a game like a few series are it's more of a action slice-of-life., Picked this up to whim and found it to get surprisingly enjoyable. It experienced more to it than I thought together a really captivating world that drew me personally into its story., Not necessarily too overpowered, struggled with his fights a little and didn't manage to help save everyone. It isn't the best, but it's far better than most., Fully liked the book. Read it from commence to finish in oner sitting. It offers its flaws but no good story doesn't., This tells a good story with a decent blend associated with action and storytelling with funny characters, Books concerning MMOs are fairly frequent because novels and typically tend to be hit or miss. I'm happy to point out that Infinite Dendrogram is a hit. Taking place in mysterious new MMO that replicates reality perfectly, is in habited by best AI NPCs, and offers completely unique gameplay for each gamer this may seem to be to be the ultimate MMORPG. Nevertheless there looks to get a few hidden agenda behind this particular game.
Coming from volume one I'm really excited to see where this story goes. The characters are great, the virtual world is exciting, the powers everyone becomes are all unique and exciting up to now, and the mystery of the game globe I find very interesting since well.
Over-all I'd say it's a great action adventure collection and would recommend it to anyone especially when they like virtual world environment., *Infinite Dendrogram* is 1 of those books that looks a little boring in premise, but after you get started reading it, you find yourself absolutely captivated. The premise is easy, especially for many who are fans of *Sword Art Online*, in that in the future a revolutionary head-set technology is released that gives one a full, true Virtuelle wirklichkeit (VR) experience. That is, naturally , where the similarities end. At least in first.

While there are some commonalities between *Dendro* and *SAO*'s later amounts on the surface -- at least as far as some stuff We have read online, it really, therefore far, is pretty different. The thing is, there is no -- so far as from the first volume - bad or psychotic person or even group pulling strings and harming others. This is pure character interaction between the players and the NPC's (who admittedly are mysterious and strange in some ways). And the set-up of the sport, called *Infinite Dendrogram* is pretty cool.

are called, in the sport lore, " Masters", that are citizens from the nations around the world of the world the game happens in that have received special capabilities. These come in the sort of an embryo that will first be born and then mature over time into greater and greater kinds and abilities. None associated with the NPC's respawn and are gone as when dead if they die. The " Masters" are said to go to an additional " dimension" (real life for a 24-hour penalty) when they die and then come back to life. The gameplay mechanics, put simply, are part of the game's story and lore. NPC's, meanwhile, are known as " tians". They can interact with, receive the exact same jobs as, so out, the Masters. Indeed, with out seeing the embryo reputation on the hand of the person you happen to be talking in order to, one can't tell when they are players or even NPC's.

This is where the skill from the writer, Sakon Kaidou, will come in. He or she actually makes the audience care for, and sense feelings about, the sot from the tians and the in-game stories. Whatever the truth of the sport, whether it is a highly-functioning AI that offers actual sapience or some some other plot to come, you doesn't yet know. Just about all they know is that the tians they study about are so genuine that one can't *help* but care for these people. Of course, the particular genuine truth of the sport world is just hinted in so far, more in order to the reader than the players, but even that is vague and not really much to go about.

Anyways, in the particular Light Novel story proper, we have our protagonist, Reiji Mukudori, who inside world of *Dendro* names his character " Ray Starling", that is a translation of sorts associated with his name. When he starts, he only wants in order to finally play this sport he has held away from on so long since he prepared to get into school. At first, this individual just thinks it may be really neat, nevertheless doesn't sense the levels to things, and exactly how much the tians and embryos will affect your pet. Once he starts playing, though, it is an additional story.

Along with his older brother, who calls himself " Bro Bear" due to the carry suit power armor (a funny story behind that one) he wears, Ray integrates into the globe and finds both friends and even an foe of sorts. He also comes to care a lot for his embryo partner, the girl-weapon Nemesis, and the tians he meets. At some point, he meets other players with whom he kinds a party. They are the journalist Marie, and the pimp (though the individual playing is too naive and young to know very well what which means and is consequently a G-rated version, very much to Ray's amusement and wonder) Rook and Rook's girl embryo Babylon, or even Babi for short.

Marie is seemingly much more than she appears, and I think her strategies will come to the forefront later on. Meanwhile Rook and Babi have reduced attack power, but high stats and capabilities that are pointless for one on one battles, but frighteningly strong for group battles. Ray, by contrast to these people, is much less valuable towards a group but may defeat powerful single enemies that would annihilate Rook and Babi.

Interestingly, it looks that *Dendro* (the shortened name of the game) is worldwide and that Marie and Rook are in real world non-Japanese Westerners. So it's a (in phrases of the real-life folks playing the game) a multi-national and multi-ethnic group of brand new friends playing the sport together. That is somewhat heart-warming and cool in my opinion.

One thing that is neat too is exactly how Ray is not really the advisor. His brother is, and other players are, nevertheless Ray, just starting, is not the ace. Inside real life, his sibling will be the ace, and Ray isn't there either. Nevertheless this doesn't do Ray very much good though. Bro Keep can't help Ray very much in-game as he does not want the game's technicians to cause any relationship between them to damage Ray's stats because of Brother Bear's *far* superior types, so he has Ray do things on his own and only informs him to call your pet if Ray gets in trouble. Ray isn't a harem protagonist either, with the closest items to those traits being (mildly and just exemplified due to his status and job) contained in Rook, and there maybe to poke fun in them.

No, Ray is a talented young man that is merely passionate and *determined*. This unlocks powers that don't make him the ace, but make your pet impressive, to be positive. Not compared to many more of a higher stage than him, but in contrast to other newbies, yes. These powers also enable him to, with his class of Paladin, take off some impressive feats.

Again, the one thing I can't stress enough is simply how much the author becomes you to *care* concerning the situation and the tians. Yes, there are hints at a much deeper plot, but even with out that deeper plot this particular still is the reaction I had. I was annoyed when a tian perished. I cheered with Ray when he saved the tians. Mcdougal has such expertise that, even with no confirmation of the much deeper plots, he still could possibly get the audience to possess that reaction. Same thing for when players die temporarily, with the way it happens being a gut-punch a couple of times. Yes, when you are interested in the mechanics of such video games, you will find this particular interesting. Even if you are not, nevertheless, it will draw you in.

Because of how the author writes them, you see folks' personalities coming via and the good folks like Ray and company are excellent in-game too, although the bad folks act bad in game since well. For some, this may not as apparent as they are merely having enjoyable role-playing, but the way some folks act with no care in the world for real-life outcomes of their actions towards other players does display them as bad. Thus we have it where you actually are shown that some players are role-playing as well as others are truly negative folks inside, while others are good guys.

Inside the background are many plot threads of personal importance and (in the game world) national importance. They are not solved as this is a continuing story with stories to totally carry through on and mysteries to resolve. I was really, really pumped up about discovering where the author goes from here.

Rating: 5/5 Stars.

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