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3 years of undiagnosed infertility with 2 early miscarriages including 2 failed clomid process and 2 failed hcg rounds (causing uterine polyps I had to have surgically removed), I purchased this book as a last hope at the finish of June 2015. By mid-July I started weekly acupuncture, mediterranean diet, and Chinese herbs (prescribed by acupuncturist). Mid November i was pregnant, with BABY TWINS and the pregnancies caught!: ) The twins part is probably due to me taking Vitex and Maca root (not prescribed by acupuncturist). Never thought we could have one, so two was amazing! I also did a fertility promoting mix of essential oils in my divulguer every night before mattress and drank Traditionals Medication Healthy Cycle tea 3 times daily. I completely think that We would still be hopelessly trying basically wouldn't have purchased this book. It gave me hope and it gave me the tools to get my uterus healthy enough to finally implant and maintain not one, but two pregnancies. Please try this method before you put your body through all the harsh chemicals the doctors will push. They want to skip the condition to get to a quick solution, but at the expenditure of your health. This specific method works out the condition (mine being kidney deficiency), so that your body gets itself to the solution (healthy habitable uterus). I wish everyone good fortune and baby dust!, I enjoy this book it has been my companion and constantly come back to it. Finally got pregnant and in part it was because of following the advise in this guide. My boy is three now. This book helps you to know from TCM point of view the causes of disbalances that keep from getting pregnant and gives you clues, acupunture points and chinese herbs to come back to balance and get pregnant if you want., This specific book was excellent, offered me so much insight into fertlity and my body and convinced me that Eastern Medicine was the way to go. After reading it through I located an acupuncturist in my area [... ] that specializes in infertility. I actually saw her for 3 months every week following the treatment that is also recommended in this book! After 4 years of unexplained infertility and many unsuccessful Western Medication treatments, I am now 6 weeks pregnant!! This specific approach had everything to do with getting my body where it must be to conceive! The guide has a wealth of information to get you in the right direction!, A GREAT GUIDE!
I'm from Malaysia and the shipping and delivery was super-fast, got it within a week.
The book is with tones of information, I actually feel such as a Chinese specialist myself. The aura of this book is just wonderful and I’m carrying it wherever I go. I actually finally think that I found the answer to my unexplained infertility and I highly think that I will be entering being a mother soon. I showed it to my acupuncturist and she loved it too. Once I’m pregnant, I’m gonna get another copy for my acupuncturist as a gift., And assistance by way of a struggle where not much has with traditional western medicine. I recommend anyone battling with infertility to see the woman book., Not pregnant yet, but in simply a short time I've noticed huge difference in my body and cycles.
My body is performing more like it did in my late twenties.
Keeping my fingertips crossed!, I can't vouch for if this helps you to get pregnant because I never got a opportunity to try before ending up pregnant once we halted fertility treatments. However I actually gave 5 stars bc I found the information very easy to follow and seemed like good info, Doctor Lewis is a pioneer in women's reproductive : health. I highly suggest reading this article book for anyone thinking about this field, no matter of if the interest is situated in western or far eastern medicine.

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