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Rating: I gave this several stars only because it is the best interpretation of perhaps the finest literary achievement outside of the Bible. However, I MUST express my concerns as below:

The initial: TEN stars out of Five for it is unparalleled.
The Translation by John Ciardi: FIVE celebrities out of FIVE for it is in itself a work of art!
The OCR conversion: MINUS TEN out of FIVE; for numerous, manifest, disconcerting and inexcusable OCR errors!!

I have already been a dedicated fan of John Ciardi's inspired interpretation of Dante's Commedia for many years. The original work; The Commedia, by Dante is probably the closest thing to perfection exterior of the Bible (which, I believe firmly was God-Authored, so, it would not be fair to compare any Man's work to that too closely). The appellation of 'Divine' to Dante's extraordinary allegory is a statement to its almost perfect quality. Now, the problem for me is that it is written in Italian. I speak English. So, I cannot check out this work in its original form. Typically the next best thing is to read a interpretation into English. Again, no matter the quality of the original, the translation can provide reward near to that which the author meant, or it can marly the work beyond reputation. Just for this work, Dante's Commedia; the Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso, there exist several translations into English. With regard to my dollar, John Ciardi's is the greatest. Others may differ on this count, but there is no arguing that his translation is masterful. The added bonus is his short prose summaries of each canto (chapter) wonderful substantial footnotes for illumination of the text message. Added together, John Ciardi and Dante Alighieri present, in this translation, a reading experience of scintillating superiority. Each and every reading from the first to the thousandth is wonderful, rich and even fresh. Now along comes the Kindle. As an extreme bibliophile, I never thought I would like the ebook experience. Suffice it to say that I was quite wrong on that count. However, this is not a review of the Amazon kindle or any e-reader. So, naturally, loving this interpretation and work like I do, I purchased the Kindle version without blinking. To my utter dismay, the text is sorely damaged by errors. The OCR output does not seem to be to have been examined, edited or otherwise remedied at all. Having read this are many times as I have, each canto, each stanza, each verse, and every word are treasured and like old friends. (I re-read it for the same reasons one keeps going back to their favorite ice cream flavor, or their favorite song). However in this case, the amount of error within this electronic copy is jarring and unpleasant and everything too frequently encountered. So, if the nice folks at Penguin publishing should happen to read this review; I can only say: You have a gem on your hands, so why smear it with mud? Please, Please, correct the text errors, which are legion and most disconcerting, and restore this literary precious stone in and earned luster and brilliance and re-publish the work as it should have been done from the start., I have always wanted to read this book and knowing it was fiction made it even more exciting. Contemplating this book was written more than one-hundred years ago didn't make it old-fashioned. For a Christian believer, this book is a must read. Even though no person has ever gone to hell and returned, Dante gives the impression what he believes hell is like. If he was only ten per cent right, then people who are proceeding there and in heavy trouble. The book is in poem form which makes it slightly hared to read than a book but well worth the extra time and trouble. The conversion from Italian language to English isn't perfect as some words there are no comparable words to utilize, the author do an overall best wishes. I highly recommend this publication for grownups and possibly for students also. Young children will find it difficult reading and understanding the publication., The translation is understandable, although sometimes somewhat forced due to the translator's efforts to maintain his rhyming scheme. The notes and chapter introductions are excellent. I would give this more stars if the Kindle Edition I acquired did not have so many errors clearly ensuing from bad (or no) editing of text that was created from imprinted material using optical character recognition. If I can spot so many uncorrected mistakes in a single casual reading, it surely means that this text message was not professionally proof-read. It is a scandal considering that Amazon is charging almost six dollars for a no-cost delivery of computer bytes to a device (a price that was probably decided by the publisher).

Right here are some examples from one per cent of the book, Canto IX in the Inferno: "... are not able to be surmouated.. ", inch... he generalizesthe questions... inch, "makes" for "snakes", "I drew dose to the Poet... ", "... change him to stonel... inch, "allegoryl", "... cover the even plainsuchsuch fields... inch for "... cover the even plain -- such fields... ". It's distracting, and sometimes, as in the last example, it is hard to determine the original meaning., This is a well written translation, although I'm not a scholar on goedkoop from the Italian of Dante. It's easy to read and poetic. Substantial annotations describe the character types and the process of translation, especially where there is ambiguity or nuances of the the Italian language that can't be converted. Surprisingly enjoyable read.

You should definitely work itself, it is important for the place in history and the effect they have had over the centuries. Most of it seems like Dante's revenge against his political enemies (I wonder where his politics opponents in Florence would put him it hell). The descriptions are brilliant, horrid and fascinating. Being a non Christian, I would probably be in one of the rings of Dante's hell. However, it is merely Dante's hell, after all., Esolen's translation of Dante's 'Inferno' is clear, easy and compelling to learn, while retaining eloquence and good literary style. With previous translations I've tried, the translators have forced rhyme or mixed up the order of words perhaps in an attempt to sound more poetic - not so with this translation. Esolen captures the poetic essence of Dante's writing in a way that a good interpretation of a classic text message should. He makes it accessible without simplifying or diminishing the great richness of Dante's work. Is actually also great to have Dante's original verses on the opposing pages - just in case you want to compare the The english language with the original. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading this, and highly recommend it to anyone wanting to take this dark journey with Dante.

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