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I used to be a little skeptical at first of Kelly's strategy, using 12 verbs for thinking about future styles, but the depth of his thinking won me personally over. I found me personally taking notes frequently. I actually bought the audiobook but found it so valuable which i got the print version for a research., Kevin Kelly takes the trends of the previous 30 years in connected technology and the sharing economy and projects the next 30. He persuasively describes how this moment in time is the cusp of any transformation. There has never been a much better time to create and connect!, it is not about the artifacts but what it does (enabling, enriching, leaving you, access to knowledge) because we are not all of the same quality. Through the use of technolgy humans can truly become puposefully collaborative. Enjoyed this view and perspective., It's hard to overstate the extent to which Kevin Kelly's latest has blown me away. Absolutely the most riveting thing I've read. We cannot recommend it highly enough. And not only for techies - I'm not a techie - this guide is for all of us that are proceeding to be living these next 30-50-100 years with each other. Click. Order. Buckle upwards. Read. And enjoy looking into the future., If you are thinking about trends, current events, and technology, this book is a great read. Read The 7th Sense also. Together they are a primer for success in the new economy., Not even midway through the book and in love.

If the current story-line of technology was a novel, this guide is the one person in your book membership that is a literature natural born player who gives you great insights into not only what just happened and what is very happening, but what that means for what is going to happen next., THE INEVITABLE is not a simple publication to read. The author is actually a " Big Picture" thinker, rather than a detailed, programming type of analyst. The concept of the THE INEVITABLE is not so much the mechanism of how technoogy works, but rather, how it is (and will) impact society.

The subject matter matter in this guide is profound, and can't easily be grasped with merely a quick " once over" read. (At least, We certainly could not understanding it that quickly. ) In fact, each of the 12 Chapters could actually have been a complete book all alone. This book can be a tough slog, but We hit on a helpful tactic, below.

See the first page from all the 13 main chapters. You will get a feel for what Mister. Kelly is suggesting in that chapter. This will give you an outline of where the author is headed, and make reading the full book a lot easier. "

Here's one meaty idea: The author quotes an economist at New York University, who suggests that creativity is currently more a matter of " remixing" rather than creating truly new things. " Contemporary technologies are combinations of earlier primitive technologies which have been rearranged and remixed. " Plus, we're doing it with less substance: " Fashionable in the past 30 years has been to make better things using fewer materials. "

The way of doing something is also a little bit scary. Mister. Kelly suggests that future generations will look back at ours as the first race that " linked themselves together into one very large thing. " Well, I'm pretty sure I don't like the sound of that. I don't like the idea of being related to every person into a major " thing. "

Another frightening chapter is the one on " Tracking. " I believed at first the author would emphasize loss of privacy--but he's really pointing at something more. There exists a huge industry in the simple act of just creating sensors. " We all are on our way to manufacturing 54 billion detectors annually by 2020. "

So all in all, I thought THE INEVITABLE was obviously a profund read--but also a difficult read. Honestly, the way of doing something is so big, that We will need to mull over them quite a while.

But I still don't like that idea about every person being connected to a " Big Thing. "

Advance Review Copy politeness of NetGalley, Mr. Kelly casts a soaring vision of the 'Global Mind' we have created. Variously frightening, inspiring, intriguing, and exciting. He covers 12 ares of technological styles which, he believes, will inevitably envelop and change our world.

This is an informative and fun ride. I suggest this book!

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