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If only I could give this book 10 stars! Ginger writes in a manner that even the novice can understand and I know this will be my indoor horticulture Bible for some time. I am so, so new into all of this inside way of gardening (and even outdoor gardening) that I thought this could be way over my head but Ginger's way of explaining the process even I actually can understand!

To top that off, she has a blog/forum that the lady runs and is ever present to answer questions. Such a devoted and helpful lady, you may not go wrong. I'd put the connect to her blog/forum if I actually could, but I don't think Amazon will allow that, just search aerogarden forums and you'll think it is, that's what I performed.

Already I've gotten so much information and helpful tips that I feel as if I just might be able to do this kind of gardening. You see, I just ordered my first Aerogarden and wanted some help understanding it. This book covers so much more than just the Aerogarden that I have no doubt that over time I will be branching out and trying other forms of inside gardening, all because of Indoor Salad and knowing Ginger is always there to help.

Another thing she does that I actually absolutely love is to give options with consider to any sort of system. The girl doesn't insist that you go out and buy or construct a system which will costs mega-dollars. She gives lots of options that will work from the high ending into those of us that at times have to watch our pennies.

You simply can't go wrong with this guide, there's information in here that I am sure the novice to the seasoned gardner are able to use!!, I have just recently gotten back into gardening indoors, so when I discovered this book, I decided to grab it to remember to brush up on my horticulture skills. Boy, did I actually get lucky! It addresses everything that you need to know to ensure successfully growing your own greens and vegetables. I really like the way this publication is organized, so you can simply go to the chapter that you need. It covers the basics with many options and then goes into advanced information. Mcdougal provides many do it yourself projects with detailed specifications that you can build to provide lighting and proper framework for your plants and there is even an Appendix showing where you can source the materials. Very helpful and a real timesaver. Highly suggested if you need to get on track, to the wise way, to growing your food indoors., I actually highly recommend this guide for anyone wanting to broaden their growing season by growing vegetables indoors. Unlike other books on this subject, mcdougal doesn't focus on expensive HID systems, but gives affordable DIY projects to grow a variety of crops inside using fluorescent light systems.

The book really does an outstanding job explaining the different fluorescent lights available and their uses for growing plants. Both traditional container planting and hydroponic growing methods are covered. Person crops are detailed in the last chapters for anyone wanting to bounce right into growing without delving to the technical details.

The book's real value lies in the author's personal experience growing all types of vegetables. Lots of lessons learned and good tips are available throughout the book. This specific is will be my go to book this fall when I plan my indoor veggie " farm"., Loved this publication. Although the title leads you towards INDOOR horticulture, the author has great ideas how to expand your growing season by starting seeds indoors in the typical manner BUT continue growing plants inside until just ready to keep fruit. Then you hair transplant the very mature vegis outside to a weed or into the surface. The book is very easy to read along with my Kindle, I bookmarked and highlighted ideas to try now and later. This book tickled my green thumb and my inner greekiness. Very worthwhile price and the time invested reading., Best book so far that I have read on growing vegetables indoors. Also talks about hydroponics which is the location I am interested in., I like to grow a few leafy salad plants in a pot on the dining table so was buying book about this when I came across Inside Salad. Though it was not what I was after it piqued my interest so I purchased it in any case. I'm glad I performed as it's given me plenty of delete word what I can grow indoors. It seems I don't have to just stick with lettuce. Even though some of the types of plants mentioned usually are available here in Sydney there is still lots We are able to develop.

As a beginner to growing indoors it meets me at my stage but I can see it has enough details that someone with advanced experience would get value from it also. I especially like that the creator has written about all the tips to get better results, the things that you learn from experimenting and making mistakes, as this addresses some of the frustration that comes with growing your own vegies and herbs.

The publication is a bit technical in some parts (especially the chapters marked 'tech') but the 'how to' chapters have enough detail that you can skip over these bits if you find them boring.

I actually don't think anyone considering growing vegetables or natural herbs indoors would be dissatisfied with Indoor Salad., Really good, very interesting and in depth. I enjoyed it., Ginger knows her products. This book many aspect of indoor gardening I never would have considered. It is worth the read.

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