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Archie Mahoom (pronounced "Moom"), is a typical Wodehouse character--a part of the British upper classes, educated at Eton and Oxford, with no apparent professional skills. Right after serving in the infantry in World War We, Archie has to find out what to do with himself.

Hoping for better prospects, he comes to america and visits some friends of his family. Around the trip he meets--and promptly marries--Lucille Brewster, the daughter of a wealthy New York hotel operator. The young couple remains at the hotel wihile Archie looks for work.

Neither Archie nor his father-in-law knows what exactly Lucille sees in Archie. Readers wonder too, since Archie is not an intellectual giant and seems to be going nowhere in particular in life.

But as the book proceeds, we find that Archie has some fine qualities. He is outgoing and kind hearted, totally devoted to his wife, and quick to lend assistance to others. Among those this individual helps are a fellow veteran who, because of a war injury, are not able to remember call him by his name or something that happened to him before the war.

There are numerous grim books about war veterans struggling to adapt to civilian life. This specific, of course, is not one of those. Rather than a chronicle of PTSD, it is a typical sitcom. Laughter might have already been what people needed almost all of all after the Very first World War. We can still use some now., This book's greatest value is that it provides insight into where the genius Wodehouse was earlier in his writing job. The flaws are very numerous to mention and the gems are few and far between. This guide seems to have been complied from a group of freely linked short stories centered around a single, not-well-defined character. If I were an editor, I'm not sure I might recognize the latent genius of the author if I didn't know better. I do not think this book is even as well-written as Wodehouse's " Mike" school stories., This early Wodehouse story, first published in 1921, is a quick, enjoyable read. It is, I do believe, the only appearance of Archie Moffam and it's easy to see why. Even though the book provides a good display of Wodehouse's brilliant use of language and ingenious plotting, Archie is very similar to, but not as good as, Bertie Wooster -- Wodehouse's finest creation. Just like Bertie, Archie is a bumbler and something less than a mental giant. He is also plagued by an obnoxious relative; in Archie's case, his father-in-law, instead than Bertie's infamous aunts. A part of the issue is that Archie, although English, lives in New York Metropolis, in a hotel collection provided by his United states father-in-law. Most of Bertie's stories are set in England. That allows Wodehouse to bring in the members of the Drone's Club and other eccentrics inhabiting Wodehouse's cock-eyed version of Edwardian England. Wodehouse may also have blundered in making Archie an experienced of the British military in World War We. Although that made the story more timely, the occasional references to Archie's experiences with trench combat seem to be incongruous in the context of a Wodehousian farce. Not surprisingly, Bertie Wooster did not assist in World War We. Finally, of course, the actual the Bertie stories so great is the presence of Jeeves, his butler. Archie lacks such an motivated foil.

So, if you are new to Wodehouse, this book is a decent location to start, however, you would be better off tracking down one of the Bertie and Jeeves books. For those who have read a whole lot of Wodehouse, then you really know what to expect with this book and may find it well worth reading., I've read a whole lot of Wodehouse, and at first this work minted me as very light and superficial. But as I've been traveling in Asia for a month, and feeling very homesick, this type of light, easy, everything-works-out-in-the-end story was just what We needed to cheer me personally up., Funny Wodehouse as ever. I first happened onto P G Wodehouse as a teen and whenever I desire a laugh I have only to search for his books, particularly when Jeeves is included. I read and re-read and never tire so very very pleased to see them available in Kindle format and at reasonable prices too (free would be even better, they may be that classic! ), This guide was wonderfully amusing and up-lifting with the humor and Archie's charming personality. I use read and re-read Wodehouse's marvelous books. I recommend this to anyone who needs a bright spot in their day. If you've read the earlier Wodehouse series staring Archie great man, Jeeves, you'll find this to be a little different in how Archie solves his endless penchant for stepping into trouble., This isn't Wodehouse at his best, so is actually not genius, but is actually still brilliant. Sentimental and predictable, it could be compared to a well done s'more. Not fine dining: gooey, sticky, sloppy, and satisfyingly guaranteed to score a smile., But it held my interest. This did have a tale line but not much of a plot. But, clear in that this was an early work for Wodhouse. A high level00 fan, you have to read. If this is your first, it is just not become your last. They do get better.

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