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As someone who knew virtually nothing about taxes, this book was a great launch.

By no means are these claims book going to make you a specialist accountant.
They have one job: give the average layperson a simple overview of tax basics.
Also it does that job well.

The brevity works to its advantage:
taxes are not exactly the sexiest subject in the world, so by keeping it brief and sweet, it's able to hold your attention without boring you. I finished it in two sittings.

I'd definitely recommend this to a layperson interested in learning more about taxes.
In addition to for that price, it can't be beat., Name might be misleading: This particular book does not cover partner and multi-member LLC Taxes; it only includes Independent Contractors and Sole Proprietorship LLCs. The name is misleading if you read it as a list – e. g. fees for independent contractors, single proprietors, and LLCs. Nevertheless the title should read: LLC Taxes for Independent Companies and Sole Proprietors.
As the writer writes about pg 3:
“This book is not for you if:
1) Your business is a corporation or partnership
2) An individual are one of multiple owners of an LLC …”
Should yours be a partner or multiple owner LLC – : this guide is not for you., I ought to have read this book a decade back (except it is new in 2016! )
I found this guide PERFECT for my wife and my LLC's movement through tax situation.
My accountant often mentions some aspect of " deduction vs . business expense", " Self Work Tax", " above compared to. below the line", and so forth and I was generally stumped. This book has very short chapters to help with a simple understanding of Small LLC business tax issues. I have learned way more than I expected. I think it teaches me just the right amount in an easy to read 100 pages.
He states his goal was just that, to teach small business people as much of the main element tax issues as he could in 100 pages.
The #1 issue that led me to this publication was trying to understand whether our business should shift from SEP to 401k retirement plans, and i also learned enough to make a perfectly informed decision and work more productively with our accountant.
THANKS FOR COMPOSING THIS BOOK!, This publication provides clear explanations of how to deal with federal income tax issues for single-member LLC, single proprietor, and so forth businesses. If you have this type of business or are considering it and know next to nothing relating to this subject, which was the case to me, this publication is an outstanding destination to start and seems to provide most if not all of what you will need to know to start. A very helpful and highly-recommended book!, This guide explains with extreme clarity the things you need to know when looking at starting out out on your own in a business. I believe everyone has to have a good CPA (they can simply save you the money they cost), but it's best if you already determine what they're doing going in. You need to have the knowledge at the time you're the financial decisions, not just at tax-filing time. This publication was actually enjoyable to read. That's a significant feat, considering the topic., basically a pamphlet with info from google. not at all helpful., Touches on the majority of tax questions that I had. I would suggest this book for anyone who feels they don't understand the US tax code., This book was an incredibly fast read that gave me a whole lot of insight into my taxes, which previously I was just leaving in the hands of my scrivener. Now with his help I will be paying closer attention to and documenting every deduction I will find. I am also inquiring about other tax issues which can potentially save me thousands. Get this book, take notes, and go over it with your scrivener.

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