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This autobiography was assigned in my opinion when I was a junior in high school. Three years later, as a sophomore in college, I was asked to read the book again for my class on Black Thought and Literature. I wish that I got taken the time to decelerate and analyze Frederick Douglass' narrative from a literal, analytical, and radical perspective. Had I done that the first time around—as opposed to treating the guide as another required reading that I needed to speed-read through—I think that my understanding would have been more in-depth and meaningful. Typically the emotion and conviction with which the author writes is not just poetic and moving, but captivating as well. The imagery, combined with Douglass' thoughts about religion's role in the enslavement of black bodies, masterfully paints a story that (in combination with other narratives) has, unfortunately, been lost throughout time. In truth, many Black writers during this period refused to publish their experience for fear that they will be caught and delivered to slavery. In other cases, some writers used pen names to incorporate some anonymity to their encounters. Nevertheless, such works should be cherished and highly valued; for they allow us to gain a better understanding of how far our society has come, and how much more has to be done to ensure another where everyone is equal (in the truest sense of the word)., It was an extremely detailed story of what life in slavery was like. From dealing with lazy, entitled, white slave masters, to remaining hidden in the north from such a dispicable family. It stands out truth to the deluded mentality of southerners who believed it was acceptable to own and treat another human being like a piece of property. Our favorite part was the girl explanation of freedom in the north. Despite the fact that a former slave could finally be free from being someone else's property, they were still never free of racism. And much like today, many people still believe the abuse and mistreatment of black Us citizens is acceptable simply because it is the status quo., I had read this story once before. Typically the scenes seemed familiar, but didn't recognize it until I was partway through the book. Once my memory was jogged, I decided to finish the book because I understood I'd have fun with this again. Actually, it's difficult to imagine hiding away in a crowded space for seven years. Obviously, the choice was much worse. What impressed myself most was seeing life from the point of view of a slave. Even when given a " good life" -- given and housed properly, not beaten or raped -- why would a servant want to be free? Harriet Jacobs explains. Our heart fell for the girl when she realized the prejudice that pervaded the North. Even though free, the girl was not. Although we think we know captivity, we do not know it until we feel it. Harriet Jacobs helps us understand its true meaning., Typically the book shows very well the difficult circumstances that slaves in America were required to live under. It also shows how humans can become so mean and tyrannical when given ultimate power over someone. This is also how dictators are born in our world. When someone is given power over another that person's pride can get out of control. They get away with one thing, then another, and another. Their friends are likewise minded and inform one another that they are great guys, it goes to their heads. Typically the book also shows how if you look different from another and you have the power then you can assume you are better. Racism can develop and other inappropriate things too. God would like us to work with each other. Appreciate each other, enjoy the talents of everyone, we can all help our nation and world if we throw unrestricted self-centered pride to the side. A little pride isn't bad but overgrown pride is damaging. Just as the Scriptures says, " Pride goeth before the fall. ", A FANTASTIC STUDY OF A BYGONE SOCIAL WORLD. OUTSTANDING PSYCHO; OGICAL AND SOCIAL INSIGHTS. AN EXPLANATION OF HOW THE PECULIAR INSTITUTION REGARDING SLAVERY REQUIRED CONSTANY WORK-AROUNDS TO INSURE SURVIVAL IN ADDITION TO OPPORTUNITIES FOR ESCAPE., IN ADDITION TO SELF-IMPROVEMENT AND DEVELOPMENT. A VERY REVEALING AND COMPASSIONATE ACCOUNT. AS MANY BECAUSE POSSIBLE SHOULD READ THIS ACCOUNT. IT WILL GIVE A DEEPER UNDERSTANDING OF THE VALUE OF THE LIVES OF OTHERS AND REGARDING OUR VERY OWN. IT SHOULD BE MANDATORY READING FOR THOSE DECEIVING TO BE POLITICAL " LEADERS" OR PONTIFFS REGARDING INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS., Obviously I did not enjoy what happened, and there has much been written about the inhumane institution of slavery, yet , I found this page-turner another viewpoint. It is the viewpoint of the so called fair-skinned female house servant. It helps dispel the sometimes careless comparisons of the easy life of the, often fair-complexioned ‘house-slave' and the blistered more dark 'field-slave'. The author and her family, despite their entry to the homes of their masters, and being genetically linked with their masters, fought vigorously for their freedom from a awkward existence. There was no loyalty to their masters, who were often their cousins, fathers, and foster-children.

This is also a story of dominance of women. The author shows that regardless of the times, sexual abuse is a matter of control more than pleasure. Microsoft. Jacobs's master often used financial interest to warrant his control but his obsession with Ms. Jacobs seemed obviously a matter of mere control and power which is something that still resonates today.

But, the book also shows that some individuals are compassionate regardless of their status and white privilege, giving hope in mankind.

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