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I have struggled relationally for many years. This guide I will reread often. Thanks so much. loved it., Very good book. Straight to the point!, Another great book from the expert. If you are serious about improving your interactions with others and having your people skills one stage further, you owe it to yourself to grab a duplicate of this book.

It is a quick read, chock packed with useful tips. For your price, it’s a complete steal. Thanks, Patrick Ruler., Very short book, not much new information. However, it's still good to revisit certain things. In case you're someone who is definitely off putting because if you're generally hawkish in interactions, this book will help. If you're someone who is actually struggling with confidence/self esteem and that is what's specifically holding you back, this book won't do anything to help that., You would feel that because we mix with family members, friends and work colleagues everyday that we would be great at it. At times we are, others times the littlest things can annoy all of us or them.

Because We work in sales, I was very interested to learn new ways I really could communicate with customers (and everyone else) better.

One thing I appreciated was that the author (Patrick) challenges you to take duty in making social interactions more enjoyable. It's all too easy to blame your partner when you don't see eye to eye. We also liked his " Platinum Rule: " - Treat others how they want to be handled. The chapters on boundaries, and tactics on building better workplace relationships were helpful.

This guide gives some very practical suggestions about communicating with people. It helps relieve fear and the potential of conflict taking place, and it also helps you strengthen existing relationships. A very good read., I read very intently until chapter 4 once i had to put the book down because We had to think about myself! Chapter 4 is about toxic habits and I really had to look into myself to really identify the habits in me personally. I never thought about them and how much people are likely annoyed by me a few times.
I actually do have some toxic habits and it is really great to have them brought to my attention. Because the author states it makes me repel people, and I can see it now when We think returning to it., We think the overall theme of people tactics is something that some individuals might call common sense... but is actually not. So just stop it. It appears so obvious when you think about it, but that won't mean people undertake it or realize it.

Simple things like putting yourself in someone else's position and really thinking about empathy - people don't do this. what about participating and listening? Nope, doesn't happen. I'm lucky if most people take a crack from their lives to even ask how We are doing.

So I really love the foundational principles that are presented in people tactics. They're so WOW that you think everyone should already know them. At least is actually a great reminder of what we have at our disposal to manage others. we're not so helpless!, Mr. Kings publication is probably more valuable and useful than any period in recent background given our recent selection and the widening polarization it has created. Not necessarily to mention the ongoing precarious nature of our employees, as no one is more than a day away from a pink slip.

In essence, the urgency to attempt to understand "those unlike yourself or live differently", or attempting to secure or climb the ladder at one's company has never been more critical.
This guide gives you the valuable insights to do as such. In addition to teaching you improved interaction skills.
Use it as a primer or reference manual. But after reading, by all means
apply it.
Sadly, many will be dismissive, or continue to live in their bubble out of fear, stubbornness, or what have you. But even the small amount who try to changes their thinking can make a difference.

PS- I practice many of these techniques with songs bloggers on Youtube, many of whom share relatively different thoughts about a subject matter matter.

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