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The other book, Immortals, picked upwards where Runes left off. Thanks to the Norns, Torin has forgotten who Raine was, and any memory of her had been erased. She struggles to make him remember her, but her plans quickly drop through, and once small things come back to your pet, such as calling her Freckles, she does not know if it is his subconscious remembering or if he is getting his memories back. To create matters worse, the entire school is treating her such as a disease, something to be ignored. People are phoning her names and vandalizing her lockers. The institution is unable to stop the culprit to save Raine some face. Cora and Eirik would be the only ones who have Raine’s back again, and even the swimming team, whom almost all of which Raine saved in publication 1, avoid her like the plague. She must learn to live with her new status, and focus her energy on making Torin fall in love with her again.
The second book is simply as good as the first. We all find out more about Raine’s character, and why her friends are always so loyal to her. We all learn more about the Gods and exactly how they interact and conflict in mortal lives. The writer really plays on the thoughts and attitudes of Torin and Raine, the storyline even more interesting!, The very first book (free) was adequate I bought the rest of the series so I could enjoy it. Second book begins with memory loss and the heroine has to regain the love of her life once again.

Hard to keep track of which Norns are which in the series. The risks the main figure takes to regain her love add a level of meanness to her and everyone around her. Not necessarily liking the characters as much.

But then, to carry the analogy of my review, this is the second hamburger in one sitting. I'm much less famished and the formula is not as comforting. Plus the cook changed up the recipe a little so it isn't the same hamburger. Hope I start liking things again., Guide Review- Immortals by Ednah Walters

In book two Raine is back after she tried to save the swim team. She is devastated, Torin doesn’t remember her thanks to the norns and the complete school thinks she is a witch. She has become an outcast and has to watch other girls hanging all over Torin. She is grateful for her friends Cora and Eirick. They are assisting her through the days at school and while Lavania is training her as a possible immortal in the evenings. Torin stays away as Raine is training with Lavania. She unsettles your pet and he has a hard time figuring it out.
Raine tries to get your pet to remember but that isn’t working, so plan B is to get him to fall for her again. Obviously if that was her only challenge, she might achieve success rather quickly. Unfortunately, the lady has the norns to worry about, her father’s health and the night that are taking over Eirick. Plus she must be on the watch for Maliina who is still away there. She is braiding to save lots of all those the lady loves and fighting against secrets that she is not supposed to know. When the truth comes away, Raine’s life is eternally changed.

I really like this publication and am a quick enthusiast of the series. I read the first publication Runes and was hooked. I was excited to read Immortals and see what happened next. I couldn’t put it down. Raine’s character is a great one. She is handling everything thrown at her like a true heroine.
The storyline is unique and evolves into a great adventure. Typically the idea centering on the Norse gods and exactly how they are affecting mortal lives was new and refreshing. Typically the relationship between Torin and Raine was bittersweet to read at first. She was wanting to move on when she realized he wouldn’t remember. The reader could feel her heartbreak. Then the author writes a wonderful love story with lots of action and humor chucked in. I give it a 5 out of 5., I had Runes in my Kindle since it was free and finally made it around to read it. I'm not big on reading with a screen so got me awhile to pick up and read. However, I am not that patient however the first one was so exciting I put myself in Raine's shoes and so I was imagining myself as Raine and I'm in love with Raine and Torin. I spent the entire times and read it, and it's so amazing, I couldn't put it down and I immediately bought the second one, and just finished it today and I can't wait to read more when I can buy the arranged: -) so excited. One more favorite series of mine. Edna Walters you are crazy I'd rate 200 stars plus if I could., Absolutely love this series! I mean who wouldn't with Torin involved. I loved the new figures, my favorite character will have to be Erik, my heart just breaks for your pet every time. Greek Mythololgy any of my favorite genres to read and Ednah puts her own personal distort that keeps her viewers entranced and wanting more. I can't wait to see what the 3rd book in this series hold for all of us, I feel Immortals was only a tease and left us needing so much more of course I felt the same way about Runes as well. There is never a dull moment with this series, there is always so much drama that you don't want to place the book down. This book was just epic, and everybody should def pick upwards their own copy and read it over and over again!, Which means this publication here.... Those Norns! This book was the best example of how love works. Ok so Raine and Torin finally get a chance until his storage is erased. Sheesh not only does Raine have to deal with this new world and who she could eventually become she has to make Torin drop in love with her again. Ok Ednah that was so wrong lol. But for me it proved her strength and will. I loved Andris in this book as you can never explain to if he is simply all snarky or if this individual has a touch of nice nice. In this book he helped Raine stay on the road to winning Torin's heart. In addition to even if the old mems were gone the lady set out to make new ones.... Great book. Oh and we buy to learn a little more about Cora..., This book killed me (in a good way) what a great follow up to Runes. So far each publication has left me out of breath, short of breath. Raine is such a great leading lady, totally cool. And Torin... well Torin is simply HOT. I love Torin.
I laughed, cried... really cried, oohed and impressed, bit my nails, hopped up and down cause I couldn't read fast enough to learn what's next. I suggest this series. Walters pulls you into the story so completely you will be sad to finish the publication. Lucky for us there is more to the series!

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