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Danny Gregory's eagerly awaited publication, An Illustrated Journey: Motivation from the Private Artwork Journals of Traveling Artists, Illustrators and Designers, turned out a few weeks ago, and after all the anticipation, it does not disappoint. The book is a rich treasury of travel sketches and personal profiles of many motivating artists.

Very similar in format to Gregory's 2008 book, An Illustrated Life: Drawing Inspiration from the Private Sketchbooks of Artists, Illustrators and Designers, his latest book profiles 43 travel journal keepers from many countries. Each performer has written a first-person account of his or her background in artwork and travel, how travel sketching is inspired, and techniques and tools used. Photos of some performers are included, showing them sketching on location. That is particularly illuminating to find the common threads among almost all the artists - that drawing what they see while traveling enriches their travel experiences, connections gaps in understanding about other cultures, and evokes reminiscences like no photographs can. It's clear that painting and traveling have become integrated creative processes for these artists: Seeing new places motivates drawing, and drawing motivates observing more carefully the new places they experience.

The meat of the book is a beautiful collection of large, full-color reproductions of art from the artists' travel sketchbooks. These unique, spontaneous views of the world make me want to hop on a plane right now to fill my own sketchbook with the places I visit.

Most of the artists included - Miguel "Freekhand" Herranz, Nina Johansson, Cathy Johnson, Tommy Kane, Lapin, Veronica Lawlor and Liz Steel, to name a few - are well-known in the blogosphere of the urban sketching/on-location drawing community. A few are less-known discoveries with fresh, surprising perspectives.

Inside fact, if I have any complaints about this beautiful book, it is a tiny one: If only it had included more travelers who are not professional artists, illustrators or designers, and who are perhaps less well-known. Practically every participant either posseses an art degree or constitutes a living using their creative skills. I have seen online the amazing on-location sketches of a lot of people who work at "regular" jobs and do not have any kind of art background. I would have loved to see more of them integrated. Better yet, a complete volume devoted to the on-location work of non-professional artists would be both equally inspiring that one. How about it, Danny?, I purchased this book because I have been reluctant to agree to doing my own journal. The class I took on personal journals was technically useful but I still set back. This book allows the contributing artists to show some of their pages, but also talk about why they do this, and what's going on in their heads. Different stories, common theme. It's not a " how to", and of a " why to" book. If you like drawing and possess thought about journalling, this publication is made for you. In hindsight, If only I'd started long ago; the insight I gained from this book encouraged me to get going. I began my journal at a local coffee shop (DD). Where it will go this season is a great unknown. Wherever it moves, I'll be there., I loved this book so much it was close to impossible to put down once I started reading!
It is simply a sneak peek in to the journals of accomplished urban sketchers.
Loved purusing the various styles and approaches represented in the book. I have the kindle version which I read on the ipad. I found the quality on the Kindle ipad device software to be appropriate(a bit more zoom would have been even better! ). Should you be looking for specific " how to" approach, this is not it. If you are a person who learns by studying works of others, you will appreciate this book. It had been very pleasurable to read about the several artist profiles, the tools each uses and how they approach urban sketching. This particular is a book I will come back to time and time again. Really like it!, Although I loved the wonderful sketches by the numerous artists, I really enjoyed their feedback even more. As an artist, I am influenced to try travel painting... again. To hear the ups-&-downs of these performers as they got into sketching outdoors is motivating to me when i work through my own ups-&-downs. I additionally like their feedback on their sketching supplies. This particular book was wonderfully done with a good balance between artwork and reports, plus having a basic format of info from each artist which helps in comparison., I purchased this book in the kindle for android before departing for an extended car ride. What a treat it was to read gradually and casually each artist's section at the end of a tiring day. It was a great way to unwind after a day on the highway. I appreciated the way Danny Gregory followed a similar outline for every single artist's story. Each artist listing their favorite materials for sketching was also enlightening. The only thing I disliked is the pictures do not enlarge in the tablet. That might not be an issue on a real Kindle. I really like having it on my capsule, and just the other day found myself proceeding back and rereading a few of the passages. I would recommend this to individuals considering sketching and keeping a journal, although as a mostly armchair tourist I did like discovering each artist's interpretation of the various places they visited., I totally love this book. I'm grateful I did not get the kindle version because of all the beautiful Journal artwork, though I'm sure it would look great on my Ipad. I just love flipping through it. I do miss reading on my kindle though; I'm not used to the glare (my only issue which has NOTHING to do with this guide. ) It's well laid out, well written and it's filled with illustrations and thoughts of many artists. I happen to be an performer and they have put words to moods and feelings I have about my own art journals and paintings. Amazing. Like thoughts, I guess., not specifically inspiring or useful. Confusing typeface compounded by a insufficient continuity. Not so much a journey, more a mishmash of not related " stuff".

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