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This is our first time creating a chemistry lab for high school (homeschool) so the information, content, protection advice and plethora of other information in this book is invaluable. Discovered a company online to order the author's specific equipment and chemicals from for a fair price. I am looking ahead to this new experience and finding the author's information very similar to what I learned in college or university for organic and natural and inorganic chemistry laboratory., Well written and very concise. The great blend of hard research and practical labs to break up the math. The introductory chapters regarding chemical labeling and safe-keeping is worth the publication alone. If you are thinking about chemistry at home, this book is a great resource to have in your lab., We purchased this book because of a renewed interest in Chemistry, a topic that I very well on in college, but forgot almost all of 20 years later. Based on the books' description, We was hoping for an e book that was hands on, would cover the fundamentals, and would lead me personally into more advanced biochemistry at some point.

The book failed to disappoint - it by far exceeded my expectations. The first five chapters of the book were preparatory - maintaining a lab notebook, safety, what laboratory chemicals and equipment need to be purchased. The author offers cheaper solutions for chemicals or equipment that could be made by oneself or purchased cheaply from a grocery/hardware store. The 6th chapter describes the fundamentals of lab practices - making weight and volume measurements, working with glass hoses, filtration, etc . These important details were very beneficial to me, when i had forgotten all of them.

Chapter six and on were labs, which started from the fundamentals, and became progressively more challenging. The labs are grouped by type (i. e., distancing mixtures, solubility, etc). Every lab starts with some background information, but it is typically brief. It is recommended to purchase a biochemistry text (although not necessary to do the labs). I purchased the advised book, and located it quite beneficial. The labs are not "child" chemistry, like making elephant toothpaste or baking soda fountains, but are high-school and college or university level, and beyond. Hazardous chemicals are sometimes used, as necessary if you need to do real chemistry, but the author uses good judgment and uses less dangerous chemicals where possible.

Right now there are a few trials where an equation or some important details are not given - it seems that the writer is trying to encourage the reader to do some research in a chemistry reference text. Right now there are also questions at the finish of each lab, plus some of them are quite difficult.

The author maintains a web site and forum with errata and supplementary information, and also hosts a Youtube route that complements the publication nicely. For a little subscription cost (), there is an addendum that contains a response guide for the lab questions at the finish of every lab, as well as over thirty additional labs. I highly recommend that as well.

This is by far the best book for home chemistry that We have found, and We am thoroughly pleased with it., I purchased this book for my 10 year old son who has a great interest in science and chemistry. We should point out that We also have a research degree in chemistry, so we have a head start in this effort. Just what I really like about this book is that it is very well-structured and takes you through chemical principles in an interesting way, but subsequent a very rigorous methodology. It's a great manual to not only do some thrilling interesting stuff, but also to learn many of the fundamental methods and processes that will be used all through a scientific career.

Really worth noting though that it requires quite a lot of specialised equipment and chemicals (and they are getting harder to get these days). Cheaper options are suggested, but if you need to really do some important chemistry you will need to invest a little in environment up your lab.

Yet overall... a fantastic publication!, If you are serious about biochemistry this is the publication to get, I could just on about the many things within their pages as well as vast knowledge from the author, however We will tell you individually its been a useful gizmo, and have found it to visit hand in hands with other chemistry textual content books, although Dr. Robert Bruce Thompson gives some lecture it is targeted more towards on fingers Lab Time, which is wonderful, and gives the suggestion to pick up other text books like Chemistry the Center of Science which I have along with some other stuff including Math in Chemistry which have helped concentrate and amplify Dr. Thompson's book as you get involved more to the reading and understand better as the finish of this book gets pretty sophisticated, but because it is dedicated to hands on and little to no lecture it can be a little challenging, but from the start it's great for somebody who is beginning the science joureny. Filled with great tips on where you get chemicals on the cheap, supplies, what basic needed lab equipment is used for, and safety tips and practices. When this publication first arrived I started reading it straight away and as the day ended I was approaching the end. Couldn't put it down. There is a great voice all through the book, and even some humor. Also there are notes and details of view from experience from other Doctors during a call. After reading it I can actually under stuff like MnO2, HCI, and 55tf-32=23/9=2. 5(5)=12. 5tc looks complicated but is actually switching Tempture from F to C. But all in all this is a great book and We recommend it to anyone who is interested or know someone who is thinking about Chemistry., Well written. It's a great source for the home chemist.

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