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In this day and age, this subject is far more relevant than ever. Errors in reasoning are all around all of us, flooding the the information and infiltrating political task (to the extent it even exists anymore! ). This cute little illustrated book presents flawed logic in a concise and approachable way. A must read for anyone wanting to navigate complex issues and the arguments surrounding them. Some of my faves: Straw Man, Equivocation, Bogus Dilemma, Interest irrelevant expert, Appeal to Fear, Smooth Slope. 20 Fallacies are presented in total, each with an illustration and an example. Enjoy!!, Excellent book, beautifully bound and clear pictures.

Good for all ages to learn the ideas of fallacies from.

A good book to train students with!

Recommended if you are a teacher/person who loves to gather books on mental thought!, This is a good overview of a bunch of arguments we all make that really don't stand upward to logical analysis. Although most of these are very evident on reading them, I believe we all fall victim or, even worse, criminal, to these crimes. At times, we even use them deliberately because we you do not have the reasoning to again them up. I can see myself referring to this book frequently after I make arguments to see which of these crutches I might have used so I can reduce and eventually eliminate my usage of them., This is a great book for older kids and adults. It is keeping right on my java table. Everyone should check out this book. The illustrations are wonderful and really help explain the concepts. Even my middle school child is starting to understand different logical fallacies. This is an especially important concept to know and learn about in today's information age, where you have to go through so much information to figure out when it is true/logical or not. This book should be taught in every high school and college. The grownups in my life (myself included) are also enjoying it, and learning from it. Really like it., There's lessons to be learned with these examples of bad argument formats. That makes the book worth reading alone, even if you're familiar with them. The pictures are cute and also give examples by themselves. There is just not much to the chapters. I'd like to view the book fleshed out with other matters related to the arguments, including the psychology behind them., I for some reason just really do not like the drawings or maybe the weird sense of... humor? And the arguments are arranged in a strange pseudo-logical way. This book is a good idea executed in an exceedingly odd and not-as-charming-or-clever-as-the-author-seems-to-think way. (He compares himself to Lewis Carroll! ), Looks like a kid's book, however in reality it is a wonderful book that describes the fallacies some of us use when wanting to defend our beliefs or win an argument. Demonstrated it to a good friend who was utilizing a bad argument over and over. He was insulted since he wrongly assumed I was showing him a kid's book. Oh well! Too bad really, it could have helped him a lot!, Spell it " assumption, " please.

That's not a knock against the book, it's just my gripe about lazy spelling.

T he information in the book is well presented. The illustrations may always convey the that means well. I acquired this for a ninth grade student who has studied analogies and syllogisms already. I think " argument detective" by Bluedorn and Bluedorn is going to be an even more useful reference, but maybe the pictures in t his book will help with long-term recall.

Try both and see on your own.

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