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This guide of lists has tons of information from every area expertise. The author clarifies how it shows us that we are not in control the way some of us think we are.

I think that if education can be given without religious superstition, the majority of individuals will become determinists because they will understand that cause and effect is required for all science and philosophy.

I actually will recommend this book to atheists mostly because a Christian would just get furious and stop reading this soon as they discovered an atheist wrote it.

Since I am also atheist, I find this book very straight and to the point. Free will looks like nothing more than a spiritual teaching which is utilized to justify endless torture in hell.

The loving god, if he existed, will not have granted sickness and mental ailments that cause us to do things we don't want to do.

In addition to even when we are doing what we want to do, there are infinite leads to in the past that led to us planning to do it! That is the basic reason free will is impossible. Books like this one just help us to understand what some of the people causes are., A good review from the determinist viewpoint and provided a coherent summary of the scientific approach to the subject. Although not entering new ground and providing any " aha's" it certainly reinforced my thinking and helped clarify some aspects for me., Lots to think about., Professionally and clearly written. Provides a good understanding of this issue. All those seeking enlightenment with this subject will have it!, From the logic of this guide you actually don't have a choice about whether or not you will buy this book and buying this book will not change your life in any way because free will is an illusion. So just why bother buying this book or some kind of other guide by this author? I actually read it for you because I did not have the free will to do otherwise. In reality why would anyone even write this book since nobody else has the free will to choose to buy it delete word buy it except that mcdougal was under the illusion that he had the free will to write it. Costly illusion that by writing this book and offering it to others to buy that anyone has even been given the choice as to whether they should buy it and read it.

Wait around this doesn't make much sense, yet this is what this book is attempting to tell you.

Mcdougal actual tells his visitors that once you know you don't have free will you must take action as if you do have free will but does not really tell us how one acts as if he's free will when he does not have free will.

Could slave owners have acted differently? No, so why don't we still have slaves? Oh that's right, we don't have free will to have not stopped slavery.

There are millions of stories on earth of individuals who lived in circumstances that led them to commit atrocious acts and yet in a moment their lives altered and they become good loving people who dedicated their lives to supporting others. Three that come to mind are Johnny Cash, Dwayne (The Dog) Chapman and Nicky Jones (Run Baby Run). This particular type of change flies in the face of the concept we don't have free will as well as the proven fact that there is no entity that exists outside of yourself that can transform lives. The only thing mcdougal has proven is that this entity in the end really does not transform every persons life and it might be possible that those people are the ones who selected out of totally free will not to accept the source of transformation.

After initially giving this book a rating of just one star I actually decided that this has not been right and changed it to 3 stars. Even though I still feel the author is totally wrong about free will being an illusion as I think many of his fights are not well thought out there, I also found personally looking up a great deal of the material that is referenced in the book and found some of it to be very interesting. So I would recommend buying this guide and several of the other books he talks about, even though you really don't have an option about it anyways.

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