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To start with I will say that there's a lot of things I love about Mark Dice, but there are somethings I may like about him as well so by no means am I biased towards him. With that in mind I will add that I value his research and when it comes to the truth movement KNOWLEDGE is what you have to be armed with, not half-baked bizarre theories. Information and evidence to support the truths you are trying to share with friends and family are essential and there are too many conspiracy kooks out there there giving legitimate truthers a bad name. Just as Mark has pointed out there, people are out there muddying the waters with false info in an attempt to discredit any legitimate knowledge from becoming widely known.

I think Mark presents a very sobering and level going view point. His information is thoroughly researched and based on factual events and occurrences. He doesn't present wild theories that are way out in left field but instead he just talks about real events and cases which may have actually happened. He also highlights modern tendency with social media and the media in general for the purpose of subjecting the liberal slant and how the liberal plan is attacking the first amendment rights of everyone, especially conservative voices and anyone who dares to criticize the establishment.

Honestly I think this guide should be read by EVERYONE. Everyone needs to know about the level of the corruption that is rooted within our government and in Hollywood. Even though they choose to disregard evidence, its still stuff that people should be aware of. Good book and keep up the work Tag Dice., This book puts together the various tales I had become aware of through the years. Factual information, often shocking and bitter, is presented. The historical past and motives behind the beliefs and practices of the entertainment industry and the ever changing pop culture are blatantly explained and exposed. I suggest this publication for those who seek the truth, no matter how unpleasant it may be., I watch Mark Dice's videos on YouTube and also have always been impressed. Nevertheless, this guide has taken my appreciation of Dice's work to a whole new level. Dice has done the research, completed the blanks, and shown how easily the public can be manipulated -- and why.

Highly advised. Also, I'd suggest you subscribe to his Facebook channel and hit the bell to be notified of his new videos., I am a new fan of this author. I'm a librarian with an emphasis in British so I'm critical of self-published books. So many need editing. Mark Dice does a pretty good job of telling the story without glaring mistakes. The subject matter is fascinating. Well worth the time and energy to read., Eye-opening read. Like a 20-year-old, I can relate to the info in the book. Reckless football, ceaseless drinking, and obscene sexual behaviour plagues my generation thanks to the Hollywood movies. The content of the book is well-researched and is not some gibberish you might read on reddit. We must stop looking up to celebrities as our role models, because they're entirely empty and immoral people. Hopefully, humanity will invert its course. My sincere gratitude to Mark Dice for his tremendous effort., Mark Dice puts collectively a compelling narrative in his latest book with genuine examples we've seen in news reports. While you might not agree with his conclusions 100% of the time (95% in this case), he has thoroughly researched the topic besides making a page-turner on a complex subject that has been the subject of considerable disinfo. Dice's authority shines through in particular when he de-bunks some alleged " starwhacker" anecdotes -- it shows he or she is able to objectively sift through the facts and fiction and he constitutes a compelling case for his premise. Read this publication in two sittings.

About a different note, it can great to see Dice back on the Alex Jones' Infowars show with his fabulous " man-on-the-street" interviews. I purchased this guide based on his interview with AJ last 30 days., Fantastic! - I could not put this guide down - this was the very first book by Mark Dice that I have bought & read & b/c it was so good I just ordered three more of his textbooks... TIIHollywood is chock filled with information & very well documented if I experienced to say a very important factor negative it would be that I was hoping Tag would have added much of his hilarious whining that he does in his Youtube Videos but other than that this guide was well worth the money & it was a great read.. my 24 year old child has become reading it.., This particular book is not going to disappoint. We have read articles on this subject over the years, and Mr Dice has confirmed other writers writings as well as expanding on many. He also has exposed a lot I've not noticed before. If I experienced one complaint I would have liked a little more detail on a couple details he made. But they may be covered in another of his textbooks.

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