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Jandy Nelson's I'll Give An individual the Sun is beautiful, breathtaking, bewildering, and a little bizarre, but I can't get it out there of my head. For some reason I knew I'd love it and yet it still surprised me.

Jude and Noah Sweetwine are twins, so close they often think of by themselves as NoahandJude. They can read each other's ideas and know each other's fears. At age 13, both are artistically creative and emotionally sensitive in their own ways, yet they're also quite different. Jude is a daredevil who likes to surf, take risks, and it is rapidly becoming the sort of girl who péripétie and attracts all the boys, while Noah attempts to live his life unnoticed so he will not be bullied, lives in his very own artistic fantasy world, and it is fighting his attraction to/obsession with the new boy next door.

However three years later, Noah and Jude are hardly speaking, and everything has changed. Jude lives in regular fear and has isolated herself from the likelihood of the romantic partnership, and while she can feel a profound need to create art, she aren't appear expressing herself the way she wants to. And Noah has completely given up art, delves off of cliffs, and become the individual nobody ever before thought he'd be. What happened in their lives, and between them, to improve everything so drastically? Any time Jude meets a charismatic young man she aren't stop thinking about, someone with a connection to Noah, and then meets a troubled artist whose skill may help her free her artistic block, these encounters provide answers and yet more questions.

" 'Or maybe a person is simply made up of a lot of people, ' I say. 'Maybe we are going to accumulating these new selves all the time. ' Hauling them in as we make choices good and bad, as we screw up, improve, lose our minds, find our minds, fall apart, fall in love, as we cry, grow, retreat from the world, dive into the world, as we make things, as we crack things. "

I'll Give You the Sun shifts in perspective between Noah and Jude. Noah's narration takes place when the twins are 13, Jude's occurs three years later. Every of them holds fifty percent of the answers yet aren't willing to discuss them with one other to complete their understanding. How do a relationship that was so interdependent, so interconnected, turn so painful?

" This is exactly what I want: I want to grab my brother's hand and run back through time, shedding years like coats slipping from our shoulders. Points don't really turn out there like you think. "

This is a publication about the half-truths we tell ourselves and our reluctance to see what is before us and say what we should truly feel. It's a book about following your heart and accepting the truth, even if it leads you somewhere you're afraid of, and realizing you must live the life that ignites your passions. It's also a book about how exactly simple it is to harm those closest to us, and how the simplest activities can cause so much pain.

Nelson is an absolutely exquisite writer. I cannot tell you the amount of sentences I read over and also again because they took my breath away. That being said, I found Noah's narration—while tremendously heartfelt and emotionally provoking—a little difficult to follow, as they talks in a stream of consciousness-type way, as he sees everything in his mind as a painting. It took a little getting used to, but it truly touched my heart. Jude and Noah are such vivid, beautiful characters I absolutely loved, even as I needed to shake them in making the mistakes they did.

This really is one of those books I wish were so much longer because I didn't want to give up these characters. I hope at some point Nelson gives us a glimpse into their lives again, but even if she doesn't, I know she is an author I'll need to keep reading. That one blew me personally away., I finished this book last night and seriously could not sleep because I finished the book. I acquired this book based solely off of Amazon Reviews and I did not repent that one one bit.

It's so beautifully written. I definitely related to all the characters in this book. They were mistaken without you actually hating one character. The world Noah lives in is so beautiful that you yourself will paint that beautiful world with the brilliant imagery Jandy uses to describe it. This guide sensed so nostalgic to me, delivering me back to those firsts for me: love, heart break, lost of innocence, realities. And then when Jude comes in with her perspective, (ugh) she reminded me of all those instances after all the firsts are gone and you build layers and layers of walls to surround yourself in so those on the outside stay away.

Any time you first start the book, Noah and Jude are like every twins you've ever imagined doing things with each other and reading one another heads. Using age, you develop apart, sometimes from those you had been closest too. An individual read from Noah's previous and Jude's present future. You read where and what lead them to finish up how they are. Just how little lies can cause such detrimental harm to not simply you but those around you, and that in the end, you need to be true to yourself to set yourself free from those lies.

I loved this book and had already started recommending it to friends and because I seriously buy books off of the reviews on Amazon. So I needed to write one for this book just in situation there is someone like me who buys book off reviews too: )

FYI: this is my first book review. My ideas are everywhere trying to gather the things i can to do this book justice.: ), This book made me wish I was an artist or got any artistic skills at all because of all the descriptions of the characters creating the art and their feeling while creating. Jude and Noah are twins that appear partidario before high school. They are artistic and their mommy encourages them to apply to a prestigious art high school. Fast toward high school, these twin babies hardly know each other, they appear shadows of their former selves, and their mother is dead. And they both are keeping secrets. Through fate their stories come collidingback together in this wonderfully written book about the secrets we keep and the lies we tell but how a truth always comes out in the end. I do not want tell too much about the plot because it would ruin the story for you but you definitely can relate to the main characters and want everything to workout for them and can't stop reading until you find out.

I gave this book 4 out of 5 celebrities on Goodreads.

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