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26 years ago, I managed to graduate with a degree in exercise science, got certified by the ACSM and NSCA, and then in cui into fitness training in both small rural 'mom and pop gyms' sometime later it was in large metro area health clubs. But four many years of college, the top qualifications and even 6 years of bodybuilding (including earning 2 state titles by age 21) did not arm me with everything I needed to know to achieve success, and for years, I struggled, literally, just to pay the hire and put food available.

To be successful in the personal training business requires more than a official exercise education or personal experience working out there, it takes a deep understanding of psychology and human behavior as well substantial knowledge of business, prospective, and learning it all is not easy when you don't have a advisor. When I started, there was almost no advice available during these missing areas of trainer education.

Today there are teachers who have been there, done it, figured it all out and are sharing their knowledge; people like Jonathan Goodman, a man who is known as the trainer of instructors. Jonathan's newly updated "Ignite the Fire", is a superb guidebook to the complete range of skills you must master to lead the field today.

A few of the information in the book may well not be new to long-time experienced trainers, yet every trainer at every level is sure to pick up some valuable nuggets - some little tricks or insights they never thought of before that could make your already established trainer even more successful.

For new trainers, in particular those who are struggling to get business or carve out their unique niche where they fit best lawn mowers of the industry, this book will be indispensable and is worthy not simply of reading, but of studying. The information could help you land your first client, make more money, get promoted or even score your desire job.

Some of the matters Jonathan covered that I thought were especially valuable included:

* Compliance: How to get your clients to stick with it utilizing the right inspiration, inspiration and communication.

2. Techniques to help your clients develop self-efficacy (and the psychology behind it)

* How to develop relationships and build devotion with clients and with all the people in your business network

2. Finding your right easily fit in the industry by looking at the good qualities and cons of different types of training work including home improvement fitness centers, studios, in home training, garage gyms, community centers, medical facilities and online training

* New opportunities in online training and how to use the the web (blogs, social press, etc) to increase your visibility and business.

2. How to adapt your approach to goal setting for clients based on their training experience and personality (using the old "SMART goals" approach may well not work for everyone).

2. Understanding intrinsic and extrinsic motivation

* How to set yourself apart from the competitors, differentiate yourself, and why this is so important today.

* Why you should start broad and then be a specialist, whether that is low back pain prevention & rehab, getting great glutes, working with older clients, before and post natal training and so on.

2. How to sell personal training, even if you don't like sales and don't consider yourself a sales person (including an acceptable 5 step selling formula)

* The close look at the 10 types of clients and how to understand them and work with them effectively

2. How to make15447 the social skills of the worlds best trainers, such as approaching clients on the floor, making small talk, getting rapport, helping quiet clients relax and open up and developing great questioning skills

* Also the "side bars" ("Keys to success in the fitness industry") featuring all the visitor segments with some of the top trainers in the business were all very helpful because they gave real world, functional tips and advice.

In summing up, though this book addresses all bases (as much as one book can do that), I think the strongest part is the interest it gives to understanding psychology and human being behavior. Whenever you understand the reality of the typical patient's lifestyle and deeper motivations, and work with every person, knowing where they're originating from, you'll develop a bond with your clients that a trainer who doesn't understand this can never achieve... the one that will give you the advantage.

And as the title implies, Ignite the Fire explains how to consider your passion for fitness and pass it on to your clients, building an emotional reference to exercise for your clients, getting them excited to work out and keep doing it for life.

Although We in the end ended up with a lot of success in the fitness industry, I wish I had formed this book when i started out in personal training. I'm sure it could have helped save me personally from years of frustration.

Disclosure: I received a copy of the guide directly from Jonathan. I had formed not read the previous edition so I can't make a comparison, though I have read his book on social press (also a great read), follow him on Facebook and visit the personal training development center (PTDC) regularly. Talking of which, I also recommend that trainers the actual PTDC for continuing schooling and then for the list of must-read material Jonathan and his team compile/curate every week, which saves all of all of us plenty of00 time in keeping up to date., Its basicly a watered down and simplefied book, that touches various key areas. Similar to most " PT-how2's" it lacks the most important thing; Typically the actionable game plan. Many of teese books discuss what, they dont show you how or give actionable details. (unless you allready know, but then you wouldn't need the book) When there is anything to be learned here, its to analyze how Goodman behaves on various systems.

It's a good guide, dont get me incorrect. Just don't proceed with the expectation that it will be the awesome solution, that the non-educated cult of followers claim it to be., Ignite The Fire is awesome! I go again to it time and time again. This has helped me with my sales presentations, how to price my services and unique ways to stand out from the crowd. This book needs to be read and used since the go to book for each trainer attempting to build a fitness training career. Thanks for everything Jonathan!
Mike Forsstrom, I truly enjoyed and value the information that I read in this book. I wish I had it when I first started training, it is full of helpful tips and systems to use that make you had better and excited about training. Many people are excited when we first start, but after dealing with a whole lot of the issues that arise as a trainer it is not hard to get discouraged and seek other options. I recommend this guide to anyone thinking of being a trainer, any trainer considering switching careers, or for any trainer looking to improve their business skills or increase their income., I highly recommend this book to any personal instructors like myself who will be just starting out and need more regarding the personal training field. This guide addresses everything from how to choose the right job path (Big Box Gym, Garage Gym, Independent, etc) to how to develop programs in a nutshell., I am so pleased I came across this book and the author's website. We completed my documentation for personal training and then kind of had no idea what to do next or even what I wanted to do next. This book really helped give me direction, gave me the confidence to go into any future interviews, land the job and then successfully help clients achieve their goals. This book covers quite much everything recently certified new trainers need protected that doesn't come in your NASM, ACE, etc text book like the types of clients you might have, and also features little snippets from the other fitness professionals including a couple of my favorite women trainers - Neghar Fonooni, Molly Gaibraith and Jen Sinkler. This can be a book that I feel I am going to definitely be referring to during my time as a CPT bc of all the valuable info.

-Natalie, If you want to get above and beyond the median salary that most fitness trainers make, you'll want to read Ignite the Fire. This specific is the single best resource out there for private trainers trying to increase their business. Read through, and be sure you take records along the way of things you can put into action and add to your business.

If you honestly take action, you may easily double your business., To state this is the perfect resource for starting a career in personal training would be a major understatement. Plain and simple, Jonathan Goodman breaks down every aspect imaginable to help anyone succeed at becoming a Personal Trainer. Being an aspiring PT me personally, I feel extremely confident to take another steps towards reaching come about. I've read through it once and am about to start again, this time taking records and jotting down ideas of how to include the strategies and ideas to fit myself and my talents. It's a fairly easy read extremely thorough. I was pleased that I didn't find myself having to really re-read any parts or have to work through sections independently to ensure We understood them. Kudos to Jonathan on the guide and I'm excited to take my very own next steps and feel very prepared to succeed.

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