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I am only 40% through this book but so far it has been outstanding. Exactly what I'm looking for inside a book like this. True stories retold contact form the perspective of somebody who else was there. I'd love to see it made in to a movie., Interesting point of view from Normandy to Philippines. A very good study., Normandy, the Breakout, the Huertgen Forest and the Battle from the Bulge were four of the very epic battles in Europe. George Pat vividly describes his experience as a young Infantry Platoon Leader and Company Commander. Casualties were large (over 200%) after a few battles. As a young leader with what there was now describe as measely training, he applied the lessons he learned through experience in the direction of accomplishing often impossible missions. A few of the young soldiers put into his charge died so quickly that he never also a new opportunity to know their names. At one level, his unit was so decimated that he failed to have a single sergeant alive to lead the small teams into yet an additional seemingly impossible situation.

This particular story is a reminder of the bravery of the nameless and unknown young men who fought against in Europe who endured horrors, privations and indescribable events yet persevered in order to defeat evil.

If We were to recommend just one book about Ww ii as seen by the typical soldier, this would certainly be it., In order to try out to experience what it was like on the battlefields of WWII, read this book. It evokes feelings in you that will make a person never wanting to experience as being a soldier. I know my dad better. Say thanks to God for the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA soldier and their unselfish commitment to that which usually is good and proper., This is an superb, easy-to-read book of the author's experience after Normandy. It's a relatively quickly read and won't inform much new info on the war in general, however, you will get plenty of fine detail about how the GI's experienced about various German weaponry, the way they fought, and generally speaking the way they coped with unimaginably difficult combat conditions : all by a guy who else spent way longer from the front lines compared to most, or even compared to he was supposed to have got spent.

The author isn't conceited or boastful - this is a collection of his experiences, which this individual tells in a straight-forward and engaging way. He's also incredibly thoughtful of the men under his command. I've read additional books by officers, but never one that got in to a persons factors or leadership techniques like George Pat has been doing here.

Highly suggested - actually I'll most likely re-read it myself at some time soon, and I don't perform that too often., This particular as well as others were giving as gifts to my husband.... by his wife.: )
they are just what he wanted. Having started out reading this one, this individual gives it the 5 superstars, Wonderful read by an intelligent hero of the War who were able to endure. Clear depictions without trumped up exaggerations or fluff brought a really good sense of what these types of soldiers endured. And of the lack of acknowledgement given by arbitrary officers to the people beneath them. Right after all the war moment a promotion to Chief could not be provided for this great soldier.
I meant in order to use this as a next book to go back again to but found We couldn't input it down.

Walter, Word by word, this is a man's history of survival, death and instinct to live an additional minute, live another day time. How our brave solders walked right into the eliminating zone. In order to know what it is like to re-experience the past moments that will our brave solders went through, you have obtained to read this book and the many others. There are numerous other stories that in no way got written because of just one single wrong step through the German laid mine field. Are you lucky to live through hell? Guts and bravery and somehow it was not your time in order to die. What helped these types of men conquer an enemy so hated in the world, their determination in order to ending barbarism.

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