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An excellent book, well written and very thoroughly researched. As a student of the issue I found the reviews of multiple manuscripts to become extremely useful in furthering my own, personal studies. The creator is very well analyzed and the content of the book makes that quickly apparent. Highly recommended for any who would like a deeper understanding of Nordic magic practices from the particular Ancient to the Early Modern era., Excellent introduction for anthropology and literature grads., Great!!!!!!, This book is a comprehensive research of the methods and techniques of the Icelandic magicians, based upon a assortment of the surviving grimoires.

It is a exciting study. The aims of most of the spells, and the simple resources used (generally just the particular owner's personal eating knife) makes it plain of which these practices were mostly in the hands of farmers and the lesser members from the population, not really the intelligentsia (i. at the. priests and nobility) as was generally the case inside Europe. This really is reinforced simply by how simple and primary the practice was, inside most cases a basic stave and / or incantation sent and directed by the particular will of the medical specialist. This fits very well with all the descriptions of Icelandic magic that have arrive down to us inside the sagas.

The author's insights are keen and although this is a good academic, analytical work instead than a practical one, it is written in a pleasantly clear and clean manner, with great typesetting that really can make it a good interesting and refreshing read. Although the information these people contain is nearly always fascinating, such analytic text messages can often be quite dry to read. This particular one very definitely isn't, it's a delight and it's enthralling.

A wide collection of spells and staves are reprinted from the particular grimoires (these are photographic reproductions, not copied simply by hand, to avoid errors) to illustrate the factors made in the textual content. Where incantations are provided, they are often provided in both original Icelandic as well as The english language translation. This is very welcome, because the metre and alliteration from the original vocabulary really demonstrates how compellingly beautiful these incantations could be.

The relationships in between the staves and a lot more recognisable methods of rune magic are discussed, of course, as these Icelandic staves have a style almost all their own.

A tremendously interesting volume that need to be on the rack of anyone interested inside the magic or fantasy of the North., Something I really appreciate regarding Smith is that he’s actually lived, learned, and experienced Iceland directly and not from some dirty tomb in a hot library. Not only offers he lived there, but he volunteered for a number of months at the Museum of Icelandic Sorcery and Witchcraft. Go check it out.

Smith starts with a good overview from the living requirements, intelligence, vernacular skills, and political environments from which usually Icelandic Magic grew coming from. It was a great way of showing the inspiring factors behind some of the particular spells.

Next Smith speaks about the magical textbooks (Galdrabækur). He starts simply by giving us the percent of evil to good spells (50% white, twenty percent black, and 30% grey) before deteriorating the various areas the spells emphasis on. Smith goes here at the magical texts with out parsing words or fluffing things up: I adored it!

As a forewarning to the prospective purchaser, this is a review book not a useful manual. If you are searching for magical techniques, this may not be the book for you. What you will locate in this book is actually a comparative survey of 6 different magical texts and also a basic overview of Icelandic magical approaches, tools, intentions, structures, and so about.

Icelandic Magic: Aims, Resources and Techniques from the Icelandic Sorcerers is well-written, explored, organized, footnoted, and introduced. For anyone interested inside the actual objective view of Icelandic Magic, this is it. While this book does not offer practical application, just what it does offer is the dilemna. That’s a good thing.

As for those that just want the practical, the following Icelandic Magical books are usually translated into English. The majority of of these books are usually not available on Amazon. Proceed to my website evaluation page for the links by clicking on our reviewer name and then on my website.

Sorcerer’s Screed
Rú n, magic grimoire
Tvær galdraskræður
Norse Magical and Natural Healing
Icelandic Magic Symbols and Spell Books
The Galdrabok
Trolldom: spells and methods of the particular Norse folk magic traditions

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