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I will disagree with many of the reviewers here and say that while I liked this book and would probably recommend it I would also say that it is all about 100 pages lengthier than it needed to be. There is a lot of detail from the men's journals and it is interesting to a point but as the book moves into the last 2 weeks of these peoples challenge it just begins to repeat itself over and over again. I guess that makes sense but We started skipping pages at the conclusion up until the actual rescue as nothing new was to be learned from this story of survival. We thought it might have been interesting to know more about what occurred to the expeditions head in the aftermath. He should have been delivered to prison! But maybe nothing was there because nothing of consequence occurred to him. Hardly any is said about this subject matter at the conclusion of the book., It's the second time I've read this book. First time in hard copy, second time in Kindle. One must also read the other book by Jennifer Niven as well: Ada Blackjack. These farcical polar 'explorations' IF they can be called that, takes place years apart, Ada Blackjack polar debacle toom place after the Karluk debacle. Both being 'lead by" the famous Vilhjalmur Stefansson. Anyone who hitched their wagon to Stefansson was a doomed person. He was the quintessential ego and counter. The tragic stories put out in this guide (the doom of the Karluk) and the later guide (Ada Blackjack, sole survivor of the Wrangel Isle farce) are excellent. The two are great books. Don't miss reading Jennifer Niven's " Ada Blackjack". One weak schmuck who survived the Karluk actually signed upwards for the Wrangel Isle debacle (Ada Blackjack book) and died on that last fateful " exploration". Mind you, Stefansson was no where to be seen. He SENDS people to die. He doesn't actually GO with them. And SPOILER ALERT: when he DOES GO, he abandons his crew to pass away, and saves himself. Yes, true., This story while not as widely known as Shackleton's adventure in the Antarctic is simply as engrossing. The writer does a fantastic job and it is hard to imagine someone doing a much better job of tying together multiple sources to weave a story that makes you feel like you were there with this group. I felt emotionally invested in the outcome and identified with the character types in this crew. This is a rare accomplishment to not only tell a tale, tell it well but in addition to care about the events as they transpire. One of the best books I've read in a very while (would also include "Frozen In Time" in this). It had been surreal reading this guide on vacation in Key West! Kudos to the creator to transforming a massive amount of research into a compelling story. The author's dedication to the subject matter matter comes shining through - excellent work!
I don't consider I can add much to the other prior reviews but this is my take on this great book., I only gave it three stars because even though it is an excellent true polar history, it is written in a slow, long, recurring way. I almost offered up but wanted to know how it concluded so I read on, skipping page after web page of similar descriptions., The particular Ice Master is a wonderfully crafted story centered on historical journals from those people involved in the ill-fated Arctic voyage. I enjoyed the adventure, but it was a little difficult at times for me to monitor all the people. Several of the names are so similar that I found it confusing at times to keep them straight. We can't say for sure if pictures throughout the book would help or not. Just a thought.
I would have liked to have seen an occasional map within the text to help me visualize their locations at different points in their journey. I read an e-book and so I'm not aware of the dissimilarities in a paper or hardback version. The research involved in writing this story must have been exhausting. Niven does a nice job of bringing her research to life. She will go into such great details with the individual activities that it feels like the lady brings their tragedy alive., Nathaniel Philbrick's "In The center of the Sea" remains one of the best sea adventures written. The battle of the Essex and the whale was unique. The struggles of the men on the Essex was amazing. The fantastic survival stories and heroism contained in the book "Halsey's Typhoon" by Bob Drury and Ben Clavin is an extra ordinary true story of what many of our soldiers experienced to survive after being caught in the middle of a Typhoon. After which there is the epic search for the Northwest Passage and John Franklin and the discovery of the a queen ghost ship, "Resolute" by Martin W. Sandler. Put to the above publications, Joan Druett's "Island of the Lost" and Peter F. Stevens unbelievable true book, "Fatal Dive, Resolving the World War 2 Mystery of the USS Grunion", and you've obtained enough high sea activities to last a life time.

Now I just discovered Jennifer Niven's "The Ice Master, The Doomed 1913 Voyage of the KARLUK" and it's the same or better than the books I've just mentioned. There were times We thought the book was just too unbelievable until I went to her references at the again of the book. Niven's facts are many and evidence of the time the lady put into getting the facts right.

It surprises me how people refuse to think in a time of disaster. Throughout the amazing hard times on Wrangel Island, the inability to work for the good of everyone becomes a major factor to their survival. Hard times become even harder because several of the survivors think of nothing but themselve. As well as in spite of not having enough food, several of the men eat more than their share and keep hording food on their own; not sharing with the people in the second tent, which includes a mother and her two daughters.

The unbearable trip throughout the dangerous ice fields put into the excitment of this story of success. The building of a street through the mountains of ice buildup was interesting. Kataktovik's and Captain Bartlett's extraordinary 700-mile journey throughout the ice to Siberia to get help for the boys stranded on Wrangel Isle took courage and dedication, especially in weather hovering below 30 degrees below zero, and on a dog sled.

It is a fantastic story, well told and with plenty of excitment. And toss in a possible murder.

This is a great book. Five stars does not do that guide justice. This is a "must" book for those who enjoy great adventures on the high seas. It's a great page turner. A person will have to know what's happening next.
I purchased this through Kendle books.

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