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Since several others have mentioned, this book does not spend enough time (only 30% of the book) on the actual journey and activities of Andree and his crew after their launch. They don't move away from the ice in their ballon until page 148, and are dead on page 221 (total web pages in the book 239). Another major gripe is the total lack of a map that is readable along with any value. The few maps incorporated are small , and of a large scale, poorly reproduced, and totally useless. In the exploration books I read, I refer to the maps constantly, otherwise, why bother mentioning lots of specific geographic names and locations? I want to follow the expedition!! We had to refer to maps in other textbooks to get a incomplete understanding of where things happened. The quality of the pictures included is also poor (and these are small).

The author performed short summaries of several other Arctic explorations and disasters, and also you would be much better off spending your time reading the superb Ghosts of Cape Sabine about the Greely Trip, and Icebound, about Sobre Long's attempt to attain the pole from the Bering Sea. Both of these are epic stories of survival and pursuit with great maps. An additional book that does an outstanding job of summarizing trips to the Pole and search of the NW Passage is The Arctic Grail (670 pages! ).

Take my advice and buy these other books instead; you will not be disappointed. Wilkinson must have titled his guide "Information about stuff that happened before Andree launched his ballon to the Pole"., This is a completely fine book - well written and dealing with an interesting and unexpected element of polar exploration. If it is a foray into the history of cold exploration, you are likely to enjoy it more than someone who has already looked at the considerable literature that is already out there. Or if you are simply considering all things arctic, you will likely find something to appreciate.

Still, We would agree with some of the other reviewers that, in the the final, you have a sense that the essential source material was insufficient to fill a book on the Andree expedition. You can find substantial parts dealing with the Greely expedition and Nansen, neither of which have much of a direct relationship to the Andree story. In the case of Greely, the link shows up to be his general public statement of skepticism about Andree's balloon idea. Little else, but we still get a rather long account of the popular Greely story. I liked the book and discovered a few things about balloons and about the cold, but I cannot praise it as highly for instance a others have done., ]My grandpas cousin Nils Strindberg was on the balloon. I have also been a heat ballon preliminary for two decades. That is the reason why We purchased the book. We also have the original guide from the expedition. Plus that book now has got a good company in the shelf. IMHO the book don't discloses any new information about that expedition. But it is fascinating to see the authors thouhts about it. Regarding course I was considering Strindberg because it is family. My niece performed a special paper in school about the life of Nils Stridberg before the expedition and exactly how the family coped after his disappereance Nils father Oscar called Occa newer stop to mourn an wrote a poem to his lost son on his 1st birthdays. The book is also a great compilation of other expeditions to the artic and the era of Arctic expeditions in the backlight of the André e expedition. I would recommend the book highly. anders wasen  Strindberg's Star Letters from the Andree Party. The Balloon Expedition to the Pole - An Bank account of the Start by Andree's Fellow - Voyager Nils Strindberg - Words Relating to the Trip from Strindberg's Father. With the Skull cap on the Pole: Andrees Polar Expedition in 1897: The Complete Record of His 1897 Polar Balloon Flight (Med Ornen Mot Pole: Andrees Polarexpedition FLADEM?L 1897) ** Swedish Release ** With the Eagle on the Pole: Andrees Polar Trip in 1897: The Complete Record of His 1897 Polar Balloon Flight (Med Ornen Mot Pole: Andrees Polarexpedition AR 1897) ** Swedish Edition **][[ASIN: 0436505029 The Trip of the Eagle , This is an interesting and easy to read true-life story of Andree. Exactly what I didn't expect was so much extra information. My expectation was maybe too high, as Andree disappeared and no one realized what actually happened to him. Still, it is a fascinating look at this not well known story., The Ice Balloon is an outstanding addition to the voluminous literature on polar exploration and experience. It addresses the mainly unremembered and rather foolhardy attempt by three Swedes to reach the North Pole via hydrogen balloon. Perhaps due to a lack of source material or simply because all were rather enigmatic, Wilkinson never quite manages to flesh out the personas of three doomed people. But the remaining portion of the guide crackles with descriptions of other disastrous polar trips (e. g., Greely and Nansen) as well the formulation, executive, and last fate of the balloon attempt. I do wish the author had taken advantage of our modern understanding of the North Pole, such as the predominant weather designs that were almost wholly unknown in 1896, to more fully evaluate whether or not the balloon attempt ever stood a chance. Alas the book lacks an index and while it can have a bibliography, the text itself lacks citations. Overall, though, it's a great read for those who enjoy the reports of polar exploration.

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