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Most of the time poetry is very very much a personal adventure in reading. The aim of the poet is the express universal truths in a manner which can be experienced by a diversity of readers. Mr. Chaswal have tested himself to end up being a most skill graceful practitioner. Icarus and other Poems is a the majority of affecting collection. Powerful plus illuminating, each poem generates its own sense of being, emotion, impact plus truth. The key outcome of each poem is the capability to involve the reader's full internal senses inside a matter that only the finest poets can. After reading this exceptional series, I am quite confident in stating that Pradeep Chaswal is indeed the very fine poet.

Ron Friedman
The James Mason Community Book Golf club. 7, 200+ Members, Coming from the opening poem Winter, one knows that Icarus along with other Poems by Pradeep Chaswal adopts the direct impact of modern Indian poetry by its themes and subjects, such since suicide and the incomprehension proven by others, lower income and wealth side in order to side ignoring each other, the power of acting on impossible dreams (Icarus).
The environment the poet creates stays with one long following closing the book. One finds urged to come back to the poems time and time again.
Pradeep Chaswal's imagery is effective, colourful and brings us all vivid images of existence in modern day India whilst forcing us to review our own personal values.

It really is along with high expectations that a single is looking to Pradeep Chaswal's next publication.

Dr Lucette Bailliet, Poetry is these kinds of an intimately personal approach to connect with individuals of us who value what a difficult art form it truly is. This particular poet has the present penalized able to create in ways that will make you consider and ponder each of the possibilities and they will stay with you lengthy after you have came to the conclusion your reading. This, along with the likelihood (or in my case certainty) that one will revisit the task again and once more is the truest indicate of success. If you are someone who appreciates studying and experiencing fine poetry with a immense amount of depth, do not hesitate for so much as the second to purchase this guide as you will end up being rewarded many times more than., I was honored to get the opportunity read this series of poetry. AN AWESOME AND WELL CRAFTED QUANTITY OF PURITY OF CONSIDERED AND POETIC RELEVENCE.

The writer places you in his / her world and more important places you within the confines of his heart and soul. And therin he reveals poetic glories and compassionate artistry the five star read!, Pradeep has opened his soul and put the terms to paper. What a good amazing collection of passage! His artistry paints photos and creates songs your own heart dances to willingly! I was deeply shifted by each piece, his / her longing, love and desire are apparent in each and every line! Well done plus I hope to reading more from this amazing poet person in the foreseeable future!, Within each individual, there is a composition. To learn to listen to your own hearts song is not easy to carry out. To learn to create that song is even harder. Author Pradeep, provides well attuned himself in order to his hearts songs. He or she portrays his feelings plus feelings well. At the same time putting you in to a setting, a approach of understanding, and opening our eyes towards the tiny things in life. Congrats to the author, well done.

(Author) P. The. Henley, Icarus and Other Poems by Pradeep Chaswal is a lovely poetry collection that not only explores the visions plus feelings of life, but also quietly comments about the effect of culture and tradition on the every day lives of folks. I loved his composition "Why Roses are Red" and the title composition, "Icarus" and will go back to enjoy them again. I actually look forward to discovering more poetry from Pradeep Chaswal in the foreseeable future., A diverse collection of poems dealing with social issues, the poets's feelings and thoughts, plus views of the planet - I really cherished Why Roses Are Reddish and Dreams.

Definitely well worth a read

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