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The essential idea of this pair of alternate-history novels (the second one is Now I Rise) is “What if Vlad Dracul”—the historical personage, not the vampire—“had been born female? ” Right here she is Ladislav, or perhaps Lada, the daughter associated with everything you might call Vlad Dracul Senior, a royal prince of Wallachia. In 1435, when she is born, their country is under the thumb in the Ottoman (Turkish) Empire. Her dad has little regard for Lada because she actually is the girl, and she arrives to have little consider for him because associated with what she sees as his weakness, but he or she does imbue in the girl a deep love associated with her native land.

Lada and her younger buddy, Radu, form an amazing gender-reversal pair. Lada has almost all the characteristics that might be admired in the man: physical strength in addition to skill, fascination with army matters, leadership ability, along with a singlemindedness that shades directly into ruthlessness. Radu, conversely, will be physically weak but incredibly appealing in an effeminate type of way, peace-loving, in addition to adept at skills that have often helped standard women: getting people to be able to like and trust your pet, and taking advantage of the fact that people pay him simply no attention to allow himself to eavesdrop on key conversations.

Lada and Radu grow up, not inside Wallachia, but in typically the Ottoman Sultan’s court, where their father is pressured to leave them right now there as hostages for his continued loyalty to typically the empire. There they fulfill Mehmed, the youngest in addition to least favored of Sultan Murad’s sons, and typically the three become close—very close—friends. The story centers on the conflicting tides of feeling that surge among typically the three as they go through adolescence together, complex by the equally intricate political machinations in which usually Mehmed, and to the lesser extent Lada in addition to Radu as well, gets increasingly embedded.

The publication is a fascinating three-way character study—and a examine of the different types love can take as well as the damage that can happen when those loves conflict with one another. I greatly appearance forward to reading typically the sequel., AND I DEEPEN by Kiersten White is probably going to be one of my favorite reads of 2017. It has been February when I study it, and am thoroughly loved the historical re-telling associated with Vlad the Impaler as a teenage girl. Ottoman Empire, violence, along with a woman who is a total babe? YES. Sign myself up.

Now, let myself preface this review by saying And I Darken will be a long book (nearly 500 pages) also it begins off slowly. It’s furthermore not a plot-driven story, but a character-driven story. The initial 60 or therefore pages are only of Lada and Radu growing upward in Wallachia. By page 69, they have arrived at Edirne in the Ottoman Empire, where they are usually pawns in their father’s business for protection of his throne in Wallachia. When their father is always to split the treaty, Lada in addition to Radu will be wiped out. I mean, how dreadful would you feel if your current father cared so little about you but recognized you were valuable just by securing his throne?

In Edirne, Lada in addition to Radu meet Mehmed, typically the third and least preferred son in the Sultan to be able to the Ottoman Empire. They become friends as these people mature in the Ottoman Empire together. Lada will be forever longing to go back home to Wallachia. Radu loves Islam as well as the Ottoman Empire and believes he is home. Plus as they grow, emotions also began to develop. Radu in addition to Lada both fall for Mehmed.

Yes, this implies Radu is gay or potentially bisexual as his sex identity is never pointed out on the page. This individual only seems to possess feelings for Mehmed although.

Siblings falling for the similar particular person is like my preferred trope, guise.

However, Mehmed doesn’t share the exact same feelings toward Radu ~ at least not inside And I Darken. Mehmed instead has feelings towards Lada and an extreme relationship blooms between them. I loved their excited scenes.

The characters inside And I Darken come to life on typically the page; Lada becomes friends with Nicolae, a Janissary who is “a fellow member of an elite push of military professionals, obtained as boys from additional countries, converted to Islam, educated, and trained to be able to be loyal to typically the sultan. ” (White, 480-481. ) Radu becomes good friend with Lazar, another Janissary, but Radu met Lazar in his father’s building in Wallachia. Nicolae can also be from Wallachia. The tight friendships make this story come to life because, again, it may be character-driven, not plot-driven. I have seen some reviews associated with people saying there’s too many characters, which might be the case for them, however it wasn’t for me. There is the whole cast of figures, but I found this easy to place them aside in my head because each character had an influence on Lada in addition to Radu’s story. They were not throwaway characters. The figures all have a function, especially those in the Ottoman Empire, including the soupirant in the Sultan’s harem. There is also a glossary of figures at the end on page 476.

And I Darken will be told between Lada in addition to Radu. I think this helps with appealing to the bigger audience because Lada is extremely violent in addition to selfish. She could possibly be seen as an unlikable narrator. Radu is sweet in addition to innocent, and his chapters brought light to exactly what could have been an incredibly dark book. It’s nevertheless a dark book ~ the title says this all.

It’s also great to note that because of the period (1450s ish) and because associated with the extreme violence, this book isn’t for everybody. There is certainly physical violence (and right away – Lada bites a cousin because he and his buddy are beating up Radu) and sexual abuse including: grabbing a breast in addition to a near rape landscape.

I would recommend And I Darken to readers associated with White’s previous books (especially those who loved Mind Games), fans of darker, gritty, and complex reports, and fans of traditional fiction a la Their Fair Assassin by Robin LaFevers. We are extremely joyful that And I Color is the first publication of a trilogy, in addition to I am eager for the sequels., I purchased this book as this was a selection Award upon Goodreads.

I started reading this book and set this down for something different, and then picked it back upward and remembered why I put it down in the first place. I found the 2 main characters Lada in addition to her brother Radu - totally unlikable. Lada is actually a volatile, violent, miserable personality and her brother is not any braver than a dish towel. They are delivered to a foreign property by their father due to some usurper challenge at their house land. The particular two meet Mehmed that is a future sultan and the story goes upon from there. Mehmed provides eyes for Lada, Radu has eyes for Mehmed. So not my mug of tea & not thinking about reading book 2., You've heard of Vlad the Impaler, right? He is the real-life guy Dracula was based on. And he or she was scary as can become.

In this truly wonderful novel, Kiersten White positions the question: What if Vlad the Impaler had been a woman?

Then the girl takes us with the child years and into the adulthood of her version associated with Vlad - a intense, angry, patriotic girl known as Lada out to get power no matter typically the cost - and the girl brother Radu, a fairly sweet boy with a magic formula that shapes every portion of his life.

It can historical fiction, but typically the book reads like the fantasy novel. I didn't want to put it down. Highly, highly recommended.

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