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This is one of the most moving autobiographies that I have ever read. John Wilson, who is one of music's geniuses has finally written HIS story. I've read several textbooks on him before this. Brian verifies many of the stories that I have read or observed, but clarifies others. In addition to he does it with a form and loving center. His story is given in an honest light. Was he perfect? Zero. Did he make some mistakes? Associated with course. But, he is quick to praise others who have heaped abuse on him throughout his life. Three who are often highly criticized in his life have been his father Murry Wilson, Paul Love and Dr . Eugene Landry. Brian doesn't sugarcoat his treatment by any of them (although he or she has surprisingly little animosity against Mike Love). He or she even gives Dr. Landry some credit for assisting him primarily in the mid-70's. And, he is quick to give credit to his father for giving him the history he had in music as well as the drive to succeed. He breaks Mike Love in many ways, including the high energy he or she gives The Beach Boys live shows, and since a collaborator on many songs. John Wilson is a towering figure in the history of Rock and Roll. Yet, he has suffered for 55 years from mental disease. In this book he or she makes it clear that he is vitally considering supporting people to understand the value of mental illness, and in properly treating the disease. I suggest this book for any viewer., The man, his music, and his triumph... despite so many obstacles. Written by Ben Greenman, yet certainly in Brian Wilson's own words - a outstanding piece of book writing that manages to catch the many hours of selection interviews with Brian, turning his thoughts and recollections into a hearth chat of sorts. Knowing the history of the Beach Boys - and more importantly, the Wilson brothers, it's evident that Brian is being completely honest about his life. Although he suffered abuse from his father, his cousin Mike Love (in the form of mental bullying), and Eugene Landy, he moves easy on them (especially his father) - but there's enough here to validate the many instances of such abuse that has previously been reported.

Yet what really shines through is Brian's music, and the times his gift idea to generate such beautiful music shone through the abuse and mental illness. The particular reader is treated to various accounts of some of his best music production days - throughout multiple decades. Told in a non-linear fashion, the book comes across as an extended talk with a close friend. In the long run, a heartwarming story of some great friends and a wonderful wife in Melinda Wilson., As a life long Brian Wilson fan, I have waited for this publication for a very long time, also it does not disappoint! It reads like an intimate conversation with Brian. The details of his past are exposed not in chronological order, but as part of an overall discussion about his thoughts, fears, observations, and day-to-day life since finishing SMiLE 7 years ago. I was a trained trial lawyer and have read the book with a critical eye. I was impressed that Brian did not try to rewrite his prior autobiography or otherwise remark on what others have written about his past. Rather, he gives what appears to be a sincere accounting of his life as best as he or she can remember, taking into account gaps in his memory, his unwillingness to revisit certain painful activities, and the overall express of his mental health. This book provides valuable regarding the way in which Brian Wilson at present views his life great past, and it is a " must read" for all true followers., I grew up playing the beach boys and am one of their biggest fans. I really enjoyed this book. That i knew of Brian had some tough years, but after discovering Love and mercy and looking over this book I had no idea how bad it was. It is a ponder he is still still living. It is great to know he has a wife that cares about him and takes care of your pet as well as his kids. I can not stand to think of the self applied that Landy put your pet through. While Landy helped him in some ways, he was a sick person themselves and should have been called off long before having been. I saw the pet sounds 50th house warming tour a few months ago and am going to see it again--really glad to see that Brian can still perform and sound great. The publication jumps around quite a bit, but this failed to alter the fact that I loved the book--I feel that is probably how a conversation with Brian would be. A great read IMO., Well, OK.... there is not much new here. Brian does either confirm or dispute a few things, and does so convincingly. The jumping around in time seems to be a trend lately, and John jumps with the best of them. There were a few things I was wishing to have more detail as well as things that (for me) went on way too long. I think everyone who shares any in the subjects covered will feel that way, but on different topics. Probably there's enough for a Volume Two.

This is certainly no literary masterwork, but it is extremely enjoyable. Anyone considering the Beach Boys, the music business, California, dysfunctional parenting, and love will enjoy this easy-to-digest book.

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