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The storyplot telling he does highlighted his advise very well. Going through each transaction the way he did informed me of successes I've had and getting again there., The author gives you some good basic information about his model of real estate. I do see 100% commission rate models becoming a product of the future as the majority of agents work very hard, spend quite a lot of their own money on advertising, MLS fees, TREC fees and training and deserve the compensation for their time, energy and money. I really do not know that I agree with him on taking anyone that comes along as the broker is in charge of his agents and lawsuits are not something any broker would want. I would end up being very hesitant on giving back too much of your commission as than you are right back to the old model but rather than giving it to the broker you are giving it to the consumer. I can certainly understand rendering it a succeed for everyone but once more the cost included in selling real house is steep and if the realtor would not make a profit their business will eventually end. All in all a very good read and gives anyone serious about e-commerce much to think about., Typically the HyperLocal HyperFast Real Property Agent reads hyperfast! Lalu doesn't waste any moment in getting into his formula for success. If you are a new broker or an agent that wants to break through to higher level of sales, this is the book for you. This is not a book that gives a few ideas and leaves you begging for the formula to success. Dan starts from the beginning with actual life stories of how he or she became one of the top producing agents in the country from the actual beginning of his job. He shares with you his secrets to success. I have read so many books how I can become a more successful agent, a more profitable agent, and also this book plainly states how to do just that! I recommend this book to all agents that have read and tried everything and are still trying to figure out getting into that top 1%. Lalu Lesniak spells his success out step by step. An absolute must read for success in sales!, A lot of stories about deals he's had. I have been in Real Estate for 3 years so I already knew a great deal of what he was saying. This may not be what I was looking for. I was looking for step by step ways to truly get these high conclusion buyers. He only covers what he does RIGHT AFTER he has a buyer. The one thing he states at the beginning is actually be a professional, choose which location to market, and develop a niche. This in no way explains how he gets buyers in this target location. Extremely basic info and not much help on describing to agents how to farm an industry. He also talks about his awesome website and blog, which he had right away. Most agents cannot afford these things right away. He was successful in the very first year, but he also had money to play with when starting. It takes money to make money.. its just true and he proves it. If you are a new agent you will understand a lot about deals but look somewhere else on getting buyers and vendors and HOW to actually farm a target neighborhood. I would say if you do not have a lot of money saved do not try to get into Real Estate. Its a very hard business to make it at. You have to be prepared with at minimum 6 months savings and money to get started on the business., This great read reephasizes the principle to plan your work, work your plan and remain consistent. Typically the STP concept is professional. Besides the author tell you what you should be doing, but will go into detail with a myriad of buyer/seller scenarios, sharing exactly how to do it! It's a must read for new agents and also reminds those of us who've been in the business for years to stay constant and not to give up on marketing processes before they have a chance to work. I'm now reading it for the second time! I love people who " color outdoors the lines" and Lalu certainly uses that concept!, Daniel James Lesniak has written one of the greatest books in home real estate sales that I have ever read... and i also have read a great deal of them within the last 2 years. I have come to the conclusion that when it comes to becoming a highly effective residential real estate salesperson, he must be a true real estate marketing Savant. Whenever I originally purchased this book, I did not have high hopes for it because you never know how its going to turn out until you devote your time and commence reading. Following starting it, I discovered it difficult to put down. I acquired the Kindle edition and I enjoyed it so much that I am going to now return and purchase the hardcover edition so that I can use it more as a reference book.

Daniel takes us through his initial year in the business and gives his marketing strategy with us for every single major connection he encounters when he creates his new book of business from scratch. My answer is this because nobody passed Daniel anything, including his employing Broker or Broker Office. In fact, I think he mentioned at one point that in retrospect... none of the leads he or she ever received from his office were good ones, and most or even all of them turned out there to be time consuming unrewarding experiences. Instead, Daniel recently acquired his customer relationships one by one and was able to successfully build his business one relationship at a time by providing excellent customer care and outstanding results for his clients. I found it very telling that he surely could achieve such a high stage of production performance as a " Rookie" new Agent by successively building upon each new customer relationship. Of course, because he was delivering customer service at such if you are an00 on a constant foundation, having been able to effectively build upon his basis by providing his clients with the best customer service possible and in the process, he was in a position to obtain the most money possible in each of the sales dealings undertaken.

Each chapter was filled with actionable examples that the the viewer can follow that will probably work well in most local real estate market segments. I suspect that Daniel's high level of education was a key factor in his success. Let's face it, the barriers to entry in this industry are extremely low, and sadly most agents will attain the heights that the Author has reached. I think his client's could see the value he delivered to the table as a real professional and they appreciated his successes both in business and academia.

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