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Another great crime book from Jack port Rosewood. This time it is about Wesley Shermantine and Loren Herzog, the " Speed Freak Killers". Right now, I had developed heard of them but failed to know much about them. This guide informs all, including the interesting fact that they increased up together. That is something I had not heard of with serial killer duos except for individuals who were family related. These two were freaks indeed. Their kills heinous and sadistic, as were these two anyway. The book is straight and also to the point, no fluff needed here. It is fast and easy to ready. I actually read it in some several hours in one sitting. I simply could not put it down. I highly recommend it, and impatiently hold out for Jack Rosewood's next book., For two decades, the Speed Freak Killers, Wesley Shermantine and Loren Herzog, was obviously a dynamic duo serial killer team in California’s Central Valley. As young children, a perfect surprise was brewing in the background of their unable to start childhoods. The author’s mental profiles included several interesting red flags that might not exactly have been as considerable independently, in totality were relaxing.

Initially, Herzog and Shermantine were complete opposites and unlikely friends. In distinction, Herzog was characterized as a good boy, while Shermantine was obviously a textbook bully. Since bullies generally used strength or power to harm or intimidate weak targets, Shermantine’s grooming of Herzog as a follower, began when he teased his future partner in crime. Fueled by increased violence, organized crime and a crystal methamphetamine crisis, Central Valley became surface zero for production and distribution of the medication.

Through time, the best friends transferred their looking and fishing interests into a twisted method for hunting humans. Although Herzog was not a violent child, exposure to Shermantine wonderful family’s enduring physical violence negatively impacted his habits. For example , three statements tattooed on Herzog’s body explained his philosophy of life as: (1) Made and Fueled by Hate; (2) Made the Devil Do It, and (3) Restrained by Reality.

Research on exposure to violence has been associated to psychopathic behavior among youth. Since research suggests violence victimization was the single best predictor of juvenile violent behaviors, Shermantine’s bullying of Herzog could have strengthened their criminal behaviors. Unfamiliar with the Speed Freak Killers, it was shocking to learn about the range of victims they chose to murder. In addition to focusing on “extremely random killings”, sufferers included Caucasian, ethnic organizations, men, women, children and the elderly.

I highly recommend one of the most bizarre serial killer sets authored by Jack Rosewood!, Although the author states Herzog and Shermantine as famous and vicious serial killers, I can't really agree with that evaluation according to this book. Probably they're famous in Ca, but I never noticed about them in Arizona and I'm a real true crime fan. I had not been overwhelmed by the noted viciousness of the crimes, but maybe Rosewood was trying to spare my sensibilities. The story was fairly short, extended to almost 200 pages by repetition of certain " facts". I'm a fan of Rosewood's, but not so much of this book., As usual, Mr. Rosewood has written a genuine offense book that is well worth reading. The two killers, in this book, are weird, freaky, and, very frightening. I think that Mr. Rosewood has done his homework, and, as a result, produced a detailed background of these men and their dreadful crimes. I also like like the author brings in information regarding other serial killers, their accidents, and, their motivation, if any. I enjoyed reading it, albeit, it was scary. Good book. Really worth reading., Mr. Rosewood always presents plenty of interesting information. This book, however, had not been so engaging as some of his other works -- and, as usual, he would benefit from a proofreader., Jack's publications never disappoint. I cannot even keep up with how many of his books I have read now. This was a very informative well written book. Always a excellent review and high advice for all of Jack's works.., So much eerie information... non-stop breath-taking information. Not for the weak heart - totally liked!, Rosewood does a thorough review of this set of serial killers. A new look at the child years, the crimes, and how they were caught.

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