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Knowing Mr. Fischer's style, this book is right in melody with his previous writings. The topic is fascinating mostly to Hungarians, the majority of whom will not read it because they avoid speak English. Too poor. The zany style will be delightful if you avoid mind a little profanity, which I don't. The " book" is an excellent counterpoint to tons of incorrect, slanderous and often idiotic statements made by the western press, whether US ALL, British, German or French. As Mr. Fischer states, nobody cares about Hungary, thus why the hell do they bother to write rubbish about this? Why not learn a little concerning the nation before you embark on commenting on it - let alone criticizing this - and let by yourself criticizing it ERRONEOUSLY, otherwise viciously. Mr. Fischer is additionally right in stating that this " educated and cultured" world is generally leftist, and anyone NOT leftist must necessarily be anti-semitic, fascist, Nazi or several other kind of objectionable getting in their view.. Unhappy to say, the majority of these kinds of wonderful, cultured and informed people did NOT survive under Joe Stalin's yoke; then they would sing a different tune. Remember, Old Joe died quietly in bed having killed 30-40 million people.
Adam von Dioszeghy, And it is worth the price just for the Hungarian jokes. (There's one at the beginning of practically every chapter. ) Yet the funniest parts are not the jokes, but the witty invective directed towards corrupt Hungarian politicians in addition to ignorant, lazy, and hypocritical foreign journalists who slander Viktor Orbá n. We learned from this clever encomium that Viktor Orbá n is neither antisemitic nor right-wing, and worked well and works hard with regard to his popularity.
Tibor Fischer writes entertainingly in the interest associated with justice (meaning being fair), although, as he states repeatedly, "No one loves you about Hungary. ", Since the founder of the only foreign-language news source focusing on non-partisan coverage associated with Hungarian politics (Politics. hu) I've spent years nose-deep in the topic of Viktor Orbá n and Hungarian politics as a whole, and I must say that what I was expecting to be another reliving of recent Hungarian history. But Fischer's take on the tale is imaginative, insightful and daring (he is, unlike essentially every person about Hungary today through outside the country, a great unapologetic Orbá n apologist, something which could cost him). Truly, if you are only going to read one short book/long post about what future historians may judge to become a hugely important instant in the life of recent European, make it this particular one., Well crafted and really entertaining!
A new pity, which it mostly a new story of the writers undying love toward a new corrupt turncoat who actually is today the Hungarian EVENING, while both he and the country could have deserved better. Orbá n need to have pursued his football addiction instead, while the country would have already been less experienced with the exploits of a hopeful dictator.
Simply as a footnote: The father of Orbá n was a communist functionary, an area party secretary as it happens, the ‘hero’ himself a secretary associated with the Young Communist Party (KISZ) before turned to open-handed democrat, which he later ‘changed’ to present express, recently fiercely advocating the advantages of the “illiberal state” - in the middle of Europe, actually. These tiny details somehow overlooked the attention of Mister. Fisher, which I genuinely feel sorry about - I really like his style and I somewhat curious of his get of the above facts..
Oh, well, Give thanks to you, Tibor! You provided an excellent summary of the last 25 years associated with Hungary. Anyone who would like to understand Hungarian governmental policies today must first understand the players and the role they played given that 1989. As a former ally of them I will be specifically grateful for the precise display of the shameful role of SZDSZ (Alliance of totally free Democrats) and their intelligentsia.
This is a book I will recommend for each of my foreign friends who are thinking about the politics associated with Hungary., Funny and informative. Not worshipping Orban, yet showing that hsi principled dedication. Naturally , the hopelessly dadais and totally un- (actually anti-) Hungarian agitprop associated with Hungary's left is appropriately demonstrated every day. Yet Fischer's writing fits the mood of the times nicely., Extremely well designed book that gives a glimpse into the Hungarian psyche---for people who care. And as the author says: who else cares really about Hungary; so why not select a scapegoat there for all the ills of government? It won't bother anyone else., Good insight from a new journalist with a Hungarian background.
Very interesting reading the story associated with Victor Orban's rise through
law college student to Prime Minister in addition to the details of the various
parties and factions.

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