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Emily King, author of “The Hundredth Queen, ” displays her talents in this first entry to her series. While her explanations and use of words are her strength, other elements of the book work against her. Here's a quick rundown, without termes conseillés:

THE PLOT – Kalinda, a member of the Sisterhood, is chosen by the current Rajah as his hundredth wife. Showing yourself in battle is essential, both in the Sisterhood including the palace. Every person vies to be elevated, higher ranks determined by victory in the engagement ring.

Everything about this story shouts predictability. Unfortunately, the writer never recognizes the risk and continues to steer someone in that direction. It is apparent that Kalinda will have feelings for the young soldier, Deven, just as it is apparent he feels the same way. What makes little sense is the fact Deven understands the world since it is, yet immediately breaks convention and is willing to risk his life by granting mementos to Kalinda. The principles dictating death to a queen who is unfaithful never causes Kalinda to waiver from her infatuation with Deven. Once in the palace, Kalinda faces the expected danger from her Sisterhood rival Natesa as well as Lakia, first among the Rajah’s wives or girlfriends.

THE WRITING – This is the author’s five-star strength. The description is consistent, and reflects a time of long ago. Ms. King’s elegant style deftly describes the action, weaving pictures that very easily wrap the reader in the story.

THE PLANET – One wishes for more information describing Kalinda’s world of faith and male dominance. A number of the inconsistencies concerning the relationship between herself and Deven could have made more sense, but defining the culture never gets past a few scrapes off the surface. Even though the action is wonderfully explained, I wished to find out about the social mores. Most of whatever we glean, however, comes in bits and dribbles put when something happens and readers must know why. While there was enough to keep me serious, I wished for more.

WITHIN CASE YOU WANTED IN ORDER TO KNOW – Ms. Ruler steers from using any sort of foul language, and you could read this story to a child without worry. Sex is non-existent, and though sexual tension is present, nothing is written that would make you blush.

OVERALL – The writing is strong, and almost makes one forget that the plot is unremarkable. Images of The Craving for food Games flit constantly, casting a pall over the originality of the tale. While Kalinda’s character is best defined, many of the others are one-dimensional, including Natesa, Deven, and Lakia. Motives are reduced to one reason rather than a myriad of choices, which lessens the reader’s proposal. I did find Ms. King’s use of words and consistency of style to be adequate to keep me reading. However, this is a three-and-a-half celebrity book at best, and though the talented description of the action is strong, the lack of developed characters prevent the total ranking from reaching four., *** LANGUAGE ***
Plain, easy-to-read The english language with no profanities or adult situations. Issue were a film, and it likely will be one day, it would be rated H, except for violence [Revised at suggestion of commenter 'Amazon Customer. ']

Quick Overview

This is going to be a two-edged review. We will write of how We perceive the story to be, and for what audience it works best. Otherwise, though, this is, regrettably, not the kind of story written for me.

What we have here is a fantasy/love story that is the most suitable for individuals who love family-oriented programming similar to programming on Hallmark Route. Let me hasten to add, however, that We enjoy many of the programs on Hallmark, especially the When Calls the Heart. Thus, I am not knocking that medium and I am not assaulting that genre. The Hundredth Queen, yet , is simply a tad too extreme in that focus, for my reading pleasure.

The plot is pretty basic for a Young Adult dream. I picked up on the influence of Craving for food Games in the first few pages, but don’t observe that as a fault, because The Hunger Games is a great series and has altered women’s fiction forever.

What also is revealed in those first few pages is that the heroine in this story told in first-person has certain vulnerabilities and has not mastered skills considered to be common for her era and time. This is told in a skillful matter and can certainly be overlooked and forgotten by the reader.

As I suggested, I like the strategy and find that showing the story in first person keeps it fresh and personal. Bravo.

Regarding myself, I would have preferred something a little more action-oriented, and with some seedier, even dastardly, characters. It might have required another hundred pages to more fully develop the characters, but I would also like to have heard some down-to-earth squabbles and complaints from Kalinda.

Still, this is a well-organized tale that many folks are proceeding to love. It should reach number one position quite in early stages Amazon and stay in the Top 10 for quite some time.

Length: Print, 300 web pages.

Q - Target Audience/Genre and is it marketed as Nonfiction or Fictional:
A – Family-Oriented Historical Fiction/Fantasy. Believe Hallmark Channel in the Ancient World.

Q - How was this guide obtained?
A – Bought on Amazon as my Kindle First selection.

Q - Is this a book that I can read and never have to read others first?
A – Yes.

Q – If this is a recurring character or a string, does it have a cliffhanger ending?
A – Although the story clearly continues into a second volume, it does not ending on a cliffhanger.

Q - Are there a lot of typos/misspellings, grammatical errors or other editing failures?
A – No.

Q - Is this a fast, easy read or is it more of a leisure read?
A – Pretty fast. Engaging. May be read in one sitting, with a break for a snack.

Q - My biggest pleasure or disappointment?
A – To me, it was a little too tame. A little too cozy. And, as another reviewer stated, a lttle bit too predictable. Shades of The Hunger Games apparent.

To provide a feel for the editing, and the style and flow of this work, I am submitting a quick excerpt below.


‘…chamomile ointment soothed away the redness. My wish that individuals will fail assessment does not look good.

Healer Baka finishes with my friend, and her calm eyes meet mine. We try to ignore the healer’s adept hands running around around my body, but it is impossible not to be anxious about potentially being shown to the rajah. I breathe easier when Healer Daim progresses.

Natesa lobs a withering glance over her shoulder at me from where she stands in the front line. A white bandage rings her neck. A thimble’s well worth of shame spills over me, but with one sideways glance at Jaya’s cheek, fury burns my guilt to smoke.

We do not recognize how long we wait, but my knees ache when Healer Baka finishes. “You may put your clothes back on, ” she claims.

I scoop my gown off the floor and cover myself. Natesa and Sarita display their health, unrushed to get dressed. They are reproductions of the goddess Ki, petite and round, gentle yet firm, fit yet feminine. So unlike my gangly, angled shape.

Priestess Mita, who watched the inspection from the rear of the chamber, confers with Healer Baka. They will speak in low, warmed voices. Healer Baka looks at me and shakes her head. Priestess Mita nods fervently and steps forwards.

“Daughters, you have all passed! ” claims the priestess.

I lock mousseline with Jaya. Her poor smile releases slivers of fear. We are proceeding to be shown to the rajah.

“Daughters, ” claims Priestess Mita, “we will adorn you with the mark of Enki. ”

The priestess and Healer Baka come around with a pot of henna and draw a wavy line down each girl’s spine. The influx symbol dyed into our skin represents the water-goddess, Enki. Stories depict Enki as a daughter who walks in perfect compliance to her parents, Anu and Ki. Wearing Enki’s mark indicates to the benefactor that we have been in full submission. I let my robe hang low at my back, clutching it to my front side. Priestess Mita marks me and then leaves the henna to dry and flake away.

Even as we are all adorned, the priestess whisks…’

King, Emily R.. Typically the Hundredth Queen (The Hundredth Queen Series Book 1) (Kindle Locations 390-406). Skyscape. Kindle Edition.

Bottom Line:

Because I stated at the outset, this was a story that leaves someone experience good. For me, though, it left me less stirred emotionally, because We didn’t quite hook up with the characters. I realize I may sound pompous, but I like characters whose principles are analyzed and who might, sometimes, fail their principles because of to pressures located after them. Otherwise, though, this is an incredible tale.

Four superstars out of five.

Remarks relating to your opinion of this book or of my review, whether favorable or unfavorable, are welcome. When you buy the guide based on my review and become disappointed, especially, We do want to know that and I want to understand how I could improve as a book reviewer. Just please be polite.

Thank you., Beautifully written, no bad language of you worry about that, though it will possess some strong themes. A solid 4. 5 for me. I rounded it up for the large lack of typos, no pornographic scenes thrown in with no regard to the story or plot, and thank God, no love triangle. I was just a little put off at first that it was written in present anxious, but it was managed very well, and I was able to over look it. A nice story with east Indian flavours, although not the caste system again, thank goodness, and a little bit of, not Hunger Games, but gladitorial/arena type competitions. Success Games of many kind have been going on since time immemorial, and i also hate that everything that has them is now a clone of Craving for food Games. This is simply not dystopian, it is not in the future, if anything it is a story from the past. This lady knows her very own emotions, where Katniss does not, it is a story about this composed world with not magic, but gifts from the gods more similar to Avatar the Final Airbender and The Legend of Korra. Actually, take those 2 series and let them have a strange love child with the Indian religion and traditions, throw in some always a bridesmaid never a new bride syndrome, with a gladiatoral edge, in addition to this guide. It was Lots of fun.

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