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Hess's book is an outstanding choice for leaders wishing to thrive in a business world shaped by aufstrebend forces such as AJE, nanotech, machine learning, and IoT. His coherent, innovative approach outlines the key human attributes needed to lead high-performing and adaptive clubs and enterprises that will dominate in the future. Applicable to all levels of leaders and clubs, the principles Hess puts forth are based on research and may not only fuel your professional growth, but also result in happiness and connection in your personal relationships in life as well., Just like a good sequel to a movie, Humility may be the New Smart picks upward where Dr. Hess's Learn or Die left off. He dives deeper into skills(The New Smart) that are game changers for all who would like to survive, increase, learn, and develop in the 21st century. His / her authenticity about his own inauthenticity is magical and allows someone to be just as vulnerable as the author. He plans so much critical research around behaviors others have spoken or written about into one easy book. This book is for serious leaders, the intellectually curious, and those who want to learn the science behind performance knowledge. It's all here to be " stress tested" yourself. Try it. This just may improve your current circumstances!, This particular wonderful book is a transformative read. Many frontrunners are not yet well enough informed or ready for the substantial impact that to the wise Machine Age will have on them, their workforces and how their organizations operate. Further, all of us can advantage from either learning or being reminded about the substantial thinking limitations with which we live unless we seek out ways to challenge our long-held mindsets and find ways to overcome our reflexive thinking tendencies. Hess and Ludwig highlight the behaviors that can help all of us along the path that awaits us. The assessment available will be eye-opening for most who take it seriously. I recommend this book unequivocally., Its emphasis on practice of the skills described, and not just reading about them, is vital to this book's value. Typically the authors don't pretend to find out how the shift to humility, reduced ego, and active listening will change into great leadership or sought-after skills in an "Age of Smart Machines, " as they call it, even though they point to a few present companies where these habits have created enormous value. But a reader's intuition will fill in the blanks with illustrations from life as he or she or she practices the skills and reviews the repeatable assessments., This guide is a wonderful curation of the best thinking in the new era of leadership in our progressively digital world. The rationale achievable behaviors in a Smart Machine Age is spot on which book truly shows the way the biggest organizational and leadership changes happening under the advertising of " digital transformation" are truly about people and not technology. Plus entranced by this pragmatic and eloquent book since the first pages. This is on the top of my " you've got to read this! " list when discussing to friends and colleagues., In an age of digital transformation of our society, woe be to the one who does not develop new skills to interact, compete, and manage. Authors Ed Hess and Katherine Ludwig provide a practical explained acquiring these skills. Their suggestions are based after meticulous research and fundamental principles. This book is a must-read for those in all types of organizations--business, education and learning, healthcare, and all others., Typically the approach that the creators advocate this is a better, more humane way to go about business, even if Smart Machines weren't coming. Given that they are, there are few paths forward that will make more sense than what we certainly have here.

As We read the book, it struck me that emotional intelligence, in being brand as its own kind of intelligence, is perhaps made a disservice, and I believe we're discovering ample evidence of intelligence removed of emotional intelligence approaching off as dumb as gypsum. We undoubtedly need some renegotiation of the language and hierarchy between garden-variety intelligence and emotional intelligence. Old smart really is the new foolish.

Read the book so as to reflect and then commence to read it again. We am concerned that we are not practically ready enough for the Intelligent Machine Age. But we can be., The book gives insights not only about how our next generation's can survive in the smart machines age but also how they can support personal growth.

While the book is concise and clear, it will seem somewhat verbose at some part. Typically the average reader might favor more concrete examples instead of lengthy philosophical discussion.

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