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An unusual way to start a review for a book, but I'll start it by saying that I don't have read this book. Yet I did gift it to my wife as a present.

In terms of it's content, I can admit my wife has only read one or two publications since we met. This particular book was read cover to cover in four days. She's giggle while reading it, and from time to time share some parts out loud with me. So at the ending of the day, I can say that she really enjoyed the read.

I'll temper my review with the truth that my wife and I both enjoy the stylized rantings of Mr. Ramsay on his numerous television shows. So I would definintely suggest this as a gift for a Ramsay fan. I am not sure if it would be perfect for someone who doesn't know or treatment about him., I've viewed Chef Ramsey since he was on BBC doing Kitchen area Nightmares. I've always seen him as this meticulous and passionate chef, but never thought how he or she became this larger-than-life character that individuals see on our TV's. In this book, no subject is off-limits. He or she is extraordinarily honest about his less than weak and humble beginnings. He or she talks about the mental, physical, emotional, and mental abuse the whole family suffered from an alcoholic father. He was given birth to in Glasgow, however, the family moved over and over because the daddy could never keep a job. He talks about getting his come from the kitchens in England and in
Italy. During the book, I found a brand new respect for Chef Ramsey. He even goes into the stress of having his more youthful brother hooked on heroin. I couldn't put this book down., I loved this book a great deal. It explained why Gordon will get so het up sometimes... I watch him on all his shows and greatly prefer him on Master Chef junior, but reading about his life made me appreciate what has gone through, and why he is the way he is., I enjoyed getting an understanding into the life of Gordon Ramsey, but I do feel this guide was very rushed. It lacks interest, and reality. Sure it talks about his early on life and cooking, but nothing really about his family now, or his joys, or what really inspires him. Also as they is from Europe he or she uses A LOT of European slang so I was constantly looking things up. This book helped me want to read more only because Personally i think like it barely skimmed the top., I have always adored Gordon Ramsey. Even though he has a temper and uses bad language I still admire your pet. This book really leads to on the reason he or she is the hard motivated man he is today. I respect how they have persevered through many hardships. He has remained a very successful in spite of all he got to endure. One thing for sure he has helped many along the way find their true purpose in preparing high quality food. If you cannot give it your best than leave the kitchen. Likewise I admire how he or she has taken his very own hard earned money to help others succeed in their restaurants. Very enlightening guide on the man Gordon Ramsey., Thoroughly enjoyed Mr Ramsay's book. I do believe deep down inside he could be a humble person, therefore , the subject fits the book perfectly. Very interesting to read about his life journey and realise the hardships his family endured with their abusive father. He or she loves his mum to bits, and that alone makes me love the guy!!! On the culinary side, if you happen to want to cook awesome dishes, just get it from Gordon!! Lovely read., I read this book immediately on the heels of reading Marco Pierre White's " The Devil in the KItchen" and the two made an impressive pair. A person get the gossip from both sides and although I'm very partial credited to my giant GR crush, I appreciated Gordon's book so much more. Why? Because he shows his vulnerability as a human being by digging deep into some very serious personal issues. White's book is definitely read more about the food apart from, of course, when he pauses to trash a former colleague or employee or present he HE was the very first of celebrity chefs, not GR or anyone else for that matter. GR devotees see in him the pain contained in being a battered kid hell-bent on avoiding his past through food. Yes, the book is ghost-written but it concerns not because I can hear Gordon's own voice in my head (swooooon) as I read. The particular book captures all of his wit and kinky humor and then some. Whether you are a GR fan, a chief cook or wannabe or just curious about this " squishy-faced" Scotsman we've come to know/love/hate, you will discover something for you in this guide. A quick read with some great pictures at end, I was surprised (and a little wistful) when I so quickly reached the last page., Ramsay was a chef before as being a chief cook was trendy. In his guide, he chronicles the adversities who have made him into a culinary genius. By means of a lot of personal drama (very brief and concise but the movement of the book needs some work) and a ton of hard work, he pulls through. Ramsay is absolutely honest in the whole book, it shows his grittiness entirely color. He talks about the underbelly of the food preparation world, the massive pressure to cook and above all, cook well. Although the language available may somewhat too colorful, it gives Ramsay his personal attitude. I wish the book would have included a little bit of footnotes as Gordon talks about a lot of his famous contemporaries, though his descriptions are sufficient, it is not nearly enough unless you are an ingredient critic.

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