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Our whole life, I've generally a new good memory. Nevertheless when I find personally straining to recall simple things or shorts lists - the things i need at the store, who my clients are that day, people not to neglect to email/call - I actually find myself saying in my head, " Your current '40' is showing". There’s no question regarding it - my mental acuity is dulling.

What I ADORE about Luis Angel’s training methods is that it distills the steps of memorizing names (memorizing anything! ), into a few, easy, doable steps. I see many clients every day - some very regularly, some only three or four times per year. Luis Angel’s methods are essential and consistent. With merely a little bit of practice using Luis Angel’s techniques, I can create associations that trigger my memory so that I don't have to strain to remember things, lists, people… whatever I would like to retain.

It never stops to amaze me how much clients appreciate that you remember them by name. Having the skills to train remembering names is an INVALUABLE asset to my job, besides making me personally so much more successful on a daily basis. I’m really enjoying developing and keeping my mental edge., As someone who loves meeting new people all the time, I can honestly say that “How to Remember Names and Faces, ” is a Game Changer! Luis do an awesome job with this book.

There have been plenty of times where I’m mid conversation with someone, and I have to stop to ask them for their name. Nicely now after going through just the first few chapters, I am confident that this can never took place again! I’m going to have a lot of fun with this memory technique! I would encourage you to obtain it too. It will definitely help you out in your social life., While not the best written book of all time, the strategy is noise and the mastery of it is critical. Remember people's names and your ability to connect and persuade others skyrockets. Probably you won't love this book (and I am certain there are other sufficient or even great reads on this subject), but whatever you do, do... learn this strategy., There has been so much written in the past about keeping in mind names and faces but none has ever attained the teaching level of this guide. This book will guide you through the steps and give you a a great number of number of exercises that is never done before. Remembering names is one of the most skills is obviously and it is also a skill that can be learned. In this book Luis teaches you that skill.

Sal Piacente, A great book to help remember names and faces... I'm in sales and Luis's technique is actually helpful to be able to recall names and details of conversations and meetings that I was not able to do before. I suggest the book for anyone that problems with this as I do before. You can put these concepts into practice right away.

Mike Nited kingdom, ONE word to identify this book, AWESOME, it is simple, intuitive, readable, and incredible effective. You will see to remember any person name with no problem at all. Very impresive, most of the other memory books have similar nice clairs tend to be difficult and cumbersome...... a major A grade to Luis Angel., Says what it does in the tin. Exercises are easy to follow and it works! Super useful particularly when you work in an office environment. I often facilitate sessions with small audiences and it makes my life a whole lot simpler to know the audience names. It looks far more professional and people respond very well to the individualized treatment., If your into personal development and reading books about business, success, entrepreneur, ect then this is exquisite for you by far the best and the easiest system. Luis makes the process very easy and easy to learn people you wont be disappointed worth every penny. For someone like me personally who will be in sales keeping in mind names is extremely important I would be telling all my co workers about this book this will defiantly benefit all of us.

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