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I know from experience that what Steve Cooksey promotes in this book really works! You can eat simple, scrumptious foods and have normal blood sugars. If you are diabetic or prediabetic you need to read this book and apply these principles to live a life clear of drugs and diabetic complications. I went from an A1c of 9 down to 5. 4 in a very short time and aim to reduce it even more. My neuropathy has disappeared. I've lost weight and feel great. You owe it to yourself to do this for you and your loved ones., This is a simple guide to getting out of the high blood quagmire without reliance on drugs, health-related providers or diet gurus. The book provides immediately actionable facts about implementing a whole foods diet to heal the diabetic body. Carbs must be strictly controlled and measured. Blood vessels sugar level measurement provides the necessary feedback to save this effort on track. Sam helps it be clear that her will not offer medical advice. He is a guy who got his own diabetes under control his way. By using Steve's diet you will also reduce insulin resistance, lose weight and reduce a truckload of risk factors for development of dementia, organ damage and diabetic sequela such as neuropathy. This book really does not mince words. This gets to the point and cites the experience of the writer and references a number of well known bloggers and research studies in the blood sugar control realm. Implementing ideas in book will do good by you and by your health.

., In a nutshell, eat ONLY " fatty meats; leafy greens; eggs; chausser, extra virgin extra virgin olive oil; coconut oil. " Who does have thought the answer to controlling or eliminating diabetes is fatty meat. Prior to I purchased this digital book, I had already concluded that this man Sam Cooksey must be cray cray. The recommended diet directed at me by the diabetes specialists, the endocrinologist, was a set of items such as lean meats, coffee beans, corn, rice, potatoes, grits, starchy and leafy fresh vegetables, diet sodas and sweeteners, etc. They told myself to eat 3 dishes, keep them as healthy as you possibly can; and monitor my carb intake, no more than 60-70 PER DINNER. Well, let me discuss a little bit of my story, with expectations that it will help or encourage someone more. I am a sort 2 diabetic, obese middle older woman. I've been on insulin for about a year now. After experiencing a life-threatening illness in 2015 (Sepsis) and after reading many online blogposts about the great things about going vegan, I decided to jump right in. We went vegan for about 6 months, lost some weight, and was able to reduce my sugar readings. Unfortunately, I could not stick with the vegan lifestyle. The moment I gave in to my cravings and trapped a piece of various meats in my mouth, We wanted more. I did not want to eliminate various meats altogether anymore. Vegan was not a longer for me. Thus when I stumbled after this book, I was happy to hear so many positive testimonies; otherwise, I would have kept scrolling because surely the answer to reducing your glucose levels is not FAT. After reading the book, I adopted the basic principles also to my amazement, within 3 days, my glucose amounts dropped over 100 factors. I thought surely something is wrong with my sugar meter. I mean, We just cannot believe it! and I get to eat meat, fatty meat? Nicely, it just doesn't get any better than that for us meat lovers. Before to after this method, and after giving up the vegan lifestyle, my sugar readings were in benefit 200s to low 300s, and if I eat something that I'm not suppose to (like dessert), benefit 300s to 400s. Just 3 days next Steve Cooksey's book, my last reading taken today is 146. I'm floored. I had formed readings in the low to mid hundreds when I was vegetarian, but now it appears I can have the same readings (and maybe even lower, closer to normal range) eating fatty various meats; leafy greens..... etc. Now i'm now doing online research for high fat/high protein ketogenic recipes and there's a lot of tasty things out there that will keep your carbs at 30g or less daily. The only disadvantage I'm experiencing is withdrawals from sugar and high carbs, which is normal on any high protein lifestyle, but I know eventually this will subside. Last night, I had 2 tablespoons of unsweetened organic and natural apple sauce, which helped with the cravings and didn't appear to increase my glucose levels much. Well, I'm a happy camper! Thank you, Mr. Steve Cooksey. This was the best I have ever spent and may be the only which could literally add years to my life. God bless you!, I feel like I've just been given the rules and suggestions that I needed back when I was first clinically diagnosed which could have turned my health around right then and there. Instead I was encouraged to follow the recommendations of the WUJUD - even when my blood sugar levels stayed elevated. After a lot of searching and reading the testimonies of those brave warriors who got matters (and their health) into their own fingers (especially Steve Cooksey) We realized that nearly all of the medical professionals out there are clueless about what it really takes to combat this disease. Exactly how I wish I had this guide way back when but what's important is that I have it now. After reading this book I feel empowered to change my health and encouraged knowing I have the tools to make it happen. Many thanks Sam!, Awesome BOOK!
I can not say enough good about this book and the authors general Health and wellbeing philosophy.
Steve Cooksey gets some desperately needed vital information out about controlling bloodstream sugar and effectively applying real life drug free solutions.
As a Health Coach that has used the same methods, successfully, to help my diabetic clients, i can vouch for Steve and his nutritional Philosophy.
its value far exceeds its cost. in the short term and especially in the long expression.
a NEED TO for any type 2, and a HIGHLY ADVISE for anyone interested on the whole overall wellness as Blood sugar and insulin may be more important than even weight!, This is a man who shows by doing - not by being "educated' by big food and big pharma. I'm a Type 2 diabetic who now has totally normal blood glucose by following the simple plan outlined in this book. My A1c from The month of january, 2015 is 4. 3 - that is a totally normal A1c - TOTALLY. Our cholesterol is now in perfect triangulation and my triglycerides are low enough my doc asked myself could did it. This is so simple, so easy and so worth doing. Whole fresh, non-starchy foods, plenty of good fat and tons of energy. This book is the best I've ever spent., This book is fantastic. We followed Steve's advice and turned my Blood Sugar around as well as lost weight while eating better. In 12 months We have lost over 50 pounds as well as reduced my Blood Sugar from 245 or higher down to pre-diabetic levels without using insulin! Also my doctor claims " keep doing what your doing".
Thanks Steve., This is a fantastic resource for reducing bloodstream sugars and taking control of your health! You will be AMAZED how this information can change your life -- at a minimum cost. A must read for ALL!!

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