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We bought this book because I was planning on joining (and was accepted to) the Penn State Grasp Gardener program. I experienced it would be a good primer and prepare me for the " science of gardening". The material in this book is indeed scientific in nature, but the author offers it in a manner that can be comprehended relatively easy. There are a few sections that may need to be reread or examined, but again, we are discussing about the science of gardening... so it might be somewhat technical. This book was indeed ideal for me in understanding the information that is taught through my Master Gardener program, Trying to find getting more into gardening recently and bought this book depending on a advice. I'm glad I did. Many gardening books read like cookbooks - obscure instructions on what regarding no rationale behind them. This book is not one of those. Instead, Dr. Linda Chalker-Scott (can We call you Linda? ) sets out to discuss technology of plants while providing practical information. She succeeded admirably. The publication is well written, easy to read, and most importantly - approachable by a general audience. Although all of her gardening advice is grounded on science, the book is neither dry nor academic, instead it's thrilling lively.

This book is split up into 9 sections covering the following topics: 1) Grow anatomy, 2) Roots, 3) Soil, 4) Photosynthesis, 5) Anthocyanins - or why plants suddenly turn red, 6) How plants inform time, 7) How plants move, 8) Pruning and garden care, 9) Grow reproduction. Each topic is given an over-all overview, with examples given so you can understand how these concepts are at work in your garden. Finally, Linda also comments on what the science says in regards to a variety of gardening advice - spoiler alert, almost all of it is bunk plus some even harmful to your plants.

This book is not a plant encyclopedia. If you are planning on a set of 300 common plants (none of which you seem to be to own) with bullet points about how to care for them, you won't find it here. Instead, the information in this guide applies to a myriad of plants, indoor plants, outside plants, trees, grasses, natural herbs and vegetables, container landscapes, orchids, etc .

If you have a background in the life sciences (non-botany), this guide may seem to be somewhat simplistic and you'll be itching for further in level explanations about each of the topics.

Bottom line - until you have a degree in botany or horticulture, you should read this publication if you are at all thinking about plants and gardening., This book is essential for all you Grasp Gardeners out there especially but in addition for anyone wanting to be up to time on the latest technological information about plants, dirt, nutrients and much more. Dr. Chalker Scott interprets the latest scientific results in a clear, easy and entertaining way that even someone without a technological background will absorb quickly., A most interesting publication. I thought it would be somewhat simple and had planned to donate to our library, but after reading--and learning--many interesting things from it I will maintain it for at least a year. Even people experienced with plants will learn interesting and useful information here! Written in a simple to see style, too., This specific book is information-packed, often funny, absolutely fearless in debunking with good technology some garden 'myths' that border on spurious. Inquisitive gardeners will love it. Those of us who mentor and teach beginning landscapers will find it vital., A fantastic introduction to herb science, in an entertaining style. Of particular value to me are the details of why birds, bees, and moths are drawn to specific colors.

What would improve this book? Just how about organizing the materials into chapters and adding an index. I do hope a 2nd version is written, to make it better to find details after the first read through.

Yet , the author's style makes an pleasurable read for anyone who is interested in plants., Discovered a lot about how plants really work. A lot of common myths were busted. Talks about proper mulching and native dirt usage. How roots increase and with that knowledge which type of plants to buy (bare root or potted plant). It does get into detail at the molecular level how plants use the sunlight to make as well as energy and how different plants use different methods of photosynthesis. This explains why grass grows well in the spring and why weedy type plants do better in late summer/fall. Did you know there are different types of chlorophyll? Well written and practical if somewhat comprehensive. Highly recommended for landscapers of all types., How Vegetation Work is a must have book for everyone with an interest in horticulture. With 9 sections Linda Chalker-Scott gives you the details how the cells of plants work and with this base basis begin to build up from there. Linda answers questions such as how far origins spread and how deep they go, she explains photosynthesis and how this should affect the keeping of a plant, why leaves turn red and much far more. The more a gardener understands the basics of how our plants work and interact with their environment the better gardeners we will be. This publication is written for the average person in vocabulary that most should find easy to understand while being based on the latest science. If you like to garden no make a difference your skill level you should give this publication a read, it will help you advance your skills and your scenery.

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