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This really is by far the finest comprehensive book on Mnemonics out there. Remember that doesn’t mean this book offers everything, it means that it is well rounded system will be presented, it is complete. From speed reading, to notice taking, memorization of certain topics, how to unwind when stressed about a new test.

I had earlier read O’Brien’s “How to be able to develop a brilliant memory” which is somewhat of a workbook compared to be able to this one. That guide moved very quickly.

The explanations are longer. When reading, you get typically the feeling that the writer took his time, this book feels like a labor of love whereas “How to be able to develop a fantastic memory” had been made more for individuals who else are impatient and need to speed through points. I can’t stress just how well written “how to be able to pass exams” is. If you need to enjoy good literature whilst learning, this has received to be at typically the top.

The organization will be better than “How to be able to develop a brilliant memory”. In the other book this individual started off with acronyms, visualization, etc, then gone into speed reading in addition to note taking. Here this individual starts off with speed reading, then note using, and on. The business is very conducive to be able to learning and building after previous chapters.

Some things not necessarily included are discussed well in books written by Induration Newport. For example, when I teacher allows you to have an hour to total the test and your carried out in 30min, the invest the next 30min twice checking your answers. Induration Newport is not large in mnemonics for several reason, but he produces very good books.

This book does not contain almost all of mnemonic technique, in addition to I would advise a person read every book on memory you can obtain your hands on. But with that said, buy this specific book, I don’t believe you will end up disappointed., Every guide by Dominic O'Brien will be worth reading and understanding. How to pass exams helps to memorize academic subjects like history, savoir and others. However it's not among O'Brien's finest work. In cases like this I found Harry Lorayne's Super Memory Super Student a lot better selection., Five stars for power. The last half can be read at will or even not; it's highly certain in various fields., This particular book is a fairly easy in addition to interesting read. This guide can help anyone who requires to know how to be able to memorize information, take records, and speed read carry out so. Dominic covers subject areas such as speed reading, mind mapping, the web link approach, giving presentations, the way to learn foreign languages, remembering quotations, remembering historical dates, geography, and when to evaluation information to ensure that you don't forget what you've figured out. This book was obviously a massive help to me when i was in college. The information within this guide saved my university profession. I was struggling at school. I was constantly drawing of several D's in addition to F's in classes regarding a semester.

I and then learned the principles that will Dominic O'Brien puts out in this book in addition to the results were astonding. Merely by swithch to these kinds of principles of study I actually was able to increase my grades a page grade. Then, through spending time every day practicing memorizing information using Dominic's approach to memorise information I actually found my memory enhancing. I found that typically the more I practiced typically the more information I could remember at one time, which often meant less time to be able to have to memorize information. This resulted in fewer time that it took me personally to study with better grades than I was generating before. I even received so good that I figured out that I could in a few classes memorize the information have completed sooner then I actually could before and and then go back and remember the information to part, chapter title, page, in addition to paragraph number. I in fact did this on one test at my University, I was able to be able to recall information not only by quote but additionally by chapter, chapter title, page, and paragraph number in addition to did so on typically the test. I made a great A around the test.

I've also increased my reading speed 550-850 wpm just by practicing the suggestions that Dominic makes within this book. His part on mind mapping offers all you should know to start brain mapping. I've tried brain mapping and have found that by mind umschlüsselung I can onc maintain up with the rate that my professor will be lecturing at, I may not before. Furthermore, by mind mapping I've figured out to take better records. I've found that I actually can retain more information in my memory following mind mapping than conventional notes.

This is exactly what I've achieved by putting every thing into training that Dominic has within this book and I am a firm believer that will it will do the job as well if you are willing to put it into practice. Since, that is the case I suggest practicing memorizing information a minimum of 30 min to be able to an hour each useing Dominic's methods and you will find that you'll obtain better. A better memory comes with practice.

Finally, as far the machine that will Dominic uses to remember numbers, it is much simpler for a beginner than the major system. When I was a novice I found the major system hard as the in some instances two or more different consants can both indicate one number in Dominic's system one letter always stands for one amount and the letters that overlap to each number are easier to learn because regarding the most part this follows the alphabet. Situation in point, the Dominic system is much easier and fewer confusing to learn. I would recommend this book to anyone., This guide touches after everything within upping your memory power in addition to I such as this Dominic O'brien book the very best. Suggest Speed Reading, Active reading, Brain Maps and various methods for using Association, Imagination and Location to enhance memory power., I adored the authors approach to be able to teaching his memory techniques. His attempts at distilling his methods were really thorough and applicable to be able to many different subjects., This particular is a really good book how to enhance your memory, especially provides of things and figures. However if you need to associate it to an examination, that is dependent on the sort of examination you're using. Memorizing lists of points will be very helpful, memorizing concepts is a lttle bit trickier however. Definitely one in the better books on increasing memory though, since I've read more than a few!, Excellent

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