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We run across a great deal of books that We add to my to-be-read list and then neglect about until after their publication dates or We stumble upon the book in the library or bookstore. How Not to Be Wrong was at first some of those books, but it sounded so good that I found myself obsessively thinking about it and started a search for a pre-publication copy. Given that I'm not just a librarian, didn't win a copy via Very first Reads, and do not have friends at Penguin Press, it took some time and energy, but having procured a copy and read it, I will say that it was well worth my time and . 00. How Not necessarily to Be Wrong is a catchy title, but for me, this book is really about the caption, The Power of Mathematical Thinking.

Ellenberg deftly explains why math is important, gives the reader myriad examples appropriate to our own lives, and also tells us what math can't do. He or she writes, “Mathematics is the extension of common sense by other means”, and proceeds to expound upon innumerable interesting subjects and how mathematics can help us better understand these topics, such as being overweight, economics, reproducibility, the lotto, error-correcting codes, and the existence (or not) of God. He writes in a compelling, explanatory way that I think anyone with an interest in mathematics and/or simply understanding things more completely will be able to understand. Ellenberg writes “Do the Math” for Slate, and it's evident in his line and also this book that he knows how to make clear mathematical ideas to non-mathematicians, and more so, seems to enjoy accomplishing this with great enthusiasm. I will not pretend that I understood everything mentioned in this book, but it's such an outstanding book that I also bought the hardcover (so We have an index which my pre-pub copy does not), and reread the book so I do have a much more thorough understanding. I've wished for a book similar to this for a long time, and I'd like to thank Jordan Ellenberg for writing it for me!, As suggested in the book, it is not really about not being wrong. This is meant to demonstrate how not to misinterpret record measures and how to best guess on the reality of things with logical thought (including describing how statistical information is logical, but easily misinterpreted). The most interesting part of the book is the historical perspective it gives about people that one rarely finds, technicalities about people's lives that one would never believe. In my experience, a compelling read., Very complex book. Likely to find yourself reading the same page a few times to grasp the concepts, but the ideas are amazing! It truly helped me finally realize how my calculus and data classes could be applied in the real world. Coolest part: Survivor tendency discussion. Trust me, likely to love it., What helped me most about this was Ellenberg's keen understanding of his own position of writing a book on math without using math wrong. Instead of using anecdotal stories to show his point he used his point to make clear anecdotal stories. I've even gone on to use microplanes to solve a few optimization problems of my own., Well crafted, full of practical situations in which a numerical perspective aids your brain greatly on sorting things out there. Terrifically fun, entertaining, and even for those already inclined along these lines, educational., I love this guide. I tell you We might have run into Jordan while I was wandering around UW-Madison. This book is nerdy! IN web page 129, he writes, “ … human beings are quick to perceive designs where they don’t exist and overestimate their strength where they do. ” Jordan here is actually reinforcing the work of Gilovich, Vallone and Tversky on ‘hot hands in basketball’., Excellent and wonderful book this is not only for the math nerd. We love this book, as it opens the brain up to interesting ways of thinking that are not immediately obvious. Society owes a large debt to numerical thinkers, and Jordan Ellenberg for bringing their work to life for all of us all., my math caring engineering husband loved this, devoured it!

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