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This book focuses on ways to not be jealous in your relationships. There are many helpful tips encased in this title to help you take control of your feelings and help you think differently about situations, rather than constantly feeling envious.

Some of the tips revolve around keeping a journal to keep trail of your thoughts and feelings, and also to ascertain if you are just having jealous feelings, or if your partner is providing you a reason to be jealous.

Others designed to sculpt around being realistic and honest on your own and your partner, so you know what the expectations of your relationship are.

I think this book would be helpful for anyone in a relationship, because sometimes we all need to take a step as well as look at a situation from another perspective. Anyone could submit to, bow to, give in to jealousy at a moment's notice, and somewhat of jealousy is ok, but it shouldn't be a constant nagging feeling in your relationship., In “100 Quick Tips: Exactly how to Not Be Jealous-How to Deal With and Overcome Relationship Jealousy, ” author Stanley Steel offers 100 common-sense tips to eliminate jealousy from your life and improve your relationship!

I was happily surprised by the quantity of useful information contained in this little book! Although brief, the tips and strategies set forth in this book are both informative and insightful.

Implementing only some of the offered as well as strategies is sure to help anyone improve their relationship. Give it a whirl – I do, and I’ve already made note of a few that I’m going to start on right away!, This book really breaks down the reasons for possibly being jealous of your spouse. That horrible emotion, often times a creature that wells up against our will, is something that needs to be tamed if any relationship is to survive. I know I had too. My relationship was to essential for me to destroy through my jealousy. This book helped me realize the roots of the emotion inside myself and heal it. Is actually a short book, but it gives the information with no fluff. All various meats. Great book. can't recommend it enough!, I had not been sure, when I saved this book, how useful it would be. But the plethora of positive reviews made me decide to give it a shot. Besides, it was free, no harm no foul.

I'm happy I did. For a short book, it has a nice set of techniques for figuring out of your acting jealous, figuring out whether it's your or if the other person is doing something to warrant it, and how to let it go if you that tentacled, green-eyed monster wrapped around your neck. One of two of the tips do have me pause; for instance , it'd be near impossible to tell someone to limit interactions with the opposite sex. But that aside, I'd highly recommend this book for the good advice, ease of reading, and did I mention the good advice?

I swear it sounds like some stuff my mommy would have told myself, had I ever troubled to ask her about such things., Easy to read, great to follow, and well written guide book for the everyday couple.

I love the advice given in this guide. While I may suffer from jealously too often, information just has some seriously helpful advice about how to keep your cool and deal with the people with you. You can give this advice in front of large audiences in times of stress, and appear looking like somewhat of a hero!

A lot of these points are great for house keeping in a relationship so important others aren't forgotten. From the basics to making sure everyone is comfortable to recognizing that negative feeling can deeply impact if not addressed. You can also use the advice given in this book for daily interactions at work, on the street, etc . Sometimes it really as easy as walking away to calm down before you act., Unfortunately, as users of the human competition, many people are too often plagued by the green-eyed monster – jealousy. Jealousy’s most negative impacts can be in our most personal relationships.

Long on helpful information and tips in their short 24 page length, this convenient little guide book covers virtually all aspects of banishing the green-eyed beast.

By helping the reader gain a much better understanding of the several veins of jealousy that can infiltrate our lives, the one hundred little tips in this book can assist you:

• Acquire a much better comprehension of yourself and your relationships.
• Weed out the negative traits and feelings creating the jealousy.
• Greatly improve your relationships.

A great pocket-guide for everybody in a relationship!, Having problems with the " little green-eyed monster" within? 100 Quick Tips: Exactly how to Not have to get Jealous, is the handbook that disappears that very negative emotion.

Stanley Steel combines is his literary talents with everyday common sense to lend tips and strategies to overcome jealousy and reclaim your control over thoughts such negativity. Through keeping a journal to monitor your feelings (which really makes you identify and own your behavior) to how you can transform your relationship from one marred by jealousy to one that is healthy and strong, Steel has got it included!

Great book that is very comprehensive, informative, and just down-right helpful. Jealousy is not a good look, and these days I'm looking better than ever. 2 like this comment!, This book was surprisingly insightful! If you take these tips to heart rather than just cleaning them off, they will help. Later a problem with jealousy at some level, and this book has great tips that will help you tone down your jealousy so it doesn't harm your relationship. Good points that everyone in a relationship (or intending to be in one) needs to read.

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