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The 2016 United States president race will likely go down in history as a black eye for the country. Never has the country seemed more divided. More people, it seems, are voting TOWARDS their least preferred applicant as opposed to voting For your person. These emotions, naturally , bring out the worst in some people, and we’ve all heard those with temperaments of any 16-year-old spoiled brat spat things such as “If (candidate I hate) becomes President, then I’M moving to Canada! ” Well, if you happen to be one of those depressed grouches that are looking for to business the stars and stripes for the white and red maple leaf, author Andre Dubroc has just the book for you.

This book is intended to be a joke (i. e. you will find it in the ‘Humor’ section of your local bookstore). It is, at times, hilarious. I found myself literally laughing out loud many times. Beneath all of this humor, however, is actually a very practical guide. The first couple of chapters of the book, for example, really educates the uninformed novice just how to move to Canada. It’s not exactly a simple thing to do. That ain’t like moving across town (if you’ve ever actually moved across town, you know that Which is not actually easy either. Remember all of the forms you had to register the realtor’s office? ), and for every real step that one must take to accomplish their relocation, Dubroc manages to add wit and humor within his actual instructions.

After Dubroc teaches all of us of the steps that are actually involved in relocating to another country (and there are quite a few), he then teaches us about Canadian food, nomenclature, practices, and overall attitudes. We all learn that, just like in america, people in Europe are diverse, and stereotypes are applied to those native to their particular land. Again, this is a humor book, and these information are probably somewhat true, if probably not somewhat broad. We’re guilty of this in the U. S. as well. We are likely to characterize a truck driver from Mississippi much differently than a professor that lives in Vermont. I will also point out that mcdougal seems to have something against Quebec. Hopefully, most Quebeccians (??? ) have a sense of humor. Together with a French name like “Andre Dubroc” you might believe that the author is actually from Canada, or has some roots there, but he’s actually from Louisiana.

Although this book is peppered with a few swear words, it’s a far cry from the vitriolic diatribes of such hate filled mongers such as a George Carlin or a Bill Maher. This book is also mainly apolitical. Sure, the author takes some shots at the political extreme, but he seems to hit both edges with equal aim. He or she seems to realize that humor is at their best when it’s not so hate-filled.

This book is designed to be, and is, a quick read. Like a lot of humor books, it includes some page filler such as coloring pages to color your chosen Canadians and “word searches” where you can complete a puzzle at the finish of the chapter reviewing the new words that you’ve just learned. I found mcdougal to be quite gifted, however, and being that this is his first book, I would love to see more by him. I’m willing to gamble that if he had a nice chunk of time to utilize, he could actually produce a much more detailed body of work. Since, as mentioned, this book actually contains real tips, I wouldn’t reduce this author’s probability of only humor. This guy has some real talent with the written word.

If you happen to find this book and the 2016 election Presidential contest has already come and gone, don’t fret and believe that this book is no lengthier relevant. I’m sure in the times to come, we’ll have plenty of other elections and episodes of grumpiness that will cause many to shout that they will soon change their place of residence. So an e book like this will always come in handy., Author cant make up his mind whether to be serious or funny. Consequently, he is neither., So many rated the book as hilariously amusing. It did make me smile a couple times but it's certainly significantly from hilarious. It had some good tricks for those that might be seriously considering moving to Canada but there is also some comments that if they thought he was serious would get a bad view of our country. He brings up some words that you should never say in Canada. I've lived here my life and hadn't heard of almost all of them., What a fantastic read! Very clever and entertaining!, A pleasant handbook for those who think migrants is easy. Emigration (leaving your country of citizenship), at least from Western democracies, is far easier than immigration (moving legally into a new country). The key concept here is " legal". Other countries have a much more literal view of their migrants law than many US-born Americans imagine., Within the last few of elections discontented Americans have remarked about moving to Canada if the election went in a way diverse from their candidate(s). So when I saw this book on BookBub for [ARTICLE_BODY]. 99, I thought it could be fun to read. It was funny and informative. Quick read., Got my copy in the mail this week!!! That is full of wit and comedic interludes as it " guides" you toward a successful relocation! Masterpiece!! (And I have only read about half! ), Satirical look at all (well at least the better known) things Canadian and how to become one. Not as easy as it sounds. Even our polite neighbors to the North have rules.

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