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This book seems simple at first. I wasn't sure if it was for me. But then my sibling who swore it worked well explained not to dis' it before I try it.

So I applied the unexpectedly simple but straight forward plan of memorizing, and trusted in our creator to help me retain his word.

Prior to this book I had formed about 20 verses dedicated to memory space. Now after using it I actually have Memorized:

Several chapters of romans
most of 1 Corinthians In its entirety
In addition to all of:
This all is Word for word.

This particular little book is POWERFUL!
Its short, but very simple. I actually guess I was planning on something harder to apply nevertheless I know this is all I needed, and all you'll ever need!

Don't be fooled by its simplistic approach. Inside fact I don't think any one could fairly review this book if they never applied the message.

Inside my thoughts and opinions this book will not do the job under three reasons.
1) you're learning for pride and not your individual journey with Christ.
2) you lack faith in the Lord's ability to help you. And am don't know why anyone would question seeing that he wants you to known his word for daily software which all things are possible for us through Jesus, especailly when they strengthen us.
3) You don't have the Holy Spirit.

I avoid know what your situation in life is but this book should work for everyone who does not fall under those 3 categories. That's just a few mere cents at least and am hope it helps!, An overall good read that's quick also to the point. Typically the few minutes I put in reading it has already made a difference in the total amount I have memorized. I previously had no more than a dozen scriptures memorized but now I have chapter 5 and 7 of Matt, ezekial 33, and Jude memorized.

The author doesn't actually teach the rote method as the other reviewers said. If you pay attention he talks against it in the end saying that routine daily repetition isn't as powerful as Jesus' method which he outlines in the bible. Yes Christ talks about retaining and learning the word! He tells us all the Holy Spirit will help us and if Christ claims it then is actually good enough for me.

The author explains that while the rote method can help you remember a book in several months time he explains that God has helped him do it in a day by an enhancement of the rote method which he teaches. I actually can attest to that because I memorized Jude and Mathew 7 in one sitting., HOW TO MEMORIZE THE BIBLE is a short, well-written book, designed to encourage Christians to memorize scripture. The author obviously loves the Bible, and he often exhorts someone to be faithful along the way: "How can you practice the term unless it's secured in your heart? In addition to, "Know your Bible, and it will change your life Be serious about it. Don't memorize it to impress others, but have a humble heart and you will become a blessing to those around you. inches I appreciate the author's emphasis on honoring God, not ourselves, in this process. Nicely stated.

Routine, claims Adam, is the Rote method, by which you actively speak away the verses multiple times. "There is really one one method that has worked well for hundreds of years. Rote. By this method, billions of people through time have memorized entire books, sacred texts, musical symphonies,... " The creator makes it clear that you need to rely on God to guide you in this process. Don't count on your own efforts--take it to the Lord, and ask Him to help you in this.

All in all, HOW TO MEMORIZE THE BIBLE is an uplifting, encouraging book--but also very practical. The creator writes in a clear, helpful fashion. The guide is well laid-out and well-edited. I appreciate the fact that the hyperlinks in the Table of Contents actually work.

Advise!, thanks i have to check if i got it i pre order my books for summer season reading some i do remenber, This book was very informative and sorts away your reason of why and how. If your intention is to be showy instead to edify God then don't spend your money on this book. But I believe if you are thinking about spending money on this then your purposes should be pure in any case. It is good and gets your spirit alined so you can obtain more from God., takes some work but is good, Great Study Help, Very good read

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