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There is a lack of instruction: you will NOT figure out how to make rockets, mortars, fountains, both roman candles etc. What exactly good is it? If it is at a bookstore I would have never ordered it. Furthermore I feel that there are areas which experts claim not have virtually enough safety information. The majority of this is DO NOT CARRY OUT THIS in my opinion. Keep in mind I have got college or university chem and I would not attempt a number of these things. And what is with the how to make a mobile phone ignitor??!!?? There is no useful application for this except for against the law activities. Furthermore there are typos in places that can make this dangerous! " professor"?, yes self proclaimed most likely. Some items are taken from other texts. Immediately, look for a more reputable and responsible autor. This is a good way to get hurt or arrested when you go to the hospital seeking treatment. Note to Mr Kocher: Sorry to be so hard on your work but this only qualifies for a tough draft and a unfinished publication., I enjoy this guide and have been making all types of fun stuff. Our advice, ensure you have everything you need before beginning, and follow all instructions and safety precautions and don't rush anything, Good guide but definitely not for the knowledgeable pyrotechnic. Regarding seasoned veterans. I RECCOMEND "PYROTECHNICS BY GEORGE Watts WEINGART. IS FOR VERY VERY FIRST TIME AMATURES AS WELL AS SEASONED VETERANS., guide isn't very long and clear.
there are some mistakes.
the chapters are small , its hard to understand each chapter's.
Oh, and the pictures aren't very clear and are really small., It's not how to make fireworks its how to make chemicals for fireworks its not a pyrotechnics book if you were looking for that, Requirements more information on making the ingredients ie Potassium Perchlorate., FAST SHIPPING and a excellent product the have for the price you can not conquer any where else on the internet!!!!, Great guide for the price. Extremely informative book. Some of the stuff is kinda off topic. But still good. I recommend.

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