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I actually read and applied all of the advice in this book. To do so, I have completely changed my life! I used to keep my to-do list duties divided into about 25 never-ending categories. Vague " to-dos" were on my listing. I would spend about an hour every day just moving my tasks from the current day to the next. Nothing ever really got done. Since reading this wonderful book, I have actually been DOING things! My to-do list is shrinking and I was filling my time with projects that I experienced planned to do " someday. " We are now actively planning a trip to Europe this summer, rewriting my resume and applying for a temporary position that I have always wanted, finally decluttering my home and my life, and considering going into a career that will allow me to travel AND achieve other goals. Life is less complicated AND I am accomplishing MORE! I highly recommend this book!, Working in the kitchen 40+ hours a 7 days, I can't say I relate to " Cleaner Office Space" (as Sammy sets it) words of: paperclips, pens, and binders, but I do check in with my slicing board being cluttered with vegetables, knives, and containers. Its easy to think I'll save time insurance firms everything out all the time, however in reality it just becomes stressful and chaotic. By simplifying my immediate needs and keeping most of my space empty it allows me to prioritize what needs to be done. There are many other factors that stood out to me, but I assume you will just have to read it yourself.
I can't say this book and each and every part of it is something I have taken into my day to day life, but I CAN say that there is merely benefit to be gained out of this book. So bottom collection, if your looking to make your life a little less stressful from your to do listing, then I think you came to the right place., Sam takes a intricate issue that people everywhere challenge with and breaks it down into simple, doable, comprehensible steps that form a plan of action for quickly bringing about positive within your practices. Part of the trouble with making significant within your life is figuring out where to get started on because the whole prospect of change can feel both daunting and overwhelming. Sam circumvents this problem by providing a task plan that is extremely accessible. This doesn't matter if most likely someone that walks around the house looking for your keys when could possibly be you are holding or if you own a large number of file units and maintain a perfectly organized lifestyle, this book will teach you something about how you can improve your life. That is a quick read that provides valuable insights into how and why we approach our to-do lists and how to make the most of your time by better organizing what you need to do and allowing more time and attention for the things you really love.

Put reading this book on top of your to-do listing., I recently finished this book, and I have to say, it was everything a person would want from a self-help book. First of all it is nice and concise, which is always a huge pro and a sign that the person knows what they are talking about. That being said, for a short book it packages a lot of your punches.

Mcdougal explains why someone like me is constantly pressured about everything I need to do (and he could be right on the money). He then gives the viewer a simple facts building a system you can trust, while giving tips about how to ensure that your new product is practical. He warns that it might take more work for those who prefer using paper over electronics (like me), but the whole system is developed in a way that each person can tailor it to fit his or her needs. I feel like he could be in my head the complete time.

One of the best things about the book is that it is dummy-proof, something most people may not care about but that idiot's like me really notice and appreciate. The author explains each element of his guide in detail, then reestablishes it in a smart way, and then gives a be unfaithful sheet summary at the very end. This is simply what I need. I actually feel similar to this book was written to me., How To Love Your To-d0-list is simply like an Asian mother - short and sweet. And above all, it's 100% practical from the start.

Uyama's book can easily be read and recognized in under an hour, although the tools he or she outlines might take a while to be tried and integrated into everyday life, I discovered myself applying the simplest of them immediately after finishing the read. Uyama outlines simple goals, simple problems, and simple options, but the cumulative result is something that I actually think many of us who've tried (and failed) using to-do lists wish we could have - a tense-free way to deal with everything we have to deal with.

As stated before, this book is USEFUL. Uyama obviously understands the reality we live in, and while he does mention a bit of the theory behind to-do-listing, he focuses on real action steps we can take to arrange the way we arrange. The book also offers a very lighthearted, approachable strengthen, and anecdotes from his own life (like procrastinating dropping a bag of clothes off at Goodwill for months and eventually just placing it back in the closet to avoid having to look at it) hit close to home. From the conclusion of each section, Uyama outlines exactly what steps to take to put that section into practice, so that it is easy to immediately impact your output.

I've tried using to-do lists before--many times--but I have always just found them extremely daunting. And while I've been a awful organizer, I somehow always managed to get things done. After reading this book, though, I'm truthfully really stoked to see how much Soon we will be able to accomplish by just focusing my thoughts and tasks in a more productive way and using to-do lists effectively. I would critically recommend this book for everyone who is does things. Yeah, this means you.

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