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Consists of everything you need to know to knit clothes. Explains different toes & heels in easy to understand terminology. Also why you might want to choose one method over another. Or try them all for the experience. Includes several stitch designs to use (or not) for a fancier sock. Great book., Big help for me!, I would like to thank Story Submitting for providing me with a free ARC of this book in exchange for an open and truthful review.

‘How to made socks that fit’ is an interesting book. Since a person with big feet and who is a novice knitter I was really looking forward to reading it. As, yes, finding clothes that fit is one of those minor banes of my existence. And i also was not disappointed with this guide. I simply need to get a opportunity to sit down and have a go!

Sometimes I actually felt this book ideal for a novice knitter with no sock knitting experience (AKA Me). At other times I felt it expected you to know how to knit clothes already and this was only a continuation of that skill. Not in a bad way, and I actually never truly felt over my head, but some new and novice knitters might. I have the safety net of knitting family members and a spinner’s guild to drop back on if I actually get stuck in such a book… But since not everyone has such a security net, I was a little concerned the perspective of ‘you know very well what I’m talking about’ I sometimes got using this book would put some newbies off.

Add to that I actually found design formatting sometimes a little sloppy ~ a section would begin with the title at the bottom of one web page, but the actual area involved all on the next page – and I found myself the need to not give ‘How to knit socks that fit’ the full 5 celebrities. Being a document writer personally soppy formatting is a pet peeve of mine and so can be a cruel reviewer once i see it.; -)

Yet saying that, I still found the majority of the instructions well written and the book worthy a high score. I actually really loved the fact the photographs were in black and white therefore you could concentrate on the pattern and design and not be influenced by colours. And i also loved the overall strengthen of the book as it reminded me of my spinning guild. A new warm and friendly tone of voice chatting away to you helping you work all the way through the various methods within the book. This is the strongest connection I got from the book ~ it was FRIENDLY! This was approachable and therefore readable by any ability level. Well, that’s my view anyway.

I also loved the details given in the book to help educate the reader and improve their knitting skill. Coming from the types of yarn, needles best to use at the beginning of the book, through to the various types of stiches and how to do them, glossary, abbreviations and recommended reading at the back again – it just added to the whole friendly atmosphere developed by this publication!

Would I recommend this book to others? Sure I would. But probably simply to knitters who know more than simply the basics. And also possibly simply to those with some experience with knitting socks already. As I’ve said, I’ve not knitted socks before and parts of this publication did cause me somewhat of confusion. But almost all of it was something I actually could really work with.

Would I buy this book for myself? Sure I would. Big feet and a love of knitting draws me to this friendly and easy (mostly) to follow publication. I can view it being added to my Amazon . com wish list in the near future.

To conclude: Typically the title says it all really. This book really is all about ‘How to knit socks that fit’ and something I actually think any knitter with a wish to knit clothes would enjoy. I highly recommend., I received " Knit Socks That Fit", yesterday. I sat down and started reading. I have taken a couple of sock knitting classes, but I still didn't quite understand socks. This publication is clearing the cobwebs for me. So EASY to understand!!!! AMAZINGLY CLEAR!!!, I came across this book very helpful, socks are not easy to knit but I think someone with basic knitting skills could follow these instructions. I like the fact that the it explains how to take measurements to actually make the socks to fit. There are not only four ways to knits socks, in regard where needles to use, but the book also explains how to made from the cuff down or from the bottom up. There are variants in both toe and heel and the best of all the publication explains how to setup a " lifeline" in case the knitter gets really in a mess and needs to things out, there is a (your choice) designated row that you can go back to, that is held for you.
This isn't a fancy publication with heaps of pictures and such, but it is an honest book that will getting you knitting a pair of clothes to give with pride. I actually congratulate the author for a job congratulations, I actually loved it. Seems knitting socks for awhile, but always from a design and have always already been annoyed that many patterns are for women's sizes and often don't give option sizing instructions. This guide plainly showed me how to fix that and also taught me how to do toe-up socks in a way that was very easy to follow along. I can recommend the book enough for sock knitters of all levels of experience., This book is fantastic and a great research and refresher. Good for a confident beginner and for anyone who wishes to further advance their knowledge and skill on sock knitting. It is a brief read and covers all the fundamentals and then some. What I am most impressed with is the Kindle version of the book. The navigation is awesome and easy to access the subjects you want. I would definitely recommend this book and I actually would especially recommend Purchasing the book on Kindle fire., I'm a fairly new knitter, but I knew from the beginning that I wanted to learn how to knit clothes. I've been considering several different books, sites and so forth, but How to Knit Socks that Fit by Donny Druchunas seems ideal for a beginning knitter. Druchunas includes the history of knitting clothes, techniques for cuff down, toes up, how to made with double-pointed needles, two circular needles or using the " magic loop" method. In addition the lady covers different ways to do the heel, toe, and different ways to vary the cuff. I enjoyed How to Knit Socks that Fit so much, that I will be buying my own copy to keep for reference.

*I received an advanced readers copy from Netgalley in exchange to have an honest review*

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