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This book is literally changing my life. Trying to find thinking that all of my medical issues were due to food allergies. I've been a strict vegetarian for 28 a number of have been gluten-free the past 3 years. I actually only eat organic, no processed foods, no fast food - I seldom eat at a restaurant because I'm afraid of the actual ingredients could contain. I'm so worried that I'll eat something that sends me into some kind of allergy fit. But what's worse is - I how to start elaborate good to eat any more! I've got so many healthy-eating and detox type books on my shelf that contradict the other - " Soy is great for you - Simply no! It is terrible for you. Eat paleo - No! Be vegan. Gluten is killing your stomach - No! just eat whole grains! You shouldn't take supplements because you should be getting your nutrients from whole foods - No! Our soils are incredibly depleted that you can't possibly get enough nutrients, which means you MUST product. " I don't know which way to show, what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat, so much so that I actually just... don't eat. And I don't feel any better at all, and I actually have more anxiety about food and my all around health than when I started out this journey!
This is where Amy steps in. She has changed my thinking to observe that a lot of my health complaints can be solved by looking inward, although not by what I'm adding in my belly. She has opened up an entire new way of thinking and seeing and sensation that I never truly contemplated before.
The particular book is dogeared and sticky-noted to death because I am always referring to it. I signed upwards for her course where she has considerable videos on how to actually the actual exercises in your publication, and through that course I've been invited into a Facebook group filled with people like me who are taking control of their own bodies and emotions and beliefs and healing themselves and learning to love themselves and in turn, helping others see that they are amazing and wonderful and deserve to be happy and content, and it just radiates out from there.
I actually have used her techniques to deal with some stuck experiences from my years as a child and in recent times with a devastating breakup and I am feeling so much better all around: more hopeful, happier, better able to deal with the feelings of overwhelm and lack and not being good enough. This morning I actually realized I really could feel joy and love, which I had closed off inside myself for so long. That was an amazing moment!
I am now using energy healing to address my fear of food and hopefully letting go of all the negative connotations I have towards food, that will then allow my body to consider what it needs from whatever I eat and nourish my cells and make me feel stronger again. I use high hopes and nothing but high praise for Amy and the girl methods.
But you have to know that you will have to do the work. I actually went full steam at first, started feeling better, then life got in how and I got lost again. But I selected up again and proceeded to go right back to where I actually was, and located that recuperation was faster this time. I know that I actually may use these methods for the rest of my life and I trust they will work whenever I actually need them. Just remember to breathe, remember to faucet, and remember we all matter, we just need to believe that!, I actually actually gave this publication a raving review. I actually had not yet finished the book, but completely my mystery illness referred to to the letter, and i also was in email communication with the author, who told me she was " sure [she could] help,[me]! " Once again, famished for feeling real and desperate to get my life back after years of chronic illness, I actually thought I finally found " IT"! I carried on to read the publication and signed up for her very expensive on the web and Facebook course. I actually learned a lot. I actually learned that knowing the symptoms of a puzzle or any other type of illness, disorder, or disease does not mean knowing how to cure symptoms of that disease. I've read many books by authors who became healed from the symptoms I have experienced. All of them used different healing modalities. As much as I know for certain, the authors are the only ones living a symptom free life. I actually learned the difference between a company person and a true healer--healers are uncommon. I learned to look for what the vendor is providing for sale, recognizing that I am prone when I am determined to be well again, and it's possible for myself to assume I'm being offered what I'm in need of. I was desperate for physical healing. I figured out a lot about energy medicine and spiritual and emotional healing long BEFORE I read this publication. I worked with a published author and talented and skilled medical intuitive who brought me much. At the time I actually read this book, I actually was capable to work again, to use my hard earned college/Master's degree, but it was tough. All I could do was work and rest upwards to be effective again. I was still in a whole lot of pain. My physical energy was low. This particular book had some slightly different takes on " tapping" and chanting and affirmations that I was open to. There were some sayings about being personally that I grabbed on to, because chronic illness robs a person of sensation like their old personal. I left a top review on this publication and eagerly went on the author's payment plan for her online course that follows the protocol in this guide. I found the curing processes in the segments to be very boring and time consuming. Whenever I used my very own variations learned elsewhere, I experienced better emotionally for a little bit. This did not bring physical relief. This was not the help I thought I was paying for. I had been still having physical pain and fatigue that stole quality of life from me. I tried meditations suggested available, and by the author via the private Facebook group. The participants in the group shared a whole lot about emotional healing, but I didn't think anyone in the group was getting better physically, everyone in the group seemed to believe physical curing would follow. I already had tools for mental healing, I shared this from the onset. If I had experienced something, any lasting help whatsoever, or if the course had held anything not in the book, I actually would feel the publication has something to offer. After 4 months into the course and some not nice and not helpful communication between the author and myself, I actually asked easily could drop out of the group and forego that last 0 payment, which was really the charge for being on her " payment plan". The answer was a resounding no and the suggestion I actually drop out of facebook group anyway. The publication is the jump off point to sell the course. I've taken many courses to get well, none this expensive. The particular author is a good salesperson and shrewd businesswoman and I actually was guillable and determined. There is a thirty day money-back guarantee on a program that doesn't say it can deliver in your sleep. I've worked with better known healers who were kind about giving myself discounts, private time. I actually was shocked after i was told I still experienced to pay the hundred buck while being asked to leave the group. A year + later I actually noticed I am the #1 review for this book on Amazon. I actually do not feel the same way about the book as I do after i was 1/2 way delete word and Ms. A. B. Scher was stating she could help myself. This book is decent for someone's first attempt for curing emotionally when they realize their illness is persistent. The " course" is overpriced, and the " course" appears to be the goal of the book. There are healers and life coaches available who do more and charge less. This creator had stem cell work done in India then a brief relapse when she used these " tools" to " heal herself". I'm not an expert on what did or did not heal the girl, but I don't see her as expert, either. She is not a healer, and not so much a life coach or creator as she is a company woman. She wrote a book to sell a product that brings her almost passive income. I see her book in an completely different light after my experience and I actually feel remiss easily do not change my review. I count on reviews to make my decisions. I want to listen to a cross section of truths and experiences. This particular is my truth, my experience regarding this publication., Easily could only recommend one source for curing, this could be it. I have read a tough number of books on healing--and this one is the most comprehensive, the most pragmatic, and the most efficient.

The publication isn't theoretical; it's a hands-on, practical guide for healing yourself using many different techniques. She pinpoints 4 things that are typically the root of many health problems (unprocessed encounters, harmful beliefs, unhealthy mental patterns, and fear), and then shows you several methods for removing and eliminating them. She also goes into great fine detail discussing 5 areas/energy centres of the body that are influenced by the fundamental issues (glands, chakras, immune and nervous system, bodily organs, and parts of the body).

Some healing techniques she teaches are the thymus tap, EFT, the sweep, (and my favorite) the chakra tap, There are more methods given beyond what I outlined.

What I've used instead of the majority of her healing techniques is a structured prayer. I energy test for what the root of the issue is and then pray a specific prayer for its elimination and for the restoration of love and goodness. I actually realize this isn't for everyone, but it's freed myself from so much internal garbage. I've found that the 4 roots are typically at the heart of most issues. It takes cleaning up the " junk" and then reestablishing healthy thinking patterns., Getting this publication for all my friends! It is the most useful and engaging book I have read in years.
It truly is a simple read.
You are taken on a journey much like a range. You may not have all the colors as your most favorite, but the pot of gold at the finish makes all of them worth it.
To a healthier you! Thanks Amy!!!!, New notify me. I needed to look outside the box

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