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Useful, sometimes funny; a must read, I think this book is essential reading for all of us, no matter your feelings about dying, as it must be a choice one makes for oneself. It's not a long book and the writing style is easy. I've already given copies to friends and, of course , my relatives., I received an e-ARC of this guide through NetGalley and Self-employed Book Publishers Association (IBPA). Many thanks.

At my time of life We are seeing more and more of my friends and friends dealing with serious health issues. I am also attending more and more funerals. None of this is pleasant, but they have brought home to me how quite similar these fatalities are and yet how completely different each one has been. I find Excellent lot of questions. This guide has answered many of those questions in a practical way which allows for dealing with situations in a more knowledgeable and sympathetic manner.

This is not a book presented from any religious viewpoint. The writer, John Abraham, was an Episcopal Priest for almost all of his adult life but he states he is no longer active in that capacity. Instead this individual now is a thanatologist - a person who specializes in the examine of death related issues. The first six chapters of this book places the give attention to how fatal illness and death are treated in our community, philosophical expressions from the author and others on what death or a possible life after death means, and how to gratify yourself on your feelings regarding your own death as well as loved ones and friends. This section of the book was interesting to me, but I desired more facts, reliable information I could read to give me ideas of what might be ahead in the form of actions.

Beginning with the seventh chapter I found what I was looking for, the useful realities of dealing with what happens when death is either eminent or has already taken place. There is a huge amount of information regarding how a person with an analysis of terminal illness needs to discuss to their family, their friends, their doctors. Even though you don't need to ask every question on these lists, you are doing need to see the words to make certain you have obtained that item into thing to consider. What can you do if someone asked you to definitely be their advocate because they are heading through the hospital or hospice stage of about to die? How would I go about choosing an recommend for myself? What legal liabilities does an recommend have? What legal legal rights do patients have and how do patients make sure their wishes are now being carried out? What is the advantage of a Durable Medical Health Care Poa? What benefit can an individual expect if they have a Living Will? A person will be very astonished by almost all of the information you read in this book. I know I was. Who is truly in charge of your treatment as you are about to die?

You can find probably not many people who get up one morning and abruptly decide they want to read a book about making all possible plans for their death. No, neither did I, but I have witnessed the anguish of family members and close friends who never gave much thought to what would happen when their body experienced deteriorated to such a degree that they could not abide the thought of living any longer. To them the preparation time, even thinking about making the preparations, was long past. If this book can do absolutely nothing else but open the eyes of readers to what problems they might face in the future, it will have recently been very worthwhile time it requires to read it. I had a very close up friend who had been ill for years and it was clear that he was not going to get better. I asked him how he was feeling that particular day and his answer surprised me. He said, " I just want it to be over, no more tests, no more hospitals. I just want to go home. " How would you react to a statement like this? After reading this guide my reaction for any future similar situation will be greatly different.,; VERY MUCH OVERDUE INFORMATION; WELL COMPLETED!, Disappointed. Found the closing to be a policeman out when Abraham pertains you to Derek Humphries book- Final Exit., This is a book that everyone should read. That was written by an Episcopal priest in no way pushes religion at you. Just about all of us should have some type of plan as to how we want the conclusion of our life to be.

It was particularly interesting and heartbreaking to me. My friend didn't want to make any plans other than cremation and no funeral. The hard decisions were ignored. She performed not want to die and that was that! She a heart assault and then congestive center failure. This happened in February 2014, and the lady was gone in July. She had no recommend. Dad was in the nursing home with the girl. He has dementia and could not make any selections.

As her health destabilized, she still would not tell us what to do. Her sister is the kind of person who believes if there is life in her finger, then anything and everything should be done to keep her alive. That doesn't matter that she is suffering which I totally disagree with!

One evening I was called to see if my brother would sign POLST, comfort treatment. I stay in another condition so he called and told me he didn't want to do because she smiled at him and spoken. At this stage, she was too weak to feed himself, her legs were weeping, oxygen for breathing. I talked to the health professional who said he won't see her cry in pain just trying to move her or gasping for air. She needed him to believe all was fine.

The next day, I called and talked to the social worker. She faxed the paper for me to sign. It was a difficult decision but one that I felt should be done. Why should Mother suffer? So all meds were stopped and the lady was just given morphine for the pain. I only told my hubby I was doing this. All of those other family would have tore me up. Since oldest child, I performed so my mom would not suffer. I did feel guilty until a the hospice nurse told me to think of it as the ultimate present I could give my mother. Which often I thought was a beautiful way of putting it.

This is book was excellent and so very helpful. I use my ultimate days planned since I do not want to undergo what Mom went through. I might highly recommend this book, you will learn a lot.

* I was provided an ARC from the publisher and NetGalley. I voluntarily read and reviewed this guide., For those who think and prepare, this is THE guide book. Essential reading., I will recommend this book to a patients, my family members, and my friends at least until I end writing my book on this subject. It truly is clear, coherent, complete and well written. I resonate with the author's sense of humor.

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