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Meg is back and it is Christmas again. This time the focus in on the play. This year a 'big name' has been brought in as opposed to a one man Michael show. That ' big name' is very a mature B movie star with a significant drinking problem. At least, unlike Clay Region, there will be no dead bodies laying around. Meg follows the drunken actor to his bootlegger and discovers a major animal save need - cat hoarding, tigers, and a pup mill rolled into one. Points roll along with Meg as usual having ridiculous amounts of help from various townspeople and family plus random town guests. I didn't really figure life out and loved the ending., These are my go to books when I need something to take my brain off life. For the past few books, I have had to re-read them before I enjoyed them. This one I loved the 1st time thru. The mystery was well plotted, it wasn't evident and the characters were well written. I'll happily pre-order these books., Against excellent guide in a great series. Unexpected ending with a well written plot and tale. Can be a remain alone book that we highly recommend, however the series is so well written I recommend reading it in order. Series is so well written I have re-read it a quantity of times., Keeps you guessing and thoroughly amused.
Donna Andrews does it again. Meg and her wonderful town make you want to live there., Meg Langslow is back again. Despite just chasing down errant seagulls just a few months in the past (Gone Gull), she's back again this Christmas season to celebrate How the Finch Stole Christmas! And to share in the joy of the holiday season, she has brought her whole crazy family to the party, along with special guests.

For this year's Christmas in Caerphilly Festival, Michael decided to change his one-man A Christmas Carol into a full cast, and the location put up the money to hire a well-known professional for the role of Scrooge. Malcolm Haver was quite dashing in the time (which was higher than a few of years ago), but he got the agreement to sign up the cast, thank you to a friend on the university board. And he or she is enough of a draw for this manufacturing, so director Michael determined to make the best of it.

Sadly, professional actor Haver did not decide to make the best of it. Their performance is being terribly impacted by the alcohol consumption he's supposed to be staying away from, and Meg is determined to hunt down whoever his supplier is.

Also on her to-do list in her notebook-that-tells-her-when-to-breathe is to keep her and Michael's two sons moving back and forth to school and rehearsals for both A Christmas Carol and the church pageant, find a minder to separate Malcolm Haver from any kind of alcohol, try to keep her father from speaking about the corpse of a seeker that was found in a close by river in public and especially at family dinners, and (of course) to stop her grandfather from forcing finches onto every unsuspecting potential foster bird parent. He or she currently has more finches than he can keep in his zoo and demands that his friend at the Fish and Animals Service are going to save even more of the beautiful birds from an animal smuggling operation. Wow, and Reverend Robin has asked her to figure out what " Weaseltide" is, so she'll know if it's okay to celebrate it at the church.

So basically for Meg, it's just another day in Caerphilly.

Join Donna Andrews in celebrating this 22nd book in the Meg Langslow series of witty bird tricks. There is no family as adorable and ridiculous as Meg's, and there is no time like the holiday season to jump into the core craziness and make yourself a part of it all. Andrews' writing is smart and compelling, and you'll feel just at home in her 22nd book just as you do in her first. Begin anywhere in the series, but make sure you celebrate this christmas season with Meg, Michael, their sons, her parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends and a literal zoo of animals.

Do I really have to say how much I love this book, and also every guide in this course? Meg Langslow is who I want to be when We grow up, and I would read any and every book that Donna Andrews could write about her (or about anyone else). How the Finch Took Christmas! is a must-read this holiday season, and the perfect reread for Christmases ahead!

Galleys for How the Finch Took Christmas! were provided by St. Martin's Press through NetGalley. com, with many thank you., The general area of the village of Caerphilly is home to some of the most unique people and situations in both the fictional and real world. Meg Langslow and extended family are right in the thick of whatever is going on. The truth that Meg, husband Michael, and the Langslow family are some of the most unique and uncommon people in fiction adds to the charm of the series. Meg and Michael appear to get endless energy, as well as a genuine desire to help endlessly in a town project both positive and harmful or negative towards their beloved Caerphilly. In this book, it is nearly Christmas and the production of A Christmas Carol will eventually be opening. In order to raise attendance and more money, this year they have hired a past tv actor (Malcolm Haver) to learn the part of Scrooge. Hoping his occurrence will result in more ticket sales, it is actually evolving into herculean efforts to keep him sober and on task for even a complete rehearsal.

On one of Meg's regular raids of his dressing up room, she discovers not booze, but a firearm and cartridges. She has the chance to follow Creuser and possibly learn who is selling him the booze since the state is dry. Following Creuser in a snowstorm, Creuser leads her to a farm property on the edge of the wooded area. She takes the chance to look around and discovers a barn filled with exotic animals and some wild birds as well as fantastic retriever dogs and puppies. A peek in the leading window of the house shows her a female in a wheelchair surrounded by hundreds of pet cats! Within a quickly planned rezzou the next day, a body is found on the floor close to the barn.

Who is the murdered man? How are they going to find foster homes for the many dogs and cats? Where will the tiger and the other exotic creatures go? (This has a relatively easy solution-to Grandfather Langslow's zoo. of course. ) And where is Malcolm Haver?

This is a fun book with many parts that made me personally laugh out loud. Typically the wonderful characters we have met for the most part in previous books, are highly developed personas that work together in a manner that proves their loyalty and affection for the town and the people who live in this well. Besides from the warm Xmas spirit that leaks out and oozes onto you, this is a guide that will make you feel generally good about your fellow man. A wonderful book to put you in the vacation mood and give you warm and fuzzy thoughts, in spite of murder and mayhem. You won't want to overlook this episode in the series!

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