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Breezy, unpretentious, basic and helpful if you've never had your hands professionally manicured (and I haven't). I've deducted a star because, instead than tell us why she thinks manicures are good, I think mcdougal could have said a lttle bit more about dos and don'ts of skin and nail care. I'm not positive I'm deeply in love with the need for dedicated 'orange sticks' (sold at Walgreens as 'hardwood sticks'): what would be wrong with using the edge of a nail file to push back the cuticle, for instance? The author discusses clear nail polish and states there is a clear base polish and a clear top shine (and even polishes that will do double duty), but that raises the question of why get a individual 'nail polish' if that is to be clear also? (I want to use only clear polish. ) Having no other information, I have opted to use the base/topcoat as my 'color', since it seems pointless to add other things. But the author does not address this. Also, the author twice or thrice mentions 'cotton swabs' when what she means is 'cotton balls' (as is clear from the pictures), and she doesn't appear to be aware that 'Q-tip' is the brand name of a true cotton swab or natural cotton bud because the English call it. Finally, our company is advised to use cuticle olive oil but I wonder whether an essential oil or mineral oil would be a good (and cheaper) substitute. Same with rubbing alcohol: could something else, for instance a witch hazel solution, work just as well (witch hazel is sold in an alcoholic beverages solution)?

Overall: a helpful starter's guide for the price., Was helpful for basic manicure. There was some info I did not know. But I feel looking for a book that addresses silk wraps, acrylics and repair and prevention of splitting and breaking. We don't think this publication was worth . 99.
If anyone knows of the good publication for items mentioned above, even if a book for a cosmetology program, let me know., This particular book gives great advice on how to paint your nails to make sure they not only look good but that they will also last. Mcdougal brings you through the process in 11 simple steps, and uses useful analogies with painting on walls to make sure that you understand the reasoning behind preparing the nail so that as the writer keeps saying waiting to ensure the nail is fully dry. The use of illustrations made these even simpler to understand

Another thing that I like about this guide is that the author isn't mailing you out to buy very expensive equipment, as she her self said to pick up all you need might come to ~ but a lot of the items you will have within your house already and the others will last for many manicures., I picked up this book because I really love manicures. I just never really had the knowledge to do an at home manicure. I like the pictures that were a part of the book. I also learned a lot about the exact process and why the author makes the recommendations she does. It makes perfect sense and seems completely doable. I am looking forward to an attractive do it myself manicure., I did previously have my nails done every 3 weeks. For budgetary reasons, I have since invested in a LED light and do my own nails at home. We wanted something that would produce tips on a professional home manicure. This particular was an OK publication, but I can't say that I learned anything. It is just about common sense., I decided We wanted to utilize the fifty dollars a month I spend on a manicure on something else so needed to understand the best way to care for my fingernails myself. This publication put everything in a very organized, simplified manner and made it easy. Right down to providing a website on fingernail shine. Very helpful., It was great information. I've always done my own fingernails but , alas, the polish never lasted long before breaking. By following the steps in this book These days have a more professional looking manicure and IT ENDURES., Very good guide especially for a man unaccustomed to make his hands look better although not feminine. We use the matte shine and no-one knows why my hands look better. The matte polish is  Orly Nails For Males. 60 oz.

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